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25th > June > 2014 Archive

Wake up, grandad: All the techies use social media

Collaboration is working

Google Glass gets 2GB of RAM. Think about this. Two gigs of RAM

Updated specs specs include new viewfinder to better frame stealth photos

Shine on you crazy diamond: Distant dwarf may hide space jewel

Cool dim star? Insert your Keanu Reeves joke here

FAA shoots down delivery by drone plans

Farming-by-drone also a no-no says party pooper regulator


Health department hack leaves 1.3 million vulnerable

Hello?! Converged data centre peeps? Dell likes US too, says VMware

New list of VSAN Ready Nodes emerges with some oldies, some n00bs and HP

Supercomputing speed growth hits 'historical low' in new TOP500 list

Chinese complete top-spot trifecta with Tianhe-2

HUMMING about standards is NOT VOTING, says IETF RFC

The sweet sound of rough consensus might need to become a bit more formal

Oculus seeks partners in drive to get a billion people into virtual reality

But we won't believe we're there for 'a decade or two'

Microsoft tests HALF-INCH second screen to spur workplace play

Stop your yammering and use 'glanceable' device to make yourself feel at home

Bitcoin is MONEY, says Canada

Crypto-currency regulated same as a dollar

SHOCK HORROR: Oz's biggest govt agencies to miss infosec deadline

They patch when they feel like it and ignore spooks' advice

Passwords in plaintext? NOT OK, Cupid

Australian dating security service not a good match, says privacy commissioner

Extreme Networks adds OpenDaylight to SDN suite

Another picture added to SDN's “spot the difference” game

SHOCKER: CIA CIO CAN confirm that AWS cloud safe for big government


Queensland man arrested on charges including Bitcoin theft

More than $AU110k of crypto-currency 'in his possession'

Unisys makes a tilt at converged infrastructure and containerisation

Reference platforms on the way to allow other server-makers to spread the love

ARRRRR. Half world's techies are software PIRATES – survey

They're OPENLY doing it, too

Sysadmins rejoice! Patch rampage killing off nasty DDoS attack vector

Server fleet open to NTP attack drops from 400k to just 17,000

Study of Brit students finds TXTING doesn't ruin your writing

UzN abbreviations w yor M8s not a gateway 2 lousy wrk @ OPIS o skul

Star Wars museum to land in Chicago

This is the site George Lucas has been looking for

Own goal as World Cup Wi-Fi passwords spilled in newspaper snap

Not-so-L33t login now sprayed across Twitter

Oracle's IP lawsuit foe: We'll fight SAP tooth and nail in Europe

Rimini Street: We'll have your large and mid-sized customers off you, ta

Mobile money firm Weve waves goodbye to David Sear

Departing boss looks for some change

Gid E-Up? Vulture's claw presses pedal to metal on VW's 'leccy motor

Starts with a jolt

DDN's wonderful Bridge of WOS: Cloud, meet on-premise storage

DataDirect Networks' gear talks to anyone anywhere, they say

Super-snoop bid: UK government hits panic button on EU data retention ruling

'This is not mass surveillance', insists Home Sec Theresa May

Microsoft's Online Exchange fixed after going titsup for NINE HOURS

Two hours of that spent on hold reporting problem

'World’s dumbest' suspect collared in Facebook sting

Profile left open in burglary victim's home, man logs into jail

Google's Urs Hölzle: If you're not breaking your own gear, you aren't ambitious enough

InterviewInfrastructure king on next-gen memory, FPGAs, and more

Official: MoJ IT workers on STRIKE over outsourcing job fears

Steria SSCL named 'preferred supplier' for Shared Service Centre

3CX WebMeeting reviewed: Youthful, but full of promise

Video-conferencing made easy

US trading, energy watchdogs asked: Does Google's Skybox gobble pass the sniff test?

Public Citizen challenges sat firm deal

Drone-assisted Swiss construct virtual 3D castle

Impressive image-crunching exercise on the Château de Chillon

Speaking in Tech: Nutanix OEM deal may be Dell's first step towards a BUYOUT

PodcastPlus: What's this Tail-F thing Cisco's got hold of?

27 Data-Slurping Facts BuzzFeed Doesn't Want You To Know!

'Fun' quizzes drill down into your MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS

Warrantless snooping on American man was LEGAL in terrorism case, rules US judge

Gov use of FISA data passes muster in Oregon district court

Cryptome pulled OFFLINE due to malware infection: Founder cries foul

Updated'Craven and shallow technical justification' for censorship, fumes whistleblower

You're inventing the wrong sort of tech for bad people who want to buy it. Stop it at once

Worstall on WednesdayYo is so-so. So what?

REVEALED: Reg trails claw along Apple's 'austerity' 21.5-inch iMac

ReviewEntry-level performance with a mid-range price

Unexpected Termination Error at Year of Code: Chief dumps venture for other riches

From non-gov non-job to governmental non-job

BlackBerry's Passport will be the WEIRDEST mobe of 2014

Firm also teases new update to BB10

Mobile SIM chip-makers 'will be fined by EU' for price-fixing, say sources

EU regulators could sting them for 10% of global revenues

US Supreme Court: Duh, obviously cops need a warrant to search mobes

Laws written before world + dog stored whole life on phones

Take a chance on EMC: Bursts of aBBa spin up cloudy HPC goodness

DSSD and VNX make for heady caching mixture

US Supremes just blew Aereo out of the water

'This sends a chilling message to the technology industry' Yes, that you have to pay for stuff

Aaah, what's that smell, Nook? Yes, it's death: Barnes & Noble to jettison e-book biz

Plans to spin it off as new public company next year

What is it with cloud computing? Engage VM, disengage brain?

Sysadmin blogNine bits of advice from our man Trevor

You are ALL Americans now: Europeans offered same rights as US folks in data slurp leaks

So we cool now, right?

Flumejava, Millwheel ... No, not NSA codenames: The tech in Google Cloud's data grokker

Google I/OAd slinger whips out tool to stick in stream pipes

Verizon to turn LTE faucet back on for Chromebook Pixel users

Says its sorry promo service ended 'prematurely'

Australia relaxes in-flight device use rules

Take-off switch-off nears end-of-life

Face up to a double life with hybrid Office 365

Integrating Lync, SharePoint and Exchange

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