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22nd > May > 2014 Archive

Microsoft: Pssst, small resellers, want to sling our cloud?

Redmond opens up Azure with Open Licensing

Hackers lay claim to exploit that defeats iPhone anti-theft tools

Dutch duo say they have thwarted remote locking mechanisms

IANA starts handing out recovered IPv4 addresses

NICs take begging bowls to beadle

Valve's Steam streaming service lets you play games on the toilet

Game remotely with new Steam screen-sharing tech

Robotics evangelist: 'Personal robots' should be invisible beings

SolidForget that humanoid robot paradigm – it's all about services, not servants

NBN Co is a big turn-off … for copper

Early fibre rollout spots get ready to cut the cord

Malware-as-a-service picks Android apart

Dev offers crimeware roadmap to subscription customers

Google's NEST can't stand the heat, needs patch for use in kitchen

Software update and recall notice issued for faulty IoT smoke detectors

Redmond slow to fix IE 8 zero day, says 'harden up' while U wait

Phishers get fresh code execution bait

Cisco slurps security scanner

ThreatGRID to be assimilated into The Borg

Microsoft started herding IT pros to Azure at TechEd 2014

The Reg's man on the spot wraps Redmond's tech talkfest

Cloudy plague will KILL storage vendors, say Gartner mages

The dinosaurs, the weak and the young are all at risk

'Anons' cuffed by Australian Federal Police

Two arrested for attacks on Indonesian and Australian websites

Boffin fights fire with EXPLOSIVES instead of water

They'll huff and they'll puff and they'll blow your blaze out

European Grid Infrastructure project condenses shared cloud

Academic iron across 19 nations now more accessible

CERN and MIT chaps' secure webmail stalled by stampede of users

Proton Mail encrypts text in the browser and doesn't collect metadata

Fuel for jets DOES grow on trees

Airbus-and-Virgin-funded study finds oil-rich Australian shrubbery can take to the skies

China to become world's No 1 economy. And we still can't see why

Special ReportUS frets about 'Yellow Peril', copycats. Doh

Permabit: Our flashy dedupe is everywhere, heh heh. Thanks Pure!

Nobody says 'Albireo Inside'. But it's there, claims maker

You know all those resources we're about to run out of? No, we aren't

CommentWe seem to have an infinite supply of bullshit, too

EMC's Project Nile: Elastic Cloud Storage isn't stretchy enough to fit me

StoragebodSomething's going to happen here - but WHAT!?

How not to let your Oracle database spin out of control

WorkshopGrowing pains? Who needs 'em!

Why are Fujitsu and Toshiba growing lettuce in semiconductor plants?

Salad days before us, say ageing chip vendors

Silent Circle raises $30m to make more anti-snoop smartphones

Privacy comms firm says money will meet Blackphone demand and fund growth

Concerning Windows Phone and its relevance to the larger business

A key to broader workforce mobility?

Facebook wants to LISTEN IN on the songs and vids playing in YOUR living room

Pass the mic to Zuck... tap, tap... *cough*

El Reg chats with stormchasing Edge Research Lab

Pics + VidsKindred spirits in stratospheric endeavour

Scientists capture death star in violent explosion

Supermassive Wolf-Rayets go up in blaze of supernova glory

Wolfenstein: The New Order ... BLAM-BLAM! That guard did Nazi that coming

Game TheoryEs wird Blut geben, viel Blut

Hang on, lads. I've got a great idea, says NetApp as it teeters on the edge

Don't worry about the falling sales, maybe Amazon will pour ONTAP into its mega-cloud

eBay slammed for daft post-hack password swap advice

'bestjetpilot' NOT good option, no matter what it tells you

Spotify boasts 10 million paying subscribers ... Um, is that all?

And yes, that's worldwide *gun-in-mouth finger gesture*

Brit named HP chief of staff to CEO Whitman

PC boss Paul Hunter leaving Las Bracknell, heading to Palo Alto exec suite

How technology tracks parcels every step of the way

Follow that truck

Expulsion from Garden of Steven: Apple staffers tossed out of Fruit Loop

Slough-looking gaff good enough for the likes of 1,500 employees...

BT and Neul ink gov-funded deal: Milton Keynes to be test bed for Internet of Stuff

At last! The Rise of the Dustbins is upon us

EE unleashes birds of prey onto unsuspecting customers

But no vulture accompanies network’s Android slab

EBAY... You keep using that word 'ENCRYPTION' – it does not mean what you think it means

Hash tag FAIL: Online tat biz makes a hash of hashing

Apple vows to squash iMessage SMS-KILLER

Cupertino: We will no longer punish mobile turncoats

Oracle emerges from bureaucratic sludge clutching crucial cloud certificate

Ellison & co wheel onto US FedRAMP toward public sector

eBay says database leak dump offers are fake

Crooks being unscrupulous - who'd have thought it?

Google Fiber says it's happy to let Netflix onto its 'fast lane' for free

Take that, AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon

Report: Samsung joining virtual reality race with Galaxy headset

Korean giant adds yet another name to growing field

HP says 'turnaround remains on track', cuts thousands of workers

11,000 to 16,000 more jobs to go at Whitman's IT dream factory

MIPS maneuvers for world+dog adoption with open source foundation

Firms form prpl posse for promotion

Boeing CEO says no more 'moonshots' after 787 Dreamliner ordeal

Next decade to be about fewer risks, lower costs

Oculus boss: True virtual reality is 'a decade or two' away

Good thing he didn't mention that in his Kickstarter pitch

Better safe than sorry: SourceForge pushes password reset

Site asks users to change up logins in security shakeup

Autodesk CEO: '3D printing has been way overhyped'

SolidIt has its place – but it's not for the average Joe or Jane

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