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4th > September > 2014 Archive

Twitter launches beer-money bug bounty

Finding flaws in avian network could earn you a whole $140

PHABBA-DABBA-DOO! Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Edge, Gear VR – feast your eyes

IFA 2014The New Mobile Culture – show report

Silicon Valley tech titans beg for more mediation time in wage-fix lawsuit

Adobe, Apple, Google, Intel heading back to bargaining table over $325m settlement

Apple Fanbois (and girls) already lining up for NEW iPHONE

You know, that one that hasn't even been announced yet?

Nevada to host Tesla gigafactory: reports

Elon Musk singing 'I go to Reno'

Foxtel promises triple-play launch in early 2015

Also launches wireless PVR 'so you don’t need to link it to the internet using an internet cable'

VIA looks to be counting down to launch of Atom competitor

Return of quad-core, low-power, Isaiah prophesied

Ballmer PERSONALLY wrote Windows 3.1's blue screen text

Ex-MS CEO is man behind infamous three-fingered salute

NASA finds ancient films that extend Arctic ice record by 15 years

50-year-old Nimbus satellite sent back single video frames of Earth's cold bits

Broadcom's new mobe chip claims 650 Mbps

2x2 MIMO, simultaneous Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

VirusTotal mess means YOU TOO can track Comment Crew!

Hackers backed by Beijing and Tehran appear to be cheapskates

A Terabyte in my HOUSE? Got more than that in my POCKET

No I'm not glad to see you, it's just my TROUSERS are emitting 4 HD STREAMS

APNIC receives recovered /12 from IANA

IPv4 is still breathing

Intel goes high-fashion with wearable supermodel

Blingzilla's 3G bracelet uses Sapphire for screen, pearl, lapis and snake-skin for looks

Sex is great in books, lousy in apps, says Apple

New App Store guidelines offer rules for smut and new home automation and health APIs

Scared of brute force password attacks? Just 'GIVE UP' says Microsoft

Choose simple password, reuse it, ignore password strength meter and pray

YES, I have ridden the Unicorn: The Ubuntu Utopic unicorn

And no, you don't have to be a virgin. Linux fancier joke here

Somebody's nightmare? I'm a veteran VNX array with a BADGE

A Lenovo badge, to be precise

Work in the tech industry? The Ukraine WAR is coming to YOU

What weapon is more indiscriminate than bombing? SANCTIONS

Crack team weighs LOHAN's substantial box

41.5kg? Crikey

Look, ma, FOUR HANDS! Microsoft bigs up pixeltastic TWO-USER mega-screen

It's PPI! Not the payment claims blokes, our touchy pixel tech

Westcon: 'What we need is a cloud brokerage biz.' One buyout later...

Parent firm Datatec splashes $12m on Verecloud, promises bolt-on to distie

Power station fault cuts electricity, water and internet in Cairo

Reg reader reports staffers sweaty, web-less for 4 hours

Microsoft's SELFIE-TASTIC Nokia 830, 730: Complete with DOG SMILE WHITENER

Vid + PicsThat's what you get with Lumia's refreshed midrange

Suitors line up to bid for cash-challenged NHS supplier

Trustmarque: Is that a wodge of cash in your pocket or are you pleased to see me?

Mac security packages range from peachy to rancid – antivirus tests

UpdatedAh, but are you a Windows nasty CARRIER?

Speaking in Tech: Uber TRACKS me via GPS? Meh, it's just a taxi

PodcastPlus: Is grey hair formed when GINGER hairs spontaneously combust?

4th Century GOBLET could REVIVE CORPSE of holographic storage

Boffins drink deep from history

You are here => Earth is in 'the suburbs' of an immense heaven

Did you know there's a hundred quadrillion suns in our Laniakea neighbourhood?

Video: Dyson unveils robotic tank that hoovers while you're out

360 Eye 2015 launch: Millions of pounds, hundreds of patents

Mouse-slinger Logitech: Gloves are off, number probe over

Restating fiscal '11 and '12, 'our figures can't be relied on'

Something smells PHISHY: It's the celeb nudie iCloud PERV trap...

Phishermen to reel you in with JLaw, Kate Upton subject line

Blade runner: Cisco ups its UCS server game

Broadens range's appeal to ROBO, clouderati

Not so ESXi? Open sourcery could help VMware win... virtually

StoragebodMoving up the stack

Hey hipsters: Tabs are so last year, fat phones are where it's at

Fondleslab makers didn't learn from PC woes – analyst

DREADNOUGHTUS: The 65-TON DINO that could crumple up a T-Rex like a paper cup

3D scans of bones available for download

If your kid blew $$$s on in-app tat, Google has a slice of $19m+ for you

FTC settlement puts spotlight on Amazon's in-app activities

Glasshole-in-chief QUITS Google to become CTO of America

President Obama makes robo-cars and techno-specs veep first woman in top US gov role

Don't bother with Apple's 9 Sept hype-day: Someone's GONE AND BLABBED IT ALL

Aye, there'll be iWatches and iPhones aplenty

FCC boss Wheeler: Lack of broadband choice is screwing Americans

Competition vanishes if you want faster than 10Mbps cable, says watchdog chairman

Flaming heck! Watchdog scolds Apple Mac, iPad fab in staff safety probe

iGiant, factory bosses scramble to investigate claims of hazardous dust, working hours

Nvidia blasts sueballs at Qualcomm, Samsung – wants Galaxy kit banned

Claims its patents cover just about every mobile GPU

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