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Surface Mini fondleslab farewelled

Microsoft cancels device it never launched

EFF sues NSA over snoops 'hoarding' zero-day security bugs

Wants docs showing who chooses to keep us unsafe online

Mystery bidder plunders the whole haul in Silk Road Bitcoin auction

Feds keep mum on who and for how much – can YOU guess?

Sydney wallows in cesspit of WiFi obsolescence and ignorance

World of Warbiking WiFi sniffing peloton finds lots of unsecured connections

Remember the turbo button on PCs? New AWS instance has one for CPU burst

Yes, we know it slowed old kit - but not in Amazon's case

Researchers defend Facebook emoto-furtling experiment

'All REAL men ignore consent and privacy'

Linux turns the crank on code for cars

Got a feel for your automobile

Fibre to YOUR premises NBN still on table pending telco talks

No mention in new roadmap but NBN Co 'actively working on products'

Redmond's EMET defense tool disabled by exploit torpedo

With latest version shot to pieces, work begins on beta bomb

Microsoft, Google et al form club to push 25/50 Gbps Ethernet

New consortium plans faster Ethernet delivered faster than rival standard groups

Who wants to strap on a helmet and crash test vSphere?

VMware creates private beta community, but don't join if you plan virtual nukes

NIST shows off one-way photon-passing metamaterial

A light take on a diode could be just the thing for photonic networks

Golf bloke to Richard Branson: Get on board the future bus, where there's 'NO WEATHER'

Not Bong, actual quotes from tech startup love-in

Cisco doesn't make hyper-converged gear, but if it did, it'd probably look like this

Blocks and FilesIT giant can have our recipe for free

Like frozen burgers, 'Bigfoot' DNA samples have a touch of horse

Brit boffin tests 37 supposed Sasquatch samples, finds all are known animals


Blog networks can be force-fed more than they can chew

Seagate's bought a disk drive array firm. Déjà vu? You betcha

Xyratex buyout seems awfully like ancient X-IO history

'Disruptive innovation' is nonsense? Not ALWAYS, actually

Worstall on WedsCheck out Google v Big Auto, eggheads, then come back to me

Virgin Media struck dumb by NATIONWIDE DNS outage

Customers fume: 'Basic infrastructure - get a grip'

Noticed a sudden explosion of analytics firms? So has Microsoft's chairman

Thompson on Virtual Instruments' probe 'n' sniff tech

Twitter takes on GOOGLE, swallows wannabe YouTube firm

Buys user-generated vid platform Snappy TV

Speaking in Tech: 'Software-defined' anything makes me BARF in my MOUTH

PodcastPlus: Open source is a MYTH - look at OpenStack...

Amazon sues former employee who took Google cloud job

Alleges breach of non-compete clause in contract

NASA: Satellite which will end man-made CO2 debate in orbit at last

UpdatedOrbiting Carbon Observatory 2 finally makes it into Space

Google policy wonk patronises Brits over EU search biz probe

Downgrading rivals? Whetstone: 'I just don't think it's really true'


Fresh Cridex variant plays merry hell via email

Lords try shoehorning law against revenge porn into justice bill

Lib Dems suggest a year in jail for posting ex-lovers' topless selfies online

Google buys shagadelic playlist biz Songza

AnalysisGoogle dude. I'm about to get, er, intimate – which music should we play?

ISPs haul GCHQ into COURT over dragnet interwebs snooping

'Exploitation of network infrastructure is unlawful,' says co-claimant

We need to talk about SPEAKERS: Sorry, 'audiophiles', only IT will break the sound barrier

FeatureDesign, DSPs and the debunking of traditional hi-fi

What makes a tier-1 enterprise flash array a superior beast?

Storage monoliths enter the fray

Lenovo: Our IBM deal will definitely go through this year. Honest

US gov, check our history - we're squeaky clean on securo-matters

Brit SPACE HEDGEHOG team flies student Mars payload

Second attempt at experimental podule cluster stratomission

Xiaomi: Hidden Android dragon is growing fast, despite being unknown in the West

Look out Samsung, look out Apple

Microsoft joins Qualcomm's gang in Internet of Stuff standards fight

Tech firms choose sides or go it alone on Web Everywhere interoperability

Travel website Hotel Hippo yanked offline after data leaks spotted

Whose credit card details and address d'ya fancy reading?

Amazon reseller lobs sueball at etailer and Apple over listings yank

H2F alleges 'conspiracy' because its kit was so cheap

NSA, GCHQ spies have hurt us more than they know – cloud group

Security is 'major concern', states CIF biz survey, despite low level breaches

No sueballs needed: Microsoft and Canon buddy up on patent deal

Redmond adds yet another name to its litany of IP pacts

Running Cisco's VoIP manager? Four words you don't want to hear: 'Backdoor SSH root key'

Hardwired login in Unified Comms Domain Manager

VC who wants to split California REVEALED as Silk Road Bitcoin slurper

Auction winner says he'll use BTC hoard to save us from weakening real-world money

Listen bud – crud FUD flood is dud, says Dell: 'We do support VSAN'

Blocks and FilesIT titan scoffs at rivals' whisperings

Amazon snubs FTC: We'll see you in court over kids' in-app cash blowouts

Don't tar us with Apple's brush says Bezos & Co

Simplivity drops sweet OmniCubes into channel's cup

Hypes up hyperconvergence as a tasty deal

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