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27th > May > 2014 Archive

Google makes malware microscope Mac mod

Cupertino wants intel on Apple VXer plays

Telecomms regulation neglected in anti-NBN crusade

While carriers argue over 'rack impact', innovation goes where, exactly?

Linux app lets you control fruit fly brains - with frikkin' LASERS

VideoSinging, dancing Drosophilia moonwalk on command

Google's SPDY blamed for slowing HTTP 2.0 development

Working group contemplates packing it in and moving to HTTP 3.0

SubPartners confirms plan for Perth-Sydney sub cable

Getting around Telstra, literally

Oz company builds VSANs on Open Compute kit

Hyperscale kit coming to your data centre

You've got Mail! But someone else is reading it in Outlook for Android

Researchers say Redmond forgot to encrypt messages stored on Android SD cards

Microsoft Cortana EULA contains the Greatest Disclaimer of ALL TIME

Gobby assistant to tell world 'accurate' things you're 'uncomfortable sharing'

Antivirus firm Avast! takes down forums after breach

You know the drill: change your passwords and prepare for the worst


Siri, open the pod bay door!

China ponders ban on IBM servers

Report says Middle Kingdom worried Big Blue boxen bring big backdoors

DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR? New leccy BMWs have flimsy password security – researcher

ExclusiveMotor giant told to try harder with mobe app

Sphere 3D's mini microvisor: Drilling into touchy biz tech

AnalysisApps without mobility... made mobile

Asus Z97-A puts Intel's 9 Series chipset through its paces

ReviewRevamped mobo finds its inner mojo

Authorities swoop on illicit Wolverhampton SPAM FARM

Hundreds of SIM cards being brutally battery-farmed to pump out pink meat

Spanish village of 'Kill the Jews' votes for rebrand

Locals endorse new 'Hill of the Jews' municipal moniker

Vodafone turns to EU, asks it to FORCE 'fair' fibre pricing

What's that BT? You call it 'pricing freedom'?

After the cyberpunks, prepare to fight a new wave of nasties

Sometimes the FUD is real

Foxconn devours $390m stake in Taiwanese 4G mobe network

Tasty slice of mobile broadband market ahead of planned slurp

French IT giant Atos is officially full of Bull.... and €620m lighter

Embiggened firm expects to hit no 2 spot in EU cloud

Swiping your card at local greengrocers? Miscreants will swipe YOU in a minute

Keylogging botnet Nemanja is coming to a small biz near you

PEAK NAS? Peak NAS. I reckon we've reached it

StoragebodOur man on the data centre floor thinks the filer arena will plateau

Ditching renewables will punch Aussies in the wallet – Bloomberg

Spiking billions of future investment not a great idea, we're told

GSMA: There are more mobile connections than people... but who's hogging them all?

We need to track the users

Carry On YouView Regardless, BBC Trust tells the BBC

I'm flabbergasted. My flabber has never been so gasted

ARG! A GHOST SHIP! Pirates sunk by UK cops return from watery grave

Plunderers on jolly boat be laughin' at Queen's finest

Watch: Kids slam Apple as 'BORING, the whole thing is BORING'

VidAre you listening, Tim? Millions have seen this

X-IO shuffles senior staffers – but this isn't an IPO prelude

AnalysisInternal promotions only? Sounds like a worried investor in the wings

Ask yourself, AT&T: Do you really want a Latin American adventure?

OpinionIf this was a defensive move, why didn't you speak to Dish instead?

Oracle shoves aside NoSQL upstarts with smart 'Fabric' tech

Open source "MySQL Fabric" brings FREE high availability and auto-sharding to massive DB farms

PC-infecting chat demon quotes THE BIBLE to summon malware plague

'He who is spiritual discerns all things' – including Trojan-toting miscreants

iDevice ransomware stalks OZ, demands payoff

Fanbois phones, fondleslabs locked, messaged that they've be 'hacked by Oleg Pliss'

LulzSec turncoat Sabu avoids jail time thanks to co-operating with Feds

Leader of hacking group off the hook after spending years as informant

BREACH! Spotify flings new app at all Android users

After one user account compromised, music company pours bleach everywhere

Intel marries Chinese chippery firm to SoC it to low-end tablet market

SoFIA mobile platform family to get new quad-core sibling for 'entry and value' fondleslabs

Poll: Climate change now more divisive than abortion, gun control

Dog bites man: The more right-wing you are, the less you think humans are toasting the planet

Google clamps down on rogue Chrome plugins and extensions

UpdatedThere's now just one store and Netscape plugins aren't invited

FTC calls for Congress to crack down on consumer data harvesting

Commission says measures needed to rein in brokers

Mozilla launches Flame reference handset for Firefox OS

It's big, it's beefy, it's not cheap, and it runs Firefox OS

Four-pronged ARM-based Mac rumor channels Rasputin

Guess what company would benefit if true? Hint: It's a Korean bête noire of Apple

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