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18th > June > 2014 Archive

Google's too-smart-for-own-good Nest Protect alarm is back on sale

Go ahead, wave hello ... it won't switch off this time

Hey! Where! are! the! white! women! at!? It's! Yahoo!

In non-tech jobs, that is – still mostly white men running Marissa Mayer's web biz

People will happily run malware if paid ONE CENT – new study

Years of infosec education and users still click on anything

Elon Musk: Just watch me – I'll put HUMAN BOOTS on Mars by 2026

Plans to float rocket biz - but only once people have touched down

India throws switch on new 282.6 Tflop super

Chemistry department cruncher boasts 15,360 Xeon E5-2760v2 cores

Cisco promises Lync link for its UC kit and collaborationware

Borg will try to assimilate Microsoft's unified comms

Operators shackled to GSM, so Huawei ties GSM to LTE

Base station test on Vodafone test range demos spectrum coexistence

Cisco swallows Tail-f, burps out network orchestration plans

Small-ish, Swedish, firm will be assimilated for cloud management purposes

Samsung peddles tyred Smart Bike concept

Arduino and camera in the frame Galaxy in the handlebars

Nokia paid off extortionist in 2007: Finnish TV

Envelopes full of cash handed over to protect Symbian app-signing keys secret

VMWorld content catalog hints at slow AirWatch integration

VirtzillaLand's 2014 rides and thrills revealed

DANGER MOUSE is back ... and he isn't half a GLASSHOLE

iPatch not eyepatch for 'content hungry kids'

Tor is '90 per cent of the net' claims City of London Police Commish – and he's dead wrong

Let's crunch the numbers

Indian DEITY hands down new manufacturing subsidy plan

With anti-China riots in Vietnam, the timing is good

Microsoft eggheads publish JavaScript crypto code for devs

W3C WebCrypto for cloud

Careful with 'fibre speed record' hype: which record's been broken?

91 Gbps seems fast, but isn't much of a record

London Tech Week: All for the luvvies and the joke's on you, taxpayers

+CommentIt's total nonsense - yet we're the ones funding it

Finding the formula for the travelling salesman problem

Inside the mathematics of supply chain logistics

Today's get-rich-quick scheme: Build your own bank

Worstall on WednesdayIt's about time someone did it properly

NetApp gives its FAS range a 4 MILLION IOPS dose of spit'n'polish

We make that a full range makeover in just five months

You know what they say: What happens in Vegas, goes on the internet – right, HP 3PAR guys?

Blocks and FilesRumours trickling into our aural organs

Will SanDisk move into enterprise kit after its Fusion-io slurp?

StoragebodThey might be onto something if they can sweet-talk HP into a deal

Bankrupt Bitcoin blunder bunker MtGox finds a friend to fend off out-of-pocket investors

Court awards protection from pitch-fork-waving alt-coiners

Speaking in Tech: Electronic data and the law – how compelling is an email as proof?

PodcastIf you want 'to be destructive, there are a lot of ways to do that'

Security: Sweet brief for rare man Roche, new boss of Fujitsu TS

Tech Solutions coming to eat securobods' lunch?

Hate phone games that make you buy in-app gumble? Congrats, you're a niche player

Meanwhile, mobe devs will be coining it in '$30bn' market

YOU'RE HISTORY: goes titsup for TWO DAYS

Did dads storm site on Father's Day? Some seem to think so

Irish court peels off gloves, hands Facebook PROBE request to ECJ

Top court to decide if EU law needs PRISM tweak

THREE'S A CLOUD! Microsoft veep says only Azure, Amazon, Google can do hyper space

No hint of a threesome between rivals, though

Adobe all smiles as beret bods spaff cash on non-cloud Creative Suite

Perpetual licence stampede spurs 15% profit spike

Google will 'pre-select' an 'independent' competition inspector in EU search case

UpdateAd giant submits candidates but Brussels has final say, apparently

Hubble space telescope seeks new encounter for Pluto-bound spacecraft

Pluto mission? Never mind, we'll take a detour

EXPLICIT PICS: We take you inside Adobe's Creative Cloud update

Ink, Slide, better mobe integration = no sleep for designers

Assange™ makes fresh bid for FREEDOM from Scotland Yard's 'physical encirclement'

Sun only shines on Ecuadorian TV for the WikiLeaks One

Capita says bye-bye to Updata bigwigs: Been good slurping you

Integrator speeds up plans to stitch together Updata and NMS

Acer parachutes cofounder Huang in as new chairman

EMEA boss Ahrens heads to Asia-Pacific in re-org

BlackBerry inks deal with Amazon to get Android apps on its mobes

Bezos' apps mart to give BB users impression there are things they can do with the kit

Intel reveals its FrankenChip ARM killer: one FPGA and one Xeon IN ONE SOCKET

UpdatedScattered reports of maniacal cackling amid driving rain and lightning at Chipzilla's lab

Facebook reveals open network gear to drive WEDGE between itself and Cisco

New switch spells doom, gloom and, yes, more gloom for trad networking vendors

Code Spaces goes titsup FOREVER after attacker NUKES its Amazon-hosted data

Source-sharing site to close following total cloudpocalypse

ALP email SNAFU spaffs campaign plan to world+dog

'Strictly confidential' email lands in lots of inboxes

Want a cheap iMac? TOO BAD. But you can have a slow one for $1,099

Desktop gets yet another price point in entry-level offering

FCC boss says he'll SHAME broadband firms for fibbing on speeds

Wheeler promises dreaded STERNLY WORDED LETTER to underperforming telcos

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