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PicsMega-planet Kepler-10c not suffering from terrifying gas issues

Supreme Court nixes idea of 'indirect' patent infringement

Akamai v Limelight decision overturns partial liability rule

iOS 8 to PROBE your GUTS and your HOME

WWDCHealthKit and HomeKit APIs – prepping developers in advance of the iWatch?

Google's Nexus devices get stealth Android update

Fourth KitKat revision brings unspecified fixes

CSIRO claims milestone in solar-powered steam turbines

Under pressure

Rejected researcher builds Facebook friends harvester

Fortress Zuckerberg says it's a feature, not a bug

Teeny GPU targets wearables, Things

One-third of a square mm

Telefonica, Netronome jump into the NFV mosh-pit

More reference designs, hooray

Apache issues Tomcat patches

Versions 6, 7 and 8 contain bugs

Glassholes beware: This guy's got your number

Your MAC address, in fact. To block you from his networks

Global mobile roaming network a HOTBED of vulnerabilities

KPN researchers find more than 5k vulnerable hosts

Kickstarter cup-rattling, light-dimming Internet of Stuff upstart takes on Sonos, Bose

+CommentMusic biz may even water your plants

VROOM! Intel revs Devil's Canyon monster 4x4 at 4GHz

ComputexPrepare to feel OLD as 20th birthday Pentium sees the sunlight

Samsung, Chipzilla in 4K monitor price cut pact

ComputexTooling around to drop costs to $US399 so a whole family can fondle one slab

How Bitcoin could become a super-sized Wayback Machine

Why mine maths when you can ARCHIVE STORAGE!

Find a partner? Nah, these students ALL play with same tools in giant CLUSTER-SHUCK

HPC blogAsia Student Supercomputer Challenge configs laid out

DevOps is actually a thing – and people are willing to pay for it

OpinionBut you've got to untangle deployment wizards from the duct-tape cats

Plugging the gaps in today's Macs: Elgato Thunderbolt Dock

ReviewPort authority for the MacBook masses

Former Insight boss Fenton slurps Microsoft ERP channel biz

Tectura UK forms backbone of buy and build strategy for industry vet

New development in 'stadium-sized' FLYING SAUCER orb invasion

PicsNASA sheds fresh light on dimensions of Earth's sky penetrator

Intel gives biz typoslabs their very own 14nm Core-M silicon

ComputexWill PCs blend? Yes, says Intel Presidente Renée James

Revealed: GCHQ's beyond top secret Middle Eastern internet spy bawe

ExclusiveSnowden leaks that suppressed

PCIe hard drives? You read that right, says WD

Slow storage device jumps onto the SATA Express bus

SEC: We won't slap IBM over its cloud revenue reporting

Nothing to see here, says Big Blue - and regulator agrees

Lupita Nyong'o, Game of Thrones' Brienne join Star Wars cast

Oscar winner, Tarth warrior sign up for Abu Dhabi shoot

Feds hunt 30-year-old alleged to be lord of Gameover botnet

Arrest warrant out as recommended clean-up site staggers under demand

The enemy of my enemy is my, well, temporary ally: Apple and Microsoft in pact against Google

WWDCBing now rules on Macs, iThings

Remember Anna Kournikova? Come with us on a tour of bug-squishing history

We'll also take a look at the more pernicious malware

'Inaccurate' media misleads public on European Court's Google ruling

Why would the advertising giant say the sky is falling?

US bloke raises $250k to build robo-masturbation device

NSFW'Outpouring of support' for Autoblow 2

DARPA crazytech crew want to create HUMAN-FREE cyber defence systems

No need to call an infosec specialist - the machines will sort it all out

You know what today's movies need? More drones

US aviation authority mulls it over after film crews ask for permits

Broadcom: If no one buys our modem biz, we'll DITCH IT

The real crime? It's unlikely anyone will buy it

Channel's großen Käse roll eyes at vendors' performance under the spread sheets

Stand and wonder at your suppliers' big digits

Snooping, RAT-flinging, hack-happy crew targeting governments worldwide – researchers

Molerats reportedly targeted US, UK... and Macedonia?

My my, Intel, that's one speedy NVMe flash card you have there

Did I say one? I meant three of the critters

'Press Like for 1MB of data': Facebook picks up Pryte in-app data tech

Per-app, metered access tech lets tight-fisted mob users spend their pennies on mobile data

If you squint, Oracle is starting to look like a cloud company

Baby steps at the big red business that's batting at big data

Dell bulks up its low end with tablet and convertible updates

Venue and Inspiron lines get boost from processor refresh and Ubuntu offerings

IBM, HP, others admit products laced with NORK GOLD

That high-pitched screaming your fan makes? It's not the fan.

China blocks Google ahead of Tiananmen anniversary pops up AWS mirror

Google: OK world, make our 'End-to-End' crypto tool SPOOK PROOF

Source code released – now you can kick the tyres

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