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8th > August > 2014 Archive

Intel forced to shoot down viral 'Israeli boycott' whopper

Phony press release site claims chip titan halted fabs over Gaza conflict

You can put away the microscope – you can see Acer's profit from HERE (for a change)

Much better than last quarter's puny $33k pile

Everyone's an IoT expert but now there's a certificate to prove it

Cisco creates Certification of Things for industrial sensor-footlers

DON'T PANIC! Satellite comms hacking won't be able to crash an aircraft

Black Hat 2014Cute idea but it just won't fly

Yahoo! will! deploy! end-to-end! email! crypto! by! 2015!

Purple Palace also to loose script autobots to verify bug bounties

Now YOU can build apps for Google's all-seeing gadgets for fat losers

Wait, shouldn't there be another hyphen in there?

Spooks, cops, say Oz metadata push is for consistency, not data grab

Explanation of just what will be collected is still confusing and incomplete

Pivotal puts all its eggs in one basket

Core blimey! It's a cloudy AppSuite with cunning pricing

Budge up, yet another flash cache software biz wants to squeeze in

Blocks and FilesWhat's inside the CacheBox?

Digital dongle transforms European XBOXen into tellies

Monitor this ₤24.99 or €29.99 USB tuner and thumb-saver: it lands in October

Ex-Apple man Sam Sung - for it is he - sticks namebadge on eBay

Stump up via tat bazaar, do a good thing for ill kids

Multiple user accounts coming to Android phones 'n' slabs

Someone's thought of the children, but perhaps not of Samsung, VMware and Citrix

'Up to two BEEELLION' mobes easily hacked by evil base stations

Black Hat 2014 videosAndroid, BlackBerry, and Apple fall to OMA-DM flaw – claim

Twitter can trigger psychosis in users

140 characters or less leaves too much to symbolism, study finds

'Be super careful with AI. It's potentially more dangerous than nukes'

QuoTWPlus: 'Facebook is not a Law Enforcement issue!'

Clock ticking for Surface 3 as Microsoft preps for globo-launch

Losses hit $1.7bn since launch, sales a drop in tablet ocean

Stalwart hatchback gets a plug-in: Volkswagen e-Golf

ReviewSwap your spare wheel for a 'leccy motor

BT scoops up Wales PSN contracts, elbows out Logicalis

Seven-year contract worth up to £420m handed to one-time telco monopoly

Telefónica bids for Vivendi's Brazilian bits: Telecom Italia gasps

A Spanish firm, a French firm and an Italian firm all meet up in Brazil...

Fanfare of trumpets as LOHAN reveals mission patch

Ad Astra Tabernamque and beers all round

Farmville maker Zynga delays new games after losing 57 million users

Hey - who's tending to our veg patch?

Is the tech jobs market really on the up-and-up? Tell us about it

SurveySeriously, would anyone want to work with you?

Tiny transforming bots: Meet these self-assembling 'thoughtful' droids

Rise of the MachinesFlat-packed bots build themselves, turn... walk away

Nuts to your poncey hipster coffees, I want a TESLA ELECTRO-CAFE

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Examining the frothy disconnect in indie cafe culture

Smartcard firm Gemalto slurps SafeNet in $890m securo-boost deal

Crypto tech and license management tech will boost profits, hope firms's broadband boast: Superfast fibre piped to 1 million Brits

Apple-scrumping bumpkin bits deliver best returns, apparently

Serco welcomes former CSC boss to run gov unit

Newbie squeezed into vital role at scandal hit integrator

World's only flyable WWII Lancaster bombers meet in Lincs

RAF and Canadian aircraft meet for Two Lancs tour after epic ferry flight

China cracks down on instant messengers: Users must hand over real names

'Such behaviours have raised bitter feelings among netizens'

Wunderbar! Bechtle chairman fizzles after sizzling financials

Euro dealer's sales and profit bounce by double digits in Q2

US titan CSC: Our numbers are going nowhere this year

But some of our staff are.... out the door

Facebook slurps PrivateCore - 'cos your selfies need locking up

Might not result in mass experiments on users, at least this time...

Intruder alert: Cyber thugs are using steganography to slip in malware badness

Signature-sniffers WILL be fooled – researcher

Google beefs up Compute Engine, adds extra zone to US, Asia

Two new segments for Amazon and Microsoft games

Lawsuit claims SpaceX laid off hundreds without proper notice, pay

Surprise axe-lowering alleged to have violated California law

Oracle Database 12c's data redaction security smashed live on stage

Defcon 22Microsoft should school Ellison on safeguarding privates, says infosec bod

Recovering Quantum buys Dropbox-alike cloudy biz Symform

Twisted sync'n'share: USERS form the service's cloud

New twist in China Apple hardware ban riddle: THE TRUTH at last?

President Xi Jinping's government breaks silence

Apple, Intel, Google told to stop being tightwads and pay out MORE in wage-fix settlement

Judge tells tech titans to dig deeper into their pockets

America's hot and cold spots for broadband revealed in new map

PicVirginia is for lovers ... of faster internet

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