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12th > September > 2014 Archive

Order an iPhone 6 from midnight PT – if Apple's web store holds up better than its livestream

Or it'll be more awkward than that U2 performance

Ex-Autonomy execs: HP's latest wad blows apart fraud allegations

Top bods claim IT titan's latest court filing is smoking gun of 'reckless aggression'

US! govt! ordered! Yahoo! to! hand! over! user! data! or! pay! $250k! fine! PER! DAY!

That's gotta be worth a few exclamation marks

EMC has nothing to say on VMware sale plan

Rumour and counter-rumour swirl around Wall Street

NORKS ban Wi-Fi and satellite internet at embassies

Crackdown on tardy diplomatic sysadmins providing accidental unfiltered internet access

Airbus developing inkjet printer for planes

Cost of plane: $50 million. Cost of ink: $100 million. Ryanair ink levy: £10

Google purchases petite pollster Polar, purloined ppl punted Plus-wards

PollWhat do you think of Google+? A. What? B. Who? C. Why? D. Er, all of the above

FAIL.GOV – Government asks Dropbox for accounts that don't exist

Storage locker's transparency report shows rise in government data gobble attempts

Cops apologise for leaving EXPLOSIVES in suitcase at airport

'Canine training exercise' SNAFU sees woman take home booming baggage

Hacker publishes tech support phone scammer slammer

Now who's got a 'security problem on your computer'?

European Court of Justice allows digitisation of library books

Reading on dedicated terminals okay, but if you print you pay

spɹɐʍʞɔɐB writing is spammers' new mail filter avoidance trick

Sexe.doc? More like Scod.exe

Hey, HP shareholders! Mike Lynch is set to buy a 180-foot superyacht with his Autonomy loot

Exclusive'It's tough keeping up with the Whitmans'

iPhone 6: Advanced features? Pah! Nexus 4 had most of them in 2012

AnalysisAt least Apple can concentrate on TWO handsets

Tech starfleet: Will EMC Federation survive a Tucci departure?

CommentSix months until captain leaves the bridge

What kind of mugs do you take us for? Malicious sites in spam scams target UK

Blighty tops phishermen's friend index

It's official: LOHAN's arboreal avoidance algorithm is PANTS

'Pixhawk Avoidance of Nearby Tree System'. Lovely

Retailers toast welcome return of Back2School notebook biz

Small snag: nobody's getting rich on latest surge of low-cost lappies's flagship infosec program ISN'T DELIVERING - but all's still well, say auditors

'Varied' understanding is no barrier to £860m cash pile

Apple iPhone 6: Missing sapphire glass screen FAIL explained

They just cannae do it in time, says analyst

CryptoLocker-style ransomware booms 700 PER CENT this year

Even as cops crow over decapitated hydra, new versions spring up unchecked

Slap my Imp up: Bullfrog's Dungeon Keeper

Antique Code ShowMonsters need to earn a living too

iPhone NFC: 'Apple, photos and security ... What could go wrong?'

QuoTWPlus: 'Naturism ... you don't need to be totally naked'

Slough isn't fit for humans now, says Amazon. We're going to Shoreditch

Come friendly bombs, which are on Prime

Mexicans! accuse! Yahoo! of! using! corrupt! judge! to! dodge! $2.7bn! payout!

US court filing says Purple Palace & lawyers played dirty

Blockbuster book lays out the first 20 years of the Smartphone Wars

ReviewSymbian's David Wood bares all. Not for the faint hearted

Salesforce plan to rename London skyscraper 'Salesforce Tower' DEMOLISHED

Salesforce salesforce only occupied six floors

SHINY NEW GADGETS! No, we're not joking, here's a load of them

IFA 2014Magnetic fridge projector, stuff to clip to your head and more

HP: We will eradicate the colour grey from our market

Claims $2m clawback, volley of legal bombs ready to burst

SanDisk's record-busting 512GB SD CARD will fit perfectly in your empty wallet

The best things come in small, expensive packages

Sellouts! Fans snap up iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders to avoid store queues

Wait, didn't this happen last year?

Who wants to be there as history is made at the launch of our LOHAN space project?

Two places available in the chase plane above the desert

Italy's High Court orders HP to refund punter for putting Windows on PC

Top beaks slam bundled OS as 'commercial policy of forced distribution'

T-Mobile US goes gaga for Wi-Fi calling, AT&T to launch in 2015

If Apple wants it, so shall it be

Beware geeks bearing gifts: Steam-draining nasty spreads via Twitch

Eskimo infection will drop you right Inuit

Google to startup kids: Pssst, try our CLOUD ... the first $100K is FREE

Dangles credit, support at cash-strapped companies

Sleepy spotless summer Sun's shock solar storm surge stuns scientists

VidGrab a digital cam to snap tonight's 'wimpy' X-class flare

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