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16th > June > 2014 Archive

NASA uses new technique to snap high-res asteroid images

VideoRead on for 3.5m resolution pics of Asteroid 2014 HQ124

Toyota catches up to William Gibson with LED hood

Concept car has 7000 pixels on the hood and batteries beneath

Satellite 'net hype ignores realpolitik

Will tinpot regimes welcome satellite broadband?

IoT cup claims 'instant' identification of what's in it

A tricorder for your coffee or a cup of stupid?

TIME TRAVELLERS needed to secure Windows 7

June's IE 11 patch depends on unrelated April update

IBM says it's made your mobe more chatty

New chippery said to extend range, battery life

Ohio man cuffed again for shagging inflatable pool raft

In deep water for persistent plastic-bothering

Give us a slice or we BLURT all your users' topping preferences to the WORLD

Web mongrels' threat to Belgo-French Domino's Pizza

This Apple Mac has malware. How do I mop up?

Readers' CornerAnti-virus software recommendations welcome!

Virtual Africa is the logical target for IP address colonists

The last great global IPv4 stash is up held by the region that might need them the most

VMware puts a price on NSX and tells partners to open fire

Indoctrination phase complete: let the selling begin!

AT&T has Amazon 3D smartphone on lockdown – report

UpdatedCan 3D touch tech hype live up to reality?

How practical is an electric car in London?

CommentFree parking? No Congestion charge? Perhaps, but it's still not a good idea

Hey, VMware. You've got competition – from a Belgian upstart

Did we mention this open source object store isn't just targeting VMware?

Podule-lodged Brit nears two weeks atop ocean peak Rockall

Nick Hancock confirms there really is f*ck all on the Rockall

We'll probe Pluto's moon cracks for mystery ocean – NASA

Only New Horizons can prove if Charon once had water

Boris: Look on 'London's digital tentacles', ye mighty, and despair!

Mayor in overstatement non-shocker as tech chinwag week starts

Microsoft 'Catapults' geriatric Moore's Law from CERTAIN DEATH

FPGAs DOUBLE data center throughput despite puny power pump-up, we're told

Microsoft C# chief Hejlsberg: Our open-source Apache pick will clear the FUD

Redmond goes for deep-cleanse

Bring your own device – as long as it's Microsoft

AnalysisWindows Phone puts out enterprise call

Top Canadian court: Cops need warrant to get names from ISPs

Decision could scupper nascent cyberbullying, privacy bills

Bloke squeezes Apple's boules, predicts millions of iPhone 6s, iWatches

Big enough stones to please Wall St, too, apparently

Quick as a flash: SanDisk gobbles Fusion-io for an Instagram (that's $1.1bn)

+AnalysisWho's next into the array world's meat grinder?

Tesla, Nissan, BMW mull all-for-plug, plug-for-all electrocar charger plan

Major e-car makers could find power in numbers

Supermodel Lily Cole: 'I got a little bit upset by that Register article' millionaire tells Times mag about taxpayer-backed wishing-well's drubbing

Do data centers dream of electric sheep? Microsoft announces machine learning cloud

New Azure service sees Redmond open up a bit of its brain to developers

Linode busts up Digital Ocean with price-matching speedy server

Penguin vs Penguin as prices plunge in Linux clouds

Google slings SSD persistent disks at huge 'n' hungry servers

Flash! Ah-ahhhh! Savior of the Google Cloud

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