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11th > September > 2014 Archive

What's an Ultrabook? Now Intel touts 2-in-1 typoslabs to save PC biz

IDF 2014They're tablets! They're laptops! They've got no wires! Aw, just buy 'em

Webmin hole allows attackers to wipe servers clean

No RCE, but lots of Unix DDoS fun

Uber alles-holes, claims lawsuit: Taxi biz sued by blind passengers

Sueball claims blind passengers ditched, guide dogs abused

Apple iCloud storage prices now ONLY double Dropbox, Google et al

iCloud price cut shows the Cupertino idiot tax is still alive and well

Get thee to YouTube, Turnbull tells community TV broadcasters

But will telcos want a slice in the 500 MHz band?

Three photons can switch an optical beam at 500 GHz

Watts the caper? More bandwidth, if the fibre is cooked just right

TorrentLocker unpicked: Crypto coding shocker defeats extortionists

Lousy XOR opens door into which victims can shove a foot

PayPal goes crypto-currency with Bitcoin

eBay no Silk Road

Microsoft to patch ASP.NET mess even if you don't

We know what's good for you, because we made the mess says Redmond

Google extends app refund window to two hours

You now have 120 minutes to finish that game instead of 15

Qualcomm pumps LTE into quad-core CPU for sub-$100 mobes

The next billion folks to come online will do so at speed and with video

Go home Google, you're drunk! Desktop Maps says The Shard's TWO MILES from actual loc

Lord Nelson's new neighbour surprises Londoners

iPhone 6, Watch: Hate it or really hate it, Apple's now a $604.77bn biz

Up $17bn after iDay 2014

Microsoft introduces text search … for videos!

Redmond takes Azure into the media delivery biz

Seagate spins up new Cloud Systems and Solutions group

ClusterStor kit refreshed and 'enterprise capacity' two terabytes, two-incher revealed

Satellite weather forecast: Cloudy with a chance of p0wnage

Flaws found in ground control for Polar Satellite won't be fixed for TWO YEARS

Leak of '5 MEELLLION Gmail passwords' creates security flap

You should be OK if you're not using ANCIENT password

No TKO for LTO: Tape format spawns another 2 generations, sports 120TB bigness

The road doesn't end at LTO-8, folks

Trustmarque sold to biz process outsourcing specialist Liberata

York-based reseller avoids administration, management stays on board

Concerning VMware’s vCloud Air: It's all about choice

Sysadmin blog'Niche' cloud player in the only niche that matters, says Trevor Pott

Welcome your new digital.. commissioners? Likely pair could fill Steelie Neelie's shoes

Juncker floats new picks before parliament

Boffins: Behold the SILICON CHEAPNESS of our tiny, radio-signal-munching IoT sensor

Single ant-sized Stanford chip combines radio, 'puter, antenna

This flashlight app requires: Your contacts list, identity, access to your camera...

Who us, dodgy? Vast majority of mobile apps fail privacy test

Apple Watch will CONQUER smartwatch world – analysts

After Applelocalypse, other wristputers will get stuck in

Profitless Twitter: We're looking to raise $1.5... yes, billion

We'll spend the dosh on transactions, biz stuff 'n' sh*t

Citrix rips up and rebuilds CloudStack business

Veteran cloud kids depart

Scottish independence: Will it really TEAR the HEART from IT firms?

You keep the call centres, Hamish, we'll take the banks

LOHAN enjoys some hot hardware-in-the-loop action

Autopilot brain surgeon Linus flies 630km/h virtual Vulture 2

Intellifridge terror: Internet of Stuff kit must fend off hackers of the FU-TURE-TURE-TURE

Security with 10-year lifespan needed

James Bond's metal-toothed nemesis Richard Kiel dies at 74

ObituaryGoodbye, Jaws

Found inside ISIS terror chap's laptop: CELINE DION tunes

REPORT: Stash of terrorist material found in Syria Dell box

Google swallows SMARTSPOON manufacturer Lift Labs

Spill-free eating for the tremor-prone

5 Nigerian gangs dominate Craigslist buyer scams

Likely Lads from Lagos still skilled at parting fools from money

Sun's MASSIVE solar storm belch to light up Earth's skies

VideoWatch experts chat about the effects on humanity

LOHAN invites ENTIRE REG READERSHIP to New Mexico shindig

Well, those of you who back our Kickstarter tin-rattling...

Not appy with your Chromebook? Well now it can run Android apps

Google offers beta of tricky OS-inside-OS tech

Facebook's self-destruct status update beta test will self-destruct

SnapChat-like posts in limited pilot mode

Movirt-who? BlackBerry gobbles maker of multi-line smartphone tech

Brit biz Movirtu enables multiple active numbers on one SIM

NASA on Curiosity bot: Mission accomplished (for now at least)

PicsLess rolling and more drilling ahead as Rover reaches Mount Sharp

HP gulps cloud upstart Eucalyptus, says Helion is all-in for ... OpenStack

Ex-MySQL man Mårten Mickos to run Meg Whitman's cloud biz

DUCKCROCZILLA 'alien' dinosaur could emerge from THE SEA

PicWe're going to need a bigger boat, captain

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