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5th > September > 2014 Archive

Huawei 'beats' Apple to bag sapphire smartie bragging rights

But with iPhone launch within days, who will hit the shelves first with toughened displays?

Cyber-hoodlum tripped, fell, landed in Obama's server

That's exactly how it happened, honest, says US govt, and no medical records stolen

Heads up, Chromebook: Here come the sub-$200 Windows 8.1 portables

IFA 2014Cheap-as-silicon-chips Redmond-powered kit debuts in Berlin

Gee, everyone who wants a tablet has a tablet. Waiddaminute....

...There's one group of people who can't swallow their tablets. Now there's an AARP for that

WordPress 4.0 is here, complete with one-click upgrade process

Don't relax yet, sysadmins, there's still a chance for some big messes here

Microsoft, eBay apps open to man-in-the-middle diddle

Android apps enter SSL hell

TIBCO ponders new 'financial options', including sale or merger

Your challenge: find ways to satisfy shareholders of mid-sized enterprise software outfit

White box switches out-sell Brocade, Arista in the data centre

This software-defined-networking caper may have legs

Data entry REAR-END SNAFU: Weighty ballsup leads to plane take-off flap

Another good reason not to treat kids as adults

OH SNAP: Getty Images sues Microsoft over Bing pics widget

Redmond accused of turning web into 'unlicensed clip art' collection

Lenovorola TRIPLE-ola: New Moto G, Moto X and 360 wristputer UNZIPPED

Plus: Custom couture kit for Brits

iiNet slurps system integrator Tech2 Group

ISP looks to be tooling up for delivery of advanced services to subscribers

DEATH TO TCP/IP cry Cisco, Intel, US gov and boffins galore

'Named Data Networking' protocol is about the journey, not the destination

What could possibly go wrong? Banks could provide ID assurance for Gov.UK – report

Personal data stored by financial institutions? Wow.

Webcast follow-up: HP makes the case for convergence

Moonshot on the launchpad

Judge: Google class action 'usual suspects' cash-fling 'smells'

+CommentProposed payout gives class members nothing – objectors

Phoenix boss grabs industry vet to run Partner Services biz

Alistair Blaxill in as Bill Simpson hotfoots it in pursuit of 'other opportunities'

Salesforce cloud goes titsup: Users face another long weekend

Service disruption for some, performance degradation for others

Go on, corporate drone, log in... We'd recognise your VEINS anywhere – Barclays

Vein recognition biometric tech rollout for biz banking

Beer in SPAAAACE: Photographic PROOF

Rocket boffin's frozen pint hits 24km

We give Panasonic's new 5-inch Toughpad phablets a kicking

IFA 2014Watch vid of 3m CRASH test

Back-to-school Patch Tuesday: Critical updates for Internet Explorer, Adobe Reader

Syadmins, brace yourselves

Nokia Lumia 530: A Windows Phone... for under £50

ReviewHas Nokia's cut price cheapie cut too deep?

Finally, a USEFUL smart device: Intel boffins cook up gyro-magneto-'puter bike helmet

Apple, eat your heart out

Vote NOW for LOHAN's arboreal avoidance algorithm acronym

PollSpaceplane mission stickers ahoy for one creative reader

Robin Hood virus: Chinese hackers target nation's wealthy

Steal from the rich, give to yourself

You know what Cisco needs? A server SAN strategy

CommentSo squawks the Vulture storage desk

New Lumia mobes nudge Microkia ever closer to biz customers

Pics + Hands OnLumia 830 mobes are cheaper and better than ever, reckons Microsoft

Microsoft Gold and Silver cloudy boy makes big hires

Former Kelway and Bytes execs land at Content and Code

Apple promises iCloud security alerts, better 2FA after, er, NAKED Internet of Thingies flap

Star Hack: The Nude Generation

Blighty's mighty tech skills shortage drives best job growth in years

Doesn't anyone know anything about SQL? Or Java? Or Linux? Or programming? Or...

Shitty what? Almost half of MPs have never heard of Tech City

Yep, Blighty Plc is OK, it's alright, everything's fine

Jony Ive: Apple iWatch will SCREW UP Switzerland's economy

CommentApple's chief designer forgot one crucial point about overpriced bling

You can thank Brit funnyman John Oliver for fixing US broadband policy, beams Netflix

FCC has seen the light, and it was on HBO, says CEO

Elon Musk says Tesla's stock price is too high ... welp, NOT ANY MORE

As Nevada throws the SpaceX supremo a $1.25bn bone

Intel launches skinny nippy Core M – its new BRAIN for fondleslabs

IFA 2014More than 20 products in the works, with first to touch down by Xmas

Want to buy a Woz-made Apple I? If you need to ask the price, you can't afford it

Auction house set to put rare fruit on the block

Look out, world! Space Station satellite cannon has A MIND OF ITS OWN

VidLonely rogue pipe spends evening prematurely ejecting its load

New software ported from Windows to Mac! You'll never guess what. Yes, it's spyware

XSLCmd coming your way, whether you like it or not

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