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27th > June > 2014 Archive

USB charger is prime suspect in death of Australian woman

All those safety logos on kit aren't just window dressing

Send Bitcoin or we'll hate-spam you on Yelp, say crims

Extortion letters demand cryptocurrency from pizza parlours

MPAA, meet the Streisand effect: Picture ass. slaps Reddit with takedown

Would-be pirates flock to r/FullLengthFilms

New MH370 search zone picked using just seven satellite 'handshakes'

First and seventh pings from plane indicate power interruptions

Facebook dumps AWS, moves Instagram's images to own bit barns

Server count down by a third, says engineer, and Iowa data centre coming online now

Kickstarter unplugs iFind miracle battery-free locator

Funding suspended at a whopping $US546,852

Devs: Fancy a job teaching Siri to speak the Queen's English?

Spik propa lyk dis blud innit, ya get me?

French Senate passes anti-Amazon amendment

Free shipping with discounting banned in la Cinquième République

NASA's Curiosity rover brought Earth BUG to Mars

A software bug, that is, as flaw turns up in popular compression imaging algorithm

You want a medal for writing a script? Sure: here it is!

Developer explains how Perl and Excel code earned him the US Army Commendation Medal

'Our entire corporation cannot send or receive emails from Outlook'

QuoTWPlus: 'We've seen... a double-digit decline in trust in American tech companies'

Android SMS worm punts dodgy downloads... from your MATES

If a friend texts you a URL, for pity's sake don't open it

LG drops G3 quad HD Android mobe with FRIGGIN' LASER camera

ReviewCould this be the Android handset of the year?

DON'T BOTHER migrating legacy apps to the cloud, says CTO

You'll just be disappointed, says UBS gros fromage

Google: Glass goggles are a 'fairly lousy surveillance device'

UK privacy watchdog warns: It could violate data protection law

BOFH: You can take our lives, but you'll never take OUR MACROS

Episode 6Never mind the blood, Mr Beancounter: MAGIC BEANS!

Spanish struggle to control spelling of 'WhatsApp'

Wasap? Linguistic anarchy, that's guasap

Steria, the MoJ and a £56 MILLION Shared Services write-off

'In house' project in the outhouse... Let's outsource

BBC: Bumpkins, hobbits need fairer coverage

Middle Earth dwellers are licence-fee payers too, report discovers

Skyera, Seagate: We'll feed backup hunger with 3-way flash layer cake

Now disk-based backup is too slow

You need a list of specific unknowns we may encounter? Huh?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Hey CIO, if you want my advice… oh, you don’t

Yet another WordPress vuln: Image furtler plugin lets BADNESS in

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes

Microsoft compliance police to NHS: We want your money

You can cough in June or cough harder later. Got weeks to decide

Hewlett-Packard paid £1.7bn by in 2 years – report

Thinktank claims DWP is cash cow, but HP's computer says no

Seagate's LSI flash biz buyout: Good potential, but only if followed up

CommentIs this a good buy or is it goodbye?

HP gets 'Playboy model and the ex-CEO' lawsuit kicked out ... again

Judge: Stop wasting my time with this case, shareholders

Permabit squeezes its Albireo dedupe fruit, offers juice to vendors

Adds compression to up its data shrinkage rate

What a whopper, LG: Feast your eyes on this 77-inch bendy TV

PicsWorld's first curved 4K OLED set makes its UK debut

Strap-on cam pro GoPro in IPO share grow show

Firm valued at $3.9bn on first day of trading

Yahoo!: Yes you, YouTube content-maker. GET IN MAH BELLY!

Purple Palace in competition for Fullscreen, report says

Maplin Electronics sold for £85m to Rutland Partners

Former VC owner Motagu takes £159m bath....OUCH

Today in IT news: iPad Fleshlight a reality

NSFWPutting the fondle in fondleslab

Indie labels: 5 reasons why we're hauling YouTube before Euro antitrust watchdog

ExclusiveMusic bizes reveal dominance complaint

Retiring Reg hack explains how bass playing = tech reporting

So long, and thanks for all the Phish

Who gives a F about privacy? New scorecard rates US pols on spying

Dramatically increasing mass surveillance? See me after class

Surprise! NSA's first ever 'transparency' 'report' is anything but

Spies do spying ... and dictionary rewriting, too

Amazon offers Blighty's publishing industry 'assisted suicide'

Do you see a pattern here?

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