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25th > August > 2014 Archive

China hopes home-grown OS will oust Microsoft

Doesn't much like Apple or Google, either

Leak: Intel readies next round of NUC

Cheap boxen to get a refresh

Ex-IBM CEO John Akers dies at 79

ObituaryAn era disrupted by the advent of the PC

Three new charges laid against alleged Silk Road kingpin

Lawyer says legal bullets sprayed in hope of landing jury hit

Hack skirmish grounded Sony exec's flight after FAKE bomb scare

XBox and networks also targeted by DDoSers

NIST to sysadmins: clean up your SSH mess

Too many keys, too badly managed

Brit Sci-Fi author Alastair Reynolds says MS Word 'drives me to distraction'

Wordsmith gripes about 'another sh*t feature'

The police are WRONG: Watching YouTube videos is NOT illegal

And our man Corfield is pretty bloody cross about it

Brookhaven boffins boggle at baryons

Oi, stranger! Freeze ME out, will you?

Bright lights, affordable motor: Ford puts LED headlights onto Mondeo

Vulture at the WheelSquint and you can see the future

So, Apple won't sell cheap kit? Prepare the iOS garden wall WRECKING BALL

OpinionIt can throw the low cost race if it looks to the cloud

This is how I set about making a fortune with my own startup

Doing my own 'tingWould you leave your well-paid job to chase your dream?

You, El Reg and a doctor walk into a Monopoly Pubcrawl chinwag

Live ChatConnect the connectivity dots

VMware to release own version of OpenStack

VMworld 2014Commodifying your rebellion and selling it back to you

VMware's MARVIN emerges as 'EVO' for branch offices and web-scale rigs

VMworld 2014Converged infrastructure appliance made by Dell, Fujitsu and EMC. Yes, EMC

IT blokes: would you say that lewd comment to a man? Then don't say it to a woman

OpinionHow not to make a total asshole of yourself at tech shows killed the distro star: Why are people so bored with the top Linux makers?

LinuxCon 2014Raise your hand if you're interested – liar!

Sony's 'Lizard Squad' battered PlayStation Network staggers to feet

Hackers having more success taking down Xbox

Intelligence blunder: You wanna be Australia's spyboss? No problem, just walk right in

Access control? Yeah, we've heard of it

EMC to toss Avamar and other code into its VMware's EVO boxen

Phoenix servers used in elastic cloud storage appliance will rise again

6 Obvious Reasons Why Facebook Will Ban This Article (Thank God)

Clampdown on clickbait ... and El Reg is OK with this

Amazon Twitch snatch catches Google the gobbler off guard

Level up! Bezos in $970m game stream punt

Docker's VMware tryst is about giving sysadmins the whip hand

VMworld 2014The time has come to beat cloud upstarts into shape

Euro space boffins narrow down lander sites on comet doing 135,000km/h toward Sun

Piece of cake, right?

Judge nixes HP deal for director amnesty after $8.8bn Autonomy snafu

Lawyers will have to earn their keep the hard way, says court

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