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3rd > September > 2014 Archive

Parallels to line up with Linux containers

Virtuozzo's best bits brought to bear on unruly containers

Cisco UCS Invicta off the shelves, for now

Wheels temporarily fall off flash array bandwagon

NASA clears zero-G 3D printer for mission to SPAAAAACE

Houston, we have a bit of plastic

Drone captures shots of budding APPLE SPACESHIP HQ

Quadcopter flies over Cupertino construction site

Internet of Things: Major players agree on goals, but little else

AnalysisEveryone loves those Things, just not on each others' terms

Car makers, space craft manufacturers infected with targeted recon tool

Watering hole attacks set the stage for nastier breaches

Privacy law reboot needed says Oz Law Reform Commission

Legal philosphers call for Tort of pricacy, rethink for surveillance laws

NEC tilts at webscale servers with 46 Atom boards in 2U chassis

Phwoar! 3,000-plus cores in a rack will be a snack

TSMC touts IoT as semiconductor growth engine

When the lower reaches of the supply chain get excited we might be onto something

Telstra tells Big Content it won't become unpaid Copyright Cop

CEO David Thodey calls on rights holders to prove piracy, pay ISPs for enforcement help

Firefox 32 moves to kill MITM attacks

Public key pinning, security fixes, better cache

Compuware slurped by private equiteer for $2.5bn

Thoma Bravo acquires software house, with EMC stalker's approval

Snooptastic US CELL TOWERS pose man-in-the-middle THREAT

Not likely to happen in UK, says expert

Oracle's MySQL buy a 'fiasco' says Dovecot man Mikko Linnanmäki

The first rule of open source club: don't sell to Oracle if you want to live

Fujitsu, Intel tilt at hyperscale storage with Ceph-powered arrays

Bring us your OpenStackers, your HPcers and your media streamers yearning to store free

Are you a HOT CELEB? Think your SEXY PICS are safe? Maybe NOT

JLaw, Upton snap blurt may be 'tip of iceberg', experts warn

My, what big data you have: NetApp's FlashRay to focus on databases

Flashy icing on the FAS cake

The IT kit revolution's OVER, say beancounters - but how do they know?

Worstall on WednesdayCome on, readers - fill us in

CNN 'tech analyst' on NAKED CELEBS: WHO IS this mystery '4chan' PERSON?

VidEx-spurt also advises use of 'pa$$word'

Jimbo tells Wikipedians: You CAN'T vote to disable 'key software features'

To dissent is to 'climb the Reichstag dressed like Spiderman'...

Toshiba makes play to replace NFC with own speedy short range tech

+CommentNew tech's been pretty slow getting to market

Our Vulture 2 rocket spaceplane crammed with more power

She couldna take it, Captain: So we've gone for triple energy podules

CIOs: Join El Reg and your peers to grapple with slippery vendors

Reg EventsRoundtable chews over Microsoft licences, SLAs, Apple discounts

Don't buy that phone! It ATTRACTS CRIMINALS, will tell people

Well, unless you are a policeman, presumably

NUDE SELFIE CLOUD PERV menace: Apple 2FA? Sweet FA, more like

But be fair: Clouds are Clouds

Do you accept Bitcoin? That'll do nicely, says Apache

Late scramble aboard the bitbandwagon for open sourcerers

Clock's ticking for suppliers who want a piece of hot DWP action

Fancy a slice of this £17.5m pie? Apply within

We're not on the Gartner Magic Quadrant? Just imagine our concern, says HDS

Magicians might want to rethink what goes in their cauldron, maybe


Pledge to rid Blighty of dodgy software SCOURGE

The BNP can rip off your works for ‘parodies’ – but only if it's not racist

EU ruling creates new Comedy Cops legal function

Zoom to the clouds: EMC signs kit deal with Ducati superbike racers

Good news, provided Ducati Corse don't go the same way as Lotus F1...

NATO nations 'will respond to a Cyber attack on one as though it were on all'

If we agreed it was serious and we knew who did it, anyway

Look out: The Far Eastern white-box boys are coming for EVERYONE

First the web barns, then enterprise servers, then storage. Be afraid - Gartner

Verizon hit with $7.4 MEEELLION fine for slurping users' privates

Promises not to do it again

Comcast merger-bait spinoff to be known as GreatLand Connections

Company ups ante on bid to ward off antitrust attack dogs

Isis Wallet, NOT an Islamist militant group, reborn as Softcard

Pay-by-bonk outfit rebrands to avoid violent associations

eBay, Facebook, Tumblr ALL go TITSUP in me-too MULTI-FAIL

'Routine maintenance,' that killer, rears ugly head again

Intel says NO MORE BLOOD PENTIUMS by 2016

Chipzilla plots roadmap for conflict-free metals policy

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