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10th > July > 2014 Archive

Victim of Tor-hidden revenge smut site sues Tor Project developers

But EFF lawyer says deep-web team 'no more liable' than web server makers

AWS adds second Sydney direct connect site and puts Melbourne on CloudFront

Global Switch joins Equinix in the cloudy connection club

Call girl injected Google exec with heroin, drank wine, left him to die – cops claim

Manslaughter charge after married dad-of-5 found dead

Give an exoplanet a new name: Fill in this form and hope these astro-boffins pick your $input

Competition to label alien worlds could make you a star

'Dread Pirate Roberts' suspect's bid for freedom fails

'Bitcoin isn't money' argument laughed off by judge

Presto! After Supreme Court loss, Aereo says it's a cable company now

TV-streaming firm strikes back with 'Plan B' legal defense

Tech giants link arms with startups against patent trolls

Non-aggression pact for licensing

FireEye patches OS, torpedos Exploit-DB disclosure

Researcher suspended after zero-day dump

Secret Senate software stoush: Greens intervene

'Vexatious' ROI requester has win in Canberra

Metaswitch opens NFV code as Project Calico

Another day, another SDN play

Cranial RAM cram plan aims to restore memory

DARPA wants to help those with brain disease or injury

Tegile boots Dell array out of chemical biz. Dell responds: Tegile, who?

Blocks and FilesUpstart says it's up, up and away ... but not on the giants' radar – yet

Brute-force bot busts shonky PoS passwords

RAM scrapers foisted on 60 terminals

Ham-fisted farmer fear: A peanut-butter-and-iPhone sandwich

Potential grain store contamination - report

China trawls top-secret US personnel lists – report

Attack homed in on lists of government workers holding security clearances

Google's lounge room invasion advances with Chromecast upgrade

Your tellie is about to mirror your Android

Global protest calls for canning SOPA-by-stealth treaty's IP bits

Trans-Pacific Partnership lashed by Wikimedia Foundation and Internet Archive, among others

Crusty API opened Facebook accounts to hijacking

Dodgy endpoint earnt research 20 large

EMC gives up the goods at storage shindig: VMAX3 speeds, feeds

What's it all about, Alfie?

UK gov rushes through emergency law on data retention

Cameron: 'The consequences of not acting are grave'

Say goodbye to the noughties: Yesterday’s hi-fi biz is BUSTED, bro

Breaking FadAre the days of floorstanders and separates numbered?

Google went behind our backs and really hurt us, squeal upset porn kingpins

'As the pornographer here, the moral turpitude should be mine'

Think Google Glass is creepy? Wait until it READS YOUR MIND

Startup penetrates the mind of Glassholes

Apple rats on Google to FTC: You thought WE were in-app-ropriate?

Said to have shopped rival to Feds over in-app purchases

Silent Circle takes on Skype, Viber, mobile telcos with crypto-VoIP

But, hey ... we cut the roaming charges, mumble mobile carriers

Backers stump up 'Amazon' $20m to fund Avere's cloud ascension

NAS-furtling filer biz pushes for cloud storage gateway bigness

Cosmic dust riddle breakthrough: Study tackles stuff of the universe

His dark materials, indeed

UK's emergency data slurp: IT giants panicked over 'legal uncertainty'

PM says rushed-through DRIP law will 'plug holes' in existing legislation

Who's that new kid making hybrid SAN kit? Yes, it's MICROSOFT

StorSimple jumps inside software layer

Google Ventures opens new fund in London

El Reg has a new neighbour. So. Who's for a game of knock, knock, Ginger?

Microsoft's partner mega-fest: Want to see on-prem kit? TOO BAD

WPCWimbledon, Glasto not only the summer events ruined by cloud

Europe's highest court: Apple CAN trademark its retail store layout

'Special' design protected on appeal after Germany said nein

Thought PCs were in the toilet? They're STILL eating Apple's lunch

Mac shipments take a battering in US market

'Green' Apple: We've smudged a bit off our carbon footprint

Er, you're still manufacturing computers, right?

It's a boxless, super-flash, hyper-converged world: But what'll we do for BULK STORAGE?

Blocks & FilesCloud storage gateways on the up. Here's why

Adobe Flash: The most INSECURE program on a UK user's PC

XML a weak spot, but nothing's as dire as Adobe player

Amazon Zocalo rocks Box, socks DropBox, clocks Google Docs

New cheap file sync'n'share for big biz

Use apps anonymously? We'll help make that happen – Amazon techie

Web giant flashes new mobile backend at software makers, talks to The Reg

Get ready for LAYOFFS: Nadella's coma-inducing memo, with subtitles

Six-pager sent to human race, cc Redmond staff

Elon Musk to fund Tesla museum with 'ONE MEEELLION DOLLARS'

Will kick in the cost of James Bond car to the cause, says Oatmeal comic man

Bezos house 'on FIRE': Amazon in-app kiddy megabuck charge storm

FTC prepares boot for firm's ass in lawsuit

Things that make you go hmm: GlobalFoundries hires ex-IBM chip fabber

There are rumours it'll buy Big Blue's chip plants

Dodgy Google, Yahoo! SSL certs nuked in Windows – finally

Tools for snooping on, and users knackered

Another Samsung supplier fingered in new 'child labor' probe

South Korean giant says it can't find evidence of wrongdoing

Microsoft, Red Hat, IBM and others help Google build cloud Trojan Horse

Tech companies team up to build Kubernetes container manager

Dish Network to FCC: Block that Comcast/Time Warner merger

It's none too keen on the AT&T/DirecTV deal, either

German government orders local CIA station chief to pack his bags

Sour Krauts arrest second local in domestic spy ring probe

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