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27th > August > 2014 Archive

EOS, Lockheed to track space junk from Oz

WA facility gets laser-eyes out of the fog

PhabletPhace: All the cool kids are doing it in Asia

Phát, smart and happy

Ex US cybersecurity czar guilty in child sex abuse website case

Health and Human Services IT security chief headed online to share vile images

China building SUPERSONIC SUBMARINE that travels in a BUBBLE

Shanghai to San Fran in two hours would be a trick, though

Government report: average Oz user will want 15 Mbps by 2023

Updated with reply from Communications ChambersLooking behind the Vertigan report

Hey FCC, Comcast-TWC merger is bad news for Netflix, says Netflix

Combined giants would fleece lowly video streamers, claims not-so-lowly video streamer

Google ghostly graphics haunt Image search

'Technical issue' sees NBA star, car crash pic, in search for pancakes

Why has the web gone to hell? Market chaos and HUMAN NATURE

Worstall on WednesdayTim Berners-Lee isn't happy, but we should be

Goog says patch⁵⁰ your Chrome

64-bit browser loads cat vids FIFTEEN PERCENT faster!

Not so Instagram now: Time-shifting Hyperlapse iPhone tool unveiled

Facebook photos app now able to shoot fast-moving vids

PCI Council wants YOU to give it things to DO

How about enforcing PCI DSS?

EE accused of silencing customer gripes on social media pages


Nutanix tacks Cloud Connect onto Amazon's cloudy back-end

Plus: New hyperconverged box adds grunt...

Raspberry Pi B+: PHWOAR, get a load of those pins

ReviewMore USB ports than your laptop? You'd better believe it...

Securobods warn of wide open backdoor in Netis/Netcore routers

UpdateSingle, hardcoded password in firmware, claim researchers

Finally, a practical use for 3D printing: Helping surgeons rehearse

Measure twice, cut once: Have a poke before going into theatre

Better be Nimble, tech giants, or mutant upstarts will make off with your sales

Usual suspects struggling to create competing products

Telecity boss directed to the exit after a decade at helm of data centre biz

Michael Tobin 'makes way for next stage of development'


Noo! Hand not big enough! Don't look at meee!

Boffins attempt to prove the universe is just a hologram

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Tim Cook: I'm NOT worried about CRAP iPad sales. It's just a 'speedbump'

'We couldn’t be happier with how we’ve done'

Ouch... right in the VIDEO GAME: Lizard Squad attacks XBox, Twitch

Hacktivists must really hate gamers

Scality likes object storage, puts a RING on it... for the fifth time

+CommentAdds VM storage capabilities

Qualcomm to get it from both sides? EU probe may be coming – report

China's 'monopoly' probe has already begun

Time Warner Cable customers SQUEAL as US network goes offline

A rude awakening: North Americans greeted with outage drama

HP: We're still running the ARM race with Moonshot servers

We're in, but this ain't for the faint of heart

Banking apps: Handy, can grab all your money... and RIDDLED with coding flaws

Yep, that one place you'd hoped you wouldn't find 'em

Hyperconverged kit is SO HOT right now. $140m sound about right, Nutanix?

Watch out, cash burn is increasing

Nearly there! LOHAN Kickstarter pot o'gold breaks £29,000

Slip her your speedy donation NOW, before it's too late

Office space outfit Regus suffers 'UK-wide' network outage

UpdatedWorking on a fix now

Speaking in Tech: Live from VMworld

PodcastAnyone go to the keynote? Anyone? There's a blog post...

Major cyber attack hits Norwegian oil industry

Statoil, the gas giant behind the Scandie social miracle, targeted

Scratched PC-dispatch patch patched, hatched in batch rematch

Windows security update fixed after triggering blue screens (and screams) of death

NYC, LA mayors hammer Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger

FCC warned mega-gobble could price citizens out of the internet

Dropbox cuts cloud storage prices $10 per terabyte, matching Google and Microsoft

Adds sharing tools, to existing lineup

New York looks to PROBE TWC over US outage

State plans to get to bottom of massive loss of service

Oz biz regulator discovers shared servers in EPIC FACEPALM

'Not aware' that one IP can hold more than one Website

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