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28th > May > 2014 Archive

Fat-fingered admin downs entire Joyent data center

UpdatedCloud operator now home to most mortified sysadmin in the USA

'I was trained as a spy' says Snowden

Whistleblower reveals he was much more than just a contractor for US government

Still using e-mail? Marketers say you're part of DARK SOCIAL

You can't make this stuff up

That Snowden chap was SPOT ON says China

Middle Kingdom concludes big meanie USA spies online, a lot

Skype to become 'Star Trek' style real-time translator, says Redmond

Allô? Cette vidéo est une boîte de puanteurs

Australia iOS ransom gizmo-snatch OUTRAGE not our FAULT: Apple

User names and passwords slurped elsewhere? Maybe

Smut-spreading copyright trolls lose John Doe case

US Appeals Court smacks down AF Holdings

Tens of thousands of 'Watch Dogs' pirates ENSLAVED by Bitcoin botmaster

Watch Dogs fans targeted for access to their juicy GPUs

EMC twisting 'young minds' to appreciate clouds

Cloudy-kool-aid dispensed to troops to encourage new sales style

Come with me if you want a lid: Apple bags Terminator-esque LiquidMetal mobe patent

I swear I will not kill anyone

I saved Pinterest's business and all I have to show for it is a t-shirt

Kittens'n'cupcakes social network worth $5 BEELION starts bug bounty programme

Did NASA probe detect a KILLER GAMMA-RAY burst in Andromeda?

Updated'40 solar masses of antimatter went FOOM' we're told

Police at the door? Hit the PANIC button to erase your RAM

App wipes memory, encrypts hysterical hacker boxes

Tesla's top secret gigafactories: Lithium to power world's vehicles? Let's do the sums

Worstall on WednesdayIt's limited good news for Elon

What can The Simpsons teach us about stats algorithms? Glad you asked...

Big Data's Big 5No, not the Simpsons – Simpson's Paradox

Sony Xperia Z2: What we REALLY thought of this Android fondleslab

ReviewFaster, thinner, lighter – yet how much has the price changed?

US sheddies knock up flying plastic toolbox

VidFour props, autopilot, useful carrying handle

It's Google's no-wheel car. OMG... there aren't any BRAKES

VidDriverless prototype doesn't need all that guff, apparently

From production to development databases (and back again)

WorkshopChecklist for Oracle DBAs

Hey, we'll do 4G for £15, says O2 (just mind how you go on the 1GB limit)

And please don't look at the Three UK website

Amazon turns screws on French publisher: Don't feel sorry for Hachette, it's just 'negotiation'

Firm stops pre-orders on book firm's titles

Readers' choice: What every small-business sysadmin needs

Sysadmin blogThe essential toolkit

Microsoft's 'CEO of no' on Xbox: NO SALE

Nadella: Steve Ballmer without the Steve Ballmer

LG G3 fights off screen-res war rival Samsung with quad-HD cutie: In pictures

Hands onDumb is the new clever ... or something like that

ICO raps UK Student Loans Co for leaking MEDICAL files and more

Computer says d'oh

What's up, Zuck? Facebook asks Brussels to probe its GIGANTIC WhatsApp deal

Free content ad network hopes to swerve national watchdogs

US DoJ to appeals court: Haha, no, seriously – Apple totally inflated ebook prices

This has been real fun an' all, but it's time to end this

IBM shows off phase-shift LIQUID METAL storage tech

IBM Edge 2014So this other guy – he's a Terminator like you, right?

Speaking in Tech: Did our podcast lift Red Hat shares? Stranger things have happened

PodcastPlus: Is that a parole tag or a smartwatch?

A budget phablet, what a curious thing: Reg puts claws to the Lumia 1320

ReviewA thick but sensible phondleslab ... where should I stick it?

High court finds Newzbin's 'ops' man liable for copyright infringement

Judge: Evidence he operated Usenet indexer 'overwhelming'

Google crafts neural network to watch over its data centers

Unwittingly creates most irritating and humorless backseat sysadmin ever

Rap chap tapped for $3 BEELLION: Apple buys Dr Dre's Beats

Add 'billionaire' to list of things you may have forgotten about Dre

TrueCrypt considered HARMFUL – downloads, website meddled to warn: 'It's not secure'

Disk encryption wunderkind in SourceForge switcheroo riddle

iiNet trial killed ISP-content talks, says Brandis

A-G wants to talk to ISPs not consumer groups

Amazon's cloud reign may soon come to an end, says Gartner

Microsoft and Google stride up and to the right on Gartner's pricey gameboard

Germany says 'nein' to NSA hacking prosecution

Says it lacks evidence to pursue case against Merkel hackers

Telstra backs a couple of percent of NICTA's budget

Cloud, security, media delivery research

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