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26th > May > 2014 Archive

Kiwis unplug supercomputer after intrusion

34 Tflops in hackers' hands

SKA under budget cloud in the Great Oz Science Brain Drain

Commitments? We've heard of them

Congress divorces NIST and NSA

Spooks lose their role in developing encryption standards

Samsung WRISTPHONE – for those who wanna whisper to strap-ons

'Tizen-powered mobe coming in June or July'

IBM to end NetApp OEM sales pact: report

Big Blue wants to shift its own boxen and take all the profit

New XSS vuln hits eBay as rubbish passw0rds persist

Tat bazaars own password rules don't apply when users pick new sekrit w0rdz

Samsung chair regains consciousness

Wakes for the baseball

128-bit crypto scheme allegedly cracked in two hours

Boffins splat 'supersingular curve' crypto

NASA spots new Mars meteorite crater

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter beams back best-ever space rock before and after shots

Pirate Party runs aground in European Parliamentary elections

UpdateDown from two MEPs to one but founder claims 'strong improvement'

Telstra 'issue' hid ADSL availability from rival carriers

Competitive Carriers' Coalition reveals letter from Telstra Wholesale

IT industry to benefit from India's new government

Vendor land can cash in on pro-technology government's e-services projects

Chuh. Heavy, dude: HP ZBook 17 mobile workstation

ReviewWelcome to your portable paving slab

Capacity planning: How to plan ahead and keep your Oracle database healthy

WorkshopCapacity planning: A DBA primer

Tech that WE want but THEY never seem to give us

Reader's cornerLet's get it off our chests

Apple goes after BlackBerry's last stronghold

Cupertinian outpost established in Indonesia

Windows XP fixes flaws for free if you turn PCs into CASH REGISTERS

German tinkerer finds a workaround for the XPocalypse

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