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5th > August > 2014 Archive

BANGKOK-BLOCKED: Thailand's dictators 'ban dictator sim Tropico 5'

<blink> Irony alert </blink>

HUMAN RACE PERIL: Not nukes, it'll be AI that kills us off, warns Musk

SpaceX supremo warns 'we need to be super careful' after pumping $40m into it

Thin naked model slips out of Apple's secretive lab ... it's an 'iPad Air 2'

Out of the lab and into the fab, we're guessing

65 patches later and Java STILL breaks stuff

Oracle issues new patch after Java 8u11 found to mess with some dev tools

Lawyer for alleged Silk Road kingpin wants all evidence thrown out

Claims cops couldn't have found Silk Road servers without illegal surveillance

Shuffling Zombie Juror – aka Linux kernel 3.16 – wants to eat … ARMs?

'Iffy' release candidates turned out alright says Linus Torvalds

Sony reads the future, quits e-reader market says German report

No PCs. No tellies. No e-readers. And no future?

Home-grown Xiaomi crushes Samsung in world's biggest market

Android smartphone startup tops Chinese table

Meet Solaris 11.2, where SDN means 'Software-Defined Net profit'

AnalysisThis time, Larry's Oracle is going after the networking giants

Yes, we know Active Directory cloud sync is a MESS, says Microsoft

So have this four-click fix to paint your directories Azure

Ransomware attack hits Synology's NAS boxen

This is as bad as you think, says Reg sysadmin Trevor

Robot snaps on yellow RUBBER GLOVES, preps to invade Canada

It looks friendly, but wait until you get it in the back of a car

Tiny steps: HTTP 2.0 WG looks for consensus

Comments due 1 September

Australia to retain telecommunications metadata

Law coming later this year, source of cash for necessary kit TBD

Leaked docs reveal power of malware-for-government product 'FinFisher'

Win 8 Pro tip: Govt spyware can't tap Skype's Metro app

Multifunction printer p0wnage just getting worse, researcher finds

Konica Minolta, Sharp, Dell, Canon and HP printers spew credentials when probed

Evidence during FOI disputes can be provided in SECRET

Freedom of Info requester NOT allowed to be present - court

Why no one smells a RAT: Trojan uses YAHOO WEBMAIL to pick up instructions

Badness uses innocent-looking mailer for c&c ops

Cut price Android on steroids: OnePlus One – should we look gift horse in the gob?

ReviewCaveat emptor

HGST brings PCM to flash show, stuns world+dog with 3 million IOPS

Wrong tech for Flash Memory Summit - but damn, it's good

Synology and the NAS-ty malware-flingers: What can be learned

Sysadmin blog'Security first' gets more NB for little guys

BlackBerry boss John Chen: We're finished (with the job cuts)

Now things are looking rosy, says chief exec – new leak

Google pulls Gaza games from Play store

Rockets and iron domes

Kickstarter hopefuls promise high-res aerial maps for the masses

Maps Made Easy takes the pain out of stitching

Oracle cold bath shrinks Larry Ellison's pay package

Size is a relative thing

IBM furtles all-flash biz bruiser FlashSystem

SVC and Storwize compression built-in

Israel snooped on John Kerry's phone calls during Middle East peace talks

Well, if you will make basic security cockups...

LinkedIn settles missed overtime pay case: Will pay $6m to staffers

US Dept of Labor: It violated Fair Labor Standards Act

EMC veteran Poole jumps into UK channel director's chair

Public sector and service provider boss bags third role (and it's a sticky wicket)

UK WhatsApp duo convicted of possessing extreme porn

Pair pleaded guilty to 'unsolicited' shock images featuring animals

PEAK APPLE: One MILLION fewer iPads sold this quarter

Macs to the rescue as iPad fever ends and Apple's lead at the top narrows

Samsung sticks with child labour shame fab: Zero-tolerance means 30% less trade

Sub-contractor blames job agency for underage hires

Google on Gmail child abuse trawl: We're NOT looking for other crimes

Burglars needn't worry, says search giant

SecureData buys into big data, grabs stake in software developer

Security integrator splashes cash on Paterva

BAD VIBES: High-speed video camera records your voice from trash

VidNext step: CCTV that eavesdrops on you

BT offers vanilla mobile deal to biz bods

Apps, cloud, Wi-Fi – let's play tick-box bingo

White Hats splat Black Hat chats: Talks on home alarm flaws and Russian spy tools axed

Three presentations now pulled from hacking shindig

US cyber-army's cyber-warriors 'cyber-humiliated by cyber-civvies in cyber-games'

'They were pretty much obliterated' – report

Microsoft KILLS Windows 8.1 Update 2 and Patch Tuesday

You'll never believe what it's called inst... actually, you probably can

Verizon to FCC: What ya looking at? Everyone throttles internet traffic

'Such practices are widely accepted' telco responds to watchdog's probing

What's the point of the Internet of Things?

Sysadmin blogWorld peace, natch, what did you think it was?

NoSQL startup MongoDB names BladeLogic founder as new CEO

Could an IPO be in the offing?

Hacker crew nicks '1.2 billion passwords' – but WHERE did they all come from?

UpdatedRussian gang 'audited the internet'

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