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23rd > May > 2014 Archive

Microsoft swats away FBI request for Office 365 subscriber data

Says it has its customers' backs in the courts – if the customers are important enough

ET hunter: We will find SPACE ALIENS in 20 years

Spacewatcher predicts major discoveries on the horizon ... should the funding be there

Open wide, 'Friends': Facebook wants to give you a 'Privacy checkup'

Shock tactic for current users and kinder settings for n00bs on the way

US skywatchers get Earth's first peek at new meteor shower

NASA promises natural fireworks display

Shockwave shocker: Plugin includes un-patched version of Flash

Year-old bugs patched in Flash remain present in Shockwave

You can take VMware off the desktop but you can't take the desktop ...

Virtzilla releases tech previews for 16-vCPU Workstation and Fusion desktop tools

Beijing to Washington: Ratted-out routers not welcome here

China announces vendor 'vetting' plan to keep out snoopware-infested kit

Privacy International probes GCHQ's mouse fetish

Asks Dell, Apple et al why Grauniad's Snowden-sodden peripherals deserved drilling

I'LL BE APP! Apple renews LiquidMetal contract, Terminator rumours flood interwebs

Handy alloy only used in SIM ejector tools... so far

CERN: Build terabit networks or the Higgs gets it!

Particle boffins describe the future they need invented to keep discovering the universe

Microsoft to release epic Xbox One update in June

TV and OneGuide coming to UK in June with speech recognition remotes

Redmond promises IE8 patch is in the pipeline

Bug not so bad, Microsoft says, but if you won't upgrade we'll get around to it eventually

Klingon and Maori roar into 'mutt's nuts' dictionary

Ha'DIbaH QujmeH moQ!

HP's $1bn 'Linux for the cloud' dream: Will Helion float?

AnalysisPlus: Why it wants to be like IBM, not Sun

Big data hitting the fan? Nyquist-Shannon TOOL SAMPLE can save you

Big Data's Big 5Lessons from information theorists brainboxes - in pictures

Former Azzurri project manager who stole £1.3m ordered to pay back £146k

Confiscation order: Hand over entire value of assets... or face 6 years' porridge

'I found the whole idea of an alien very exciting until it demanded all of my weed'

QuotwPlus: 'eBay has some work to do...'

eBay faces multiple probes into mega-breach

US attorneys-general and UK ICO probing circumstances around massive security breach

Microsoft boffins: Now even LAWYERS can grok Bing code's privacy compliance

Non-techies can get code fixed for privacy laws in real time. So sez Redmond

Hello Moto... It's the Nokia Lumia 630

ReviewEl Reg cops a feel of boxy 520 follow-up. But like the Moto E, it also has a flaw

Unions mull appetite for HP strike action over 16k job cull

Whitman tells staff: 'If we want to be here in 75 years' we must lower costs

Need reminding how troubled Universal Credit is? MPA puts it in special 'reset' category

Mega IT benefits reform system not even worthy of red alert status

Look, pal, it’s YOUR password so it’s YOUR fault that it's gone AWOL

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Security begins at home... and ends up in someone else’s

French teen fined for illegal drone flight

Video'Nancy from the air' videographer's wallet €400 lighter

NASA stitches 3.2 gigapixel 'Global Selfie' mosaic

Video + picsEarth image created from 36,422 self portraits

Toshiba pushes out 5TB spinner for cloudy types

Are 6TB drives on the way?

Facebook exec: I HATE the INTERNET and I REALLY hate journalism

CommentThis thing that I use to earn a living every day is full of sh*t! <SHARE> <LIKE>

Veteran vendors are shaping up for a bitter fight to the DEATH

CommentWhere will partners place their bets? HP, Dell, Cisco or Lenovo?

Truphone debuts 66-country flat rate roaming deal

Still worth paying outrageous hotel rate for wireless if you're a data-gobbler

Beautiful balloon burst caught on camera

Vid + PicsReplay XD vid shows spectacular LOHAN orb pop

NOT APPY: Black cab drivers enraged by Hailo as taxi tech wars rage on

Stick yer dog up yer Aristotle, chum. We only talk to the hand

Oof! Brocade posts a loss after taking $81m kick in the profits

Exiting a hardware biz costs goodwill. And goodwill costs greenbacks

Has a strange flash-array beastie emerged in Gartner's Magic Quadrant?

CommentThar be magic quadragons... and lo, a new vendor

Google tells indie labels to take its YouTube deal or face OBLIVION

Hey little guy, there's just you and me here. And your balls, and this drawer

World's first ever Nobel Prize winning integrated circuit to be auctioned

Pah, what's the point, it would be rubbish for playing Crysis, etc

SpaceX billionaire claims Air Force official 'likely' made job-for-spy-sat-contract deal

Elon Musk tweets about AF procurement official's lucrative VP position

Disney plans standalone Star Wars movies to go with the main trilogy

Godzilla director gets a crack at the first one, which may or may not be about Boba Fett...

The Internet of Things helps insurance firms reward, punish

SolidThe more 'quantifiable' you are, the more subject you are to behavior-modification schemes

Employees grab Apple and Google's $325 MEEELLION olive branch in hiring suit

Companies look to settle complaint over wage-fixing

Google could make two for Tango with 3D tablet plans

The fondleslab that sees in 3D

Bing's the thing in Microsoft's push for cheap Windows devices

Big OS discounts for OEMs if they stick to Redmond's search engine

Google: 'EVERYTHING at Google runs in a container'

Ad giant lifts curtain on how it uses virtualization's successor TWO BILLION TIMES A WEEK

Google brings futuristic Linux software CoreOS onto its cloud

A container-based operating system on a virtualized cloud on a container-based distributed system = M.C. Escher's cloud

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