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5th > June > 2014 Archive

VMware kills control freak protector, says 'big plans' for HA afoot

vCenter Heartbeat is no more, let the VMworld speculation begin!

Australia's first public swatting victim a nice bloke

Cops squash claims of FBI involvement

NBN Co pulls in new CTO, CFO

Roundup: C-suite complete, speeds slapped, timing slips

IT gets $AU200 million new spend in Qld budget

Health the big beneficiary

Devs get first look at next Visual Studio

Take a taste of what's coming in 2015

Deploy a fake Bitcoin wallet to save your own

Devs claim VXer greed means trickery will succeed

Protecting code's secrets wins ACM prize

Code obfuscation: a difficult problem apparently cracked

German server lockbox scores MEELLION dollar seed-smashing record

Thwarting the NSA as a startup business model

Boffins publish SciFi story to announce exoplanet find

Brit author Alastair Reynolds explains habitable zone planets around Kapteyn's star

US escalates Stingray mobe-snooping secrecy battle as judge unseals evidence

Bogus base station an ill-kept secret

Samsung's 'OS of Everything' Tizen still has little to offer

AnalysisMuch talk yet few devices at this year's Tizen dev conference

A night with Tegile’s flashy twins will set you back $1.6 MILLION

High-end hybrids have a new heart - four of them, in fact

Video: Whatever you do, DON'T BREAK Tianhe-2

HPC BlogChinese and Russian cluster kids at Student Supercomputer Challenge

Doubletalk: Geeksphone Revolution dual-OS smartphone

ReviewAndroid or Firefox OS? The choice is yours

Pricey buys bring home bacon for Alternative Networks...sort of

Sales went through roof but rising costs suffocated profit growth

Facebook, are you listening? Fusion-io chucks 6.4TB 'Atomic' flash kit at world

Flash goes nuclear, sort of

Londoners urged to cut landlines and take up wireless broadband

Pfft! Copper is SO last century, says Honkers-backed Relish

We present to you: 840 fine, upstanding young disks stuffed into a rack cabinet – DDN

4.95 PB in a standard data centre rack


Snowden AnniversaryYou may want to move to Iceland at this point

YOU - NASA. Enough with the ROBOTS, get some PEOPLE to MARS

VidTop US boffins issue stinging report

Has Google gone too far? Indie labels say it's crunch time for The New Economy

The Man 2.0 is far worse than The Man 1.0

Fed-up bloke takes email spammers to court – and wins piles of cash

He did it without hiring a lawyer - and so can you

Sprint eyes T-Mobile, grabs $32 BEELLION from wallet, prepares to SLURP

Values wireless carrier at around $40 a share

Japanese finally produce a ROBOT which isn't DEAD INSIDE

PicPepper costs $2k... too bad it looks like a mock cock

Brit PC market out of intensive care thanks to XP, falling prices

...But sales still down by 600,000 boxes on Q1 2010

Euro judges: Copyright has NOT changed, you WON'T get sued for browsing the web

Was that really so hard, Lord Sumption?

Cisco COO: 'I actually thank God that we had a crisis'...

14k bods lost their Cisco jobs, but if hadn't happened 'we'd be screwed'

Freeview's rumoured '£100m YouView killer' is real – and it's yet another digital TV thing

+CommentStreaming vids ... what will they think of next?

Patch NOW: Six new bugs found in OpenSSL – including spying hole

On a scale of 1 to Heartbleed, this is a 7

Security bods mop blood, sigh: NEW CryptoLocker zombies? We don't see their kind

Not much, at least, since Feds chopped master's head off

Google reaches into own silicon brain to slash electricity bill

Skunkworks PEGASUS system tramples cloud's ugly power-sucking secret

Verizon threatens Netflix in video lag blame game

Carrier threatens to release its (legal) hounds over flick-flinger's error messages

Marc Andreessen: Edward Snowden is a 'textbook traitor'

Netscape co-founder says NSA is being 'hung out to dry'

FIGHT! Intel disputes ARM's claims of Android superiority

Chipzilla rep: 'Someone's gotta be the truth squad around here'

Feds: Amazon cloud can be used for healthcare data

Insurers: Why did you make us buy all these on-premises servers, then?

First iOS, now Android to get fondleslab Office ahead of Windows

Move would make Windows DEAD LAST in release cycle

Here come Samsung's, er, Barnes & Noble's new Galaxy Tab, er, Nook fondleslabs

Bookseller, Korean firm strike deal to deliver co-branded kit

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