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6th > June > 2014 Archive

Office, IE and Windows in line for critical fixes from Redmond

Seven bulletins planned in June edition of Patch Tuesday

Thanks for nothing, OpenSSL, grumbles stonewalled De Raadt

OpenBSD grump it isn't in the cool kids infosec club

Plastic is the new rock, say Geologists

'Plastiglomerate' layer entering the geological record

Oracle sees more SDN light, joins OpenDaylight

Software-defined networking to shine forth from Solaris 11.2

TANGO DOWN! Google presents its 3D non-fondle slab to the world

Tablet with a rose in its mouth bursts in with $210 price-tag

US Army loses 16,000 personnel records in South Korea

Not a M*A*S*H* rerun - ARMY 'fessed up to haXXor attack yesterday

Tech talk bloke compares girlfriend to irritating Java tool – did he deserve flames?

PollJoke or brogrammer idiocy – you decide

Game of Thrones scribe George R R Martin will KILL YOU for US$20K

Game of Crowds: You win AND you die

The Strippers, Unicorn Computers and Martian Watches of Computex

ComputexTaiwan's tech tat bazaar viewed through the lens of ten prominent products

Young cluster wrestlers find 'hidden' sweet spot

HPC BlogSingapore, Shanghai and a side of Hungarian goulash

Server-storage halfblood newbie Nutanix: We're taking on big dog VCE

Begs customers to make a move

Happy Birthday Tetris: It's flipping 30

Antique Code ShowSoviet bloc blockbuster

Plucky Playmonaut bails out of smoking Vulture 2

Servo meltdown drama during ground avionics test

Where do you stand on multi-function network appliances?

ADCs – Love them or hate them

The Death of the Corporate Network Perimeter

Changing threats need a new approach to network security

The State of Network Infrastructure

Does Senior Management care?

Controlling Application Access

ReportA network security and QoS checkpoint

Application infrastructure under stress? Have you considered a philosophy transplant?

ResearchHundreds of Reg readers get it off their chest

Brit lands on Rockall with survival podule, starts record attempt

Brave Nick plans 60-day stay on remote sea-girt boulder

Evidence of ancient WORLD SMASHER planet Theia - FOUND ON MOON

Apollo rock samples confirm even the name, claim boffins

Vodafone: SPOOKS are plugged DIRECTLY into our network

Mobile giant's new legal trivia guide is this summer's beach read

Jellybean dominates Play, still seated atop rising KitKat

Sweet life threatened by Sammy?

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working

Something for the Weekend, Sir?El Reg reruns one of Dabbsy's greatest hits

HP: Customers, partners are fleeing IBM x86 since Lenovo System x bid

Enterprise Group veep says it won 600 Big Blue spenders in 4 months

Kcom: Whoops – our traditional carrier biz is going nowhere

BA and Phones4U supplier bigs up perky cloudy biz amid falling connectivity

Snooping on a NetApp event: New cloudy OS on its way

We do the digging so you don't have to

Fantastic fantasy four-way fling – and family-friendly fun

Game TheoryJust escaped a cave of dragons? This is what you've been missing

Canon offers a cloud just for still photos, not anything else. Weird

If you have only a camera and a desktop computer, this is for you

Redmond is patching Windows 8 but NOT Windows 7, say security bods

New tool checks differences, could lead to 0-day bonanza

EMC partners fear rebate dive in new channel programme

'We'll be significantly worse off in terms of rebate and co-op marketing'

Ofcom's campaign against termination rates continues

We're going to get this down to halfpence if it kills, well, someone

Is it the end of Big Data? Quarta Horribilis for high-end storage

People will be talking about the terrible 2014 Q1 for years

UBER UBER ALLES: Investors value ride app at $17 BEEELLION

Taxi-killing ride app surfs frothy dollar wave from Fidelity Investments

Bechtolsheim's baby Arista Networks soars in stock market debut

Networking firm mints big bucks as Cisco execs stare in blank terror at stock screens

Report pegs Apple for October smartwatch release

Sorry folks: at least another four months of iWatch stories

Whoops! Google's D-Day Doodle honors ... Japan

Blames technical mixup for Go-themed art on 70th WWII anniversary

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