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11th > June > 2014 Archive

HP has Chromeboxes with Intel Core i7 chips, but they'll cost you

Or fine, cheap out and get a Celeron, if you must

PCIe eyes the Internet of (the next big) Things

PCI-SIGLow-power tweaks open door to BEEELLIONs of devices – but do they need PCIe?

MAC MEN: Apple hiring 1,000 people for internal ad operation

Company looks to bring yet another operation in-house

Google's URL-hiding 'origin chip' is 'backburnered'

Translation: insecure feature scammers would have loved has been binned

Phoenix IT Group CEO hatches three year turnaround plan

Services biz watches profits burn AGAIN, requires corrective surgery

Nokia networks biz slurps Australia's Mesaplexx

Signal booster makes small cells punch above their weight

'Think of the children', Putin tells startup-land

Free speech CAN be regulated, promise, says mighty warrior of the steppe

Apple's Irish tax lair to be probed by European Commission

Report says Tim Cook must battle BRUSSELS' BEST BUREAUCRATS!

Google calls on carriers to craft IoT plans

$40 a month to send a heartbeat too much, says Chocolate Factory

Urine a goldmine for fuel-cell materials: boffins

Drink beer. Make fuel. Repeat until dependence on fossil fuels ends

AWS breaks silence over Truecrypt's role in data import/export

UpdateNo noise from web warehouse as hacking rumours fly.

Microsoft poised to take Web server crown from Apache

Open sourcery ahead by just 1.5m servers and the lead is narrowing

Damn you El Reg, Call me a Boffin, demands enraged boffin

CoTW'Otherwise I will be forced to make a sarcastic comment'

Glacier's hot butt melts ice, boffins say

Underground volcanoes make the West Antarctic Ice Shelf hot and bothered

SLOW DOWN: Insecure-by-design software on road

Electronic highway signage has default password, can be p0wned from afar

207 thousand lights-out boxes are STILL hackable

A year after being warned, admins persist with 13 year old firmware

BILLIONS of digital dollars go AWOL to cybercrooks, says study

Of course, the solution MUST be to buy the sponsor's brand of antivirus ... right?

Gung-ho Guangzhou college kids smash LINPACK cluster record

HPC blogOh snap! Don't TELL me you brought K20s to a K40s party

Snowden's Big Brother isn't as Orwellian as you'd think

Snowden AnniversarySecrets & lies: Spies & GCHQ

Dallas Cowboys to return 'dumbass' Texan's chopper

FAA 'looking into' quadcopter stadium roof landing

Evernote taken out by DDoS attack

Millions of users unable to sync their notes and web clippings

World first: ANIMATED GIF of Mercurian SUN ZOOM from MARS

Rover gives the nod to the history of astronomy

FLYING SAUCER 'designed for Mars atmosphere' in Pacific US military base

Mars landing airbag tester may finally launch today, agency teases

IPv4 addresses now EXHAUSTED in Latin America and the Caribbean

They could just buy dot-uk domains, right Stephen Fry*?

TalkTalk whips BT with riding crop over sport fibs in telly ad

Watchdog agrees that one-time state monopoly misled viewers

Debunking Jimbo: Slippery Google tries to evade European privacy

Comment'It'll be real bad for news sites', when we pay the legal bills. Er, hang on?


VidBrace of X2-class sun burp blasts bounce off atmos, again

Frikkin' laser beams on its head: Formlabs announces Form 1+

Not quite Star Trek replicator yet... but they're paying for it

Feedly DDoSed by ransom-threat crims: 'We refused to give in'

RSS bods stand up to cyber creeps

The Force of tax breaks brings Star Wars filming to Blighty

Politicians visit set, make cringeworthy film references

We're ALL Winston Smith now - and our common enemy is the Big Brother State

Worstall on WedsPrivate firms slurp data too? Meh

Networked mutant flash-disk beast Nimble to smack flashy rivals with 'high-end' boxen

Fellow upstarts, behold: It's a Tegile-type effort

US MARTIAN FLYING SAUCER tests above Hawaii: postponed

Come on NASA, pull your bloody finger out

SPIDER-TROOP, Spider-troop, does whatever a spider troop can

Man uses sucker paddles to scale a 25-foot sheer glass wall

Cabbies paralyze London in Uber rebellion

PicsSteelie Neelie 'outraged' as our man reports from amid cross charioteers

Swiftkey: We just want to be free - Apple didn't bump us

Those who feel that someone owes them a new keyboard are plainly right

Do you really have to slash and burn to upgrade your storage?

Software defining the future

TweetDeck XSS flap: Miscreants flash their naughty bits at users

UpdatedPlus BBC Breaking lives up to its name

Speaking in Tech: LIVE from San Francisco's Cloud Foundry Summit

Podcast'Douche canoes', 'bro culture' and - of course - cloud

Huawei Ascend P7: We review the PANORAMIC SELFIE smartphone

ReviewChina's slimmest, smartest mobe yet

US telco titan Verizon floats storage clouds over Himalaya

Amplidata sets off on data mountain expedition

IBM slashes SoftLayer prices and plugs it into more data centers

IBM follows Amazon, Microsoft, in lashing SoftLayer cloud gear to fibre in colocation bit barns

Microsoft challenges US gov over attempts to search overseas data

Claims Irish facility should not be subject to US warrants

Windows 8 leaker gets three months, booted back to Russia

Bulk of jail time already served

HP cloudy bigwig: the Helion train is steaming ahead

Jumping on the enterprise version will cost $1,400 a server per year

Dream job ad appears: Data wrangler for Square Kilometre Array

Curtin University seeks extreme sysadmin for Murchison 'scope

HP starts a memristor-based space program to launch ... THE MACHINE

Plans new OS on custom CPUs and memristor-memory joined by photonics by 2020

FCC boss threatens to BRING WRATH DOWN on states that limit broadband competition

Commission may overrule laws that restrict public networks

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