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2nd > June > 2014 Archive

FORGET OUR PAST, 12,000 Europeans implore Google

Digital Foreign Legion recruiting rapidly

Your devices Heartbleeding - again

Access points, Android devices fall to Cupid's arrow

DIY IoT computer smaller than a square inch

Hits crowdfund target, ready to ship

LIVE BLOG: El Reg at the Computex 2014 opener

Our man on the ground with news of Brit speaker company's design awards win

Spammer pops Kidspot tots 'n' cots chatterhub

Names, addresses and DOBs nabbed in database raid

Quantum teleportation gets reliable at Delft

'Einstein wrong!' is always so popular

Seedy hacker steals 1300 Monsanto client and staff records

Ag giant says crims weren't after personal information

Sluggish Cisco damping Ethernet market, say kit-counters

IDC, Dell'Oro downbeat about Q1

Scammers plead guilty to $AU500k Telstra scam

Used fake names to buy phones

ARM to open CPU design centre in Taiwan

ComputexGreater China scores lab for next-generation M-series kit for wearables and IoT

Kardashian's bottom plumps down on Instagram throne

Pint-size popsteur Bieber unseated by authoritatively-derrière'd celebutard

Flaws open gates to WordPress en-masse SEO beat-down

Call for patching bound to fall on deaf ears.

ASUS launches 5-in-1 Android Windows Phone laptop tablet (breathe)

ComputexKung Fu master and ASUS Daddy Jonney Shih exercises his Chi

Reg reader champions robotic reuse

Telemba team looks to give Roombas new life

Crikey! Three can buy O2, EU regulator says

Oh wait, only O2 Ireland. As you were

You've made the product, now get it to the customers

Smart shipping for small businesses

How to grill an EMC division chief

We chat to data protection guy Guy about backup as a ViPR service and more

Watch: Sun BELCHES PLASMA large enough to ENGULF 35 EARTHS

VidFiery footage from NASA's IRIS imager

Toshiba's CB30-102 13.3in Chromebook – imagine a tablet with a keyboard

ReviewAdjusting to life with Chrome's disease

Flying saucer with 'stadium-sized' orb to INVADE Earth's skies

PicAwaiting live NASA video of massive Bulgarian airbag

The fresh Mint of dwell there: This is a story all about how 17 is here for a while

Clinging to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS... Cinnamon and her MATE

Dell planning to blend Compellent and EqualLogic arrays

Compellingly logical or equally compelling?

Samsung in a TIZZY: OH PLEASE make apps for our Tizen Z mobe

2.3GHz quad-core mobe to tempt coders away from iOS, Android

Google Glass? Feh. Behold Dyson's 2001 pocket 'puter techno specs with own 'Siri'

PicsShaggy was topping the charts at the time

Failover in FOUR SECONDS? HP's SAP-specific iron hits the streets

Don't look now - it's yet another 'as-a-service' offering

Microsoft's NEW OS now runs on HALF of ALL desktop PCs

Gotcha! It's the five-year-old Windows 7, not touchy 8.1

Concurrent crams venture capitalist cash into its big Hadoop port

Filthy valley lucre streams into the applicaiton development startup

Apple's steamy OS XXX picture leak riddle: Blurry snaps deleted

WWDCWhat happens in San Francisco definitely does not stay in San Francisco

Samsung, with this new 3D NAND SSD, you're really spoiling us ... or perhaps a rival?

Did Sammy just poop a party before it even began?

No spinning rust here: Supermicro's cold data fridge is FROZEN

We do mean 'no spinning' literally with this one

Amazon workers in Germany celebrate strike anniversary with ... ANOTHER STRIKE

Ve haf ways of making you pay more, Herr Bezos

Do NOT adjust your set, viewers: UK server sales are GROWING

Big iron drags sector into the black, x86 helps out too

Google to plonk tentacles on 'unwired' world with $1bn launch of 180-satellite fleet

Rushes past Facebook to get at juicy emerging markets

Security stock slinger Symantec speeds up with latest Backup Exec

2014 software 'up to 100% faster'....

You've got two weeks to beat off Cryptolocker, GameoverZeus nasties

So say UK cops after control servers for malware battered

OK, execs. You want Apple kit. And Windows Phone, too? Really?

BES 10 server greasing the wheels of migration, we're told

YOSEMITE GLAM: Apple unveils gussied up OS X

WWDCUpdate includes deeper integration with iOS

Intel CIO jumps onto Cloudera's board, scattering cash

Chip giant's info chief arrives clutching hundreds of millions of dollars for Hadoop firm

Android is a BURNING 'hellstew' of malware, cackles Apple's Cook

WWDCiOS rival 'dominates the mobile malware market,' says totally unbiased observer

Google uses disruptive 'poem' tech to announce new Chromebook availability

New technique from ad-slinger inspires El Reg poem-post

Apple: We'll tailor Swift to be a fast new programming language

WWDCKiss goodbye to five years of Objective-C

Myspace: Where are you going? We still have all your HUMILIATING PICS

Get your Tumblr-addicted ass back here

VMware hits back at Amazon cloud Trojan Horse with ... a blog post

'Please let the pen be mightier than the code,' mutter execs at virtualization firm

New iOS 8 SDK: Come in, apps. Get cozy, sip wine, swap numbers

WWDC'I say, old chum, would you like to use my translation feature?'

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