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26th > June > 2014 Archive

NBN Co reveals THOUSAND-node FTTN trial built by Telstra

Alcatel Lucent kit will dig out the copper from Big T's brains

I/O NOOOOO!!! We sat through Google's bum numbing 3-hour keynote so you didn't have to

Google I/OLick of paint for Android, car control and more

MongoDB pops up in Microsoft and Google data centers

Oracle's NoSQL nightmare inks new pacts, gets into all major clouds

Occupy Google: Protesters attack ad giant as I/O gets underway

There is no TRY not to be evil, says Yoda, only DO

Boffins untangle why your software builds fail

Dependency hell by-the-numbers

Google's Oculus-defying VR headset is made of CARDBOARD – no joke

Google I/ODIY virtual reality for the masses (if you don't mind headaches)

Google pries open YOUR mailbox, invites developer partners

What can possibly go wrong?

PayPal 2FA mobe flaw chills 'warm and fuzzy' security feeling

Take another look at those pastebin dumps, bods say

VMware ends free SUSE for vSphere customers offer

The cost of running virtual appliances may just have gone up

SQL fights back against NoSQL's big data cred with SQL/MDA spec

The empire strikes back with multi-dimensional arrays

Hackers steal €500k in lightning bank raids

No need for subtlety as attackers hack and empty 190 accounts

Government won't name expert reviewers of Australia's national curriculum

Can the folks let loose on the Digital Technologies curriculum spell HTML?

Patch looks like Microsoft FAIL, quacks like FAIL, is actually quite good

NOTHING to worry about, sysadmins, this unexpected dowload's a good 'un

'Sterile neutrinos' re-ignite 'we found dark-stuff' debate

Still too early to say 'DARK MATTER FOUND', but the X-rays are encouraging

Attackers fling Stuxnet-style RATs at critical control software in EUROPE

SCADA/ICS systems under attack, warns F-Secure

Farewell Felix Dennis, deal-maker supreme of tech publishing

ObituaryWhen it comes to getting rich, he really did write the book

Ofcom to BT Openreach: From now on, you'd better kill 70% of gremlins within 2 days

Deadline for action on copper service kicks in from July

UK reseller titan Kelway's valuation heading north of £200m, say insiders

Investment banker William Blair ends round 1 of sales process

WORLD CUP TRAUMA? Just Streaming Stick a Roku in it

ReviewChange the channel with a dongle doohickey

Freeze, Glasshole! Stop spying on me at the ATM

Wearable cams can record your PIN from 40 paces

Black hole three-way: Supermassive trio are 'rippling' space

Close-pair binary and their mate

Dixon, Carphone hand their numbers to world +dog before the wedding

European regulator gives deal all clear, Dixons profit down

Drone's drug airdrop mission ends in failure for Irish prisoners

Contraband-laden quadcopter crashes in Dublin chokey's yard

I/O: New Google design language will RULE OVER 'DROIDS

Android devices will be living in a 'Material' world

Revealed: Fusion-io shopped itself to 11 firms... 10 declined

+AnalysisSEC filings from SanDisk slurp

It's a Brit Apple supplier BORG: Two become one £80m fruity tech titan

Jigsaw24 swallows Square Group

DOH! Google’s internet of things vision is powered by… Mac OS

This dogfood tastes of Apple

LOHAN laid bare in intimate interview

Vid podcastSpaceplane head honcho Lester chews the fat with DIY Drones

Average chump in 'bank' phone scam is STUNG for £10,000 - study

Get Safe Online launches campaign against 'social engineering'

Aereo has to pay TV show creators? Yes. This isn't rocket science

AnalysisCopyright ruling good for innovation and democracy

Google adds 'data protection' WARNING to Euro search results

Wanna see EVERYTHING? Just click the 'use' button. Simples

IBM's SPSS buyout: FBI cuffs two on insider trading charges

Stockbrokers deny inside dealing

Dell mashes up EqualLogic and Compellent: Eat up kids, it's Dell Storage

CommentCombined branding heralds combined products Forget Google and those other chaps... Use THIS open Internet of Stuff specification

'HyperCat has a strong security model; it's the same one the web uses'

What's hot and what's not in storage this week: Your byte-sized guide

A little pun there about the latest cloud, flash and convergence developments

Hey, remember the iPod Touch? Apple just did

Basic ear-bothering music gizmo gets iSight camera and price drop

Physicist proposes 1,000-foot state-sized walls to stop tornadoes

Man-made mountains would tame Tornado Alley, says master builder

Couchbase relaxes into golden couch stuffed with 60 meellion dollars

VCs bet on Oracle's demise

App maker defends selling S.F. parking spots as a free speech issue

MonkeyParking deals in information, argues CEO – bull, says District Attorney's office

What is ex-NSA spyboss selling for $1m a month, asks US congressman

Former snoop Gen Alexander's security consultancy under the microscope

Intel, Ford: Project Mobii will harpoon unsafe, unauthorized drivers

Mobile Interior Imaging cameras know who you are, Ahab

Germany dumps Verizon for Deutsche Telekom over NSA spying

Nein, danke, we need 'a very high level of security'

Tell us about your first time … on the internet. Was it gentle?

Australia marks 25th anniversary of first internet connection

Microsoft Intune hears the call for device management

ReviewEnterprise suite covers all angles

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