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19th > May > 2014 Archive

Cisco's Chambers to Obama: Stop fiddling with our routers

It's not like the Borg need another thing to slow sales

Google staggers toward BEEELLION-dollar Twitch gobble - report

Game-player-watchers targeted by YouTube

Fast-fingered Filho flicks aside WinPhone-furtling fumbler after 4 months

Broke world texting record with Fleksy on Samsung Galaxy

Multiplayer Elite to debut on May 30th

While you're waiting, why not read an official Elite novel by X-Men and Dredd scribe?

Cops crimp global perve-cam attacks

BlackShades-wielding script kids cuffed on three continents

Welcome to Heathrow Terminal, er, Samsung Galaxy S5

Just when you thought the London airport couldn't get any more tiresome

Reg man picks out tastiest tidbits from heaping mounds of storage announcements

Curated for your pleasure by Chris Mellor

Toot-toot. Intel pulls up in the connected car of the FU-TURE-TURE

PicsComplete with auto park, food delivery ... and bratty teen

'Executed ex' of Norkers' bonkers Kim Jong-un rises FROM THE GRAVE

Reports of Nork chanteuse's demise greatly exaggerated

Beam me up Scotty: Boffins to turn pure light into matter

New collider could answer questions about gamma-ray bursts, young Universe

PEAK ARRAY: Cold fingers of Death stroke Big Biz disk boxes

CommentCIOs and CTOs mull cloud and hybrid caches as trad gear sales slip

LifeLock snaps shut Wallet mobile app over credit card leak fears

Wipes servers clean of user data after PCI DSS issues

Customer sues Nimbus Data for 'breach of contract' over arrays

UpdatedAlleges kit 'failed to meet conditions of sale'

Kelway plonks self in shop window with double digit rev hike

'We will be a £1bn turnover biz within three years' says reseller boss

Motorola Moto E: Brill budget blower with one bothersome blunder

ReviewCheap'n'cheerful Android phone – but which one thing drove Reg man mad

WHOMP! There it is: IBM demos 154TB tape

FUJIFILM's fancy ferrite particles mean tape could beat disk in storage war

Stock and awe: Top City biz takes £32m hit after software upgrade axed

Surprised slickers' smashing streamlining system smashed

SAVE NET NEUTRALITY, urges Steve Wozniak in open letter to bigwigs

Apple co-founder: It's Gov vs The People if FCC doesn't act

iPhone-stroker-turned-fandroid sues Apple over iMessage text-slurpery

Android convert alleges she can't get texts from Apple mates

Pure Storage sets out stall: We want to rule the storage world

Blocks and FilesHow exactly can one firm count a whole industry as its rivals?

Microsoft: Take a seat over there, SAP, on the AZURE CLOUD

Redmond invites German giant round for tea, cookies and enterprise software rollout

Chip and SKIM: How dodgy crypto can leave shoppers open to fraud

Cambridge uni gurus to present debit, credit PIN card findings today in San Jose

Google snaps up Divide to splice biz and personal phones together

You thought you'd get a new phone with the new job? No. Download this!

US authorities name five Chinese military hackers wanted for espionage

31 charges brought against alleged PLA hacking team

FINGERS CROSSED: Apple and Samsung said to be hammering out settlement

Could Android patent wars be nearing a merciful end?

AT&T to buy DirecTV in $49bn mega-gobble

Deal would pit combined company vs Carlos Slim's América Móvil in Latin America

Samsung mobes to get an eyeful of your EYE in biometric security bid

Iris scanners could come standard on future phones

Latest Snowden leak claims NSA bugged ALL mobile calls in the Bahamas

Not cool, mon, not cool ...

Apple 'rainbow' logos set to fetch $10-15K at auction

Signage sale proves fanbois really will pay for anything Apple

Anti-coal protestors rated top threat to Australian e-voting

AusCERTAl Qaeda ranked below tree-huggers in secret threat report

EU phone home! Cloudy transatlantic cable coughs, gags, chokes

UpdatedCloudflare, DigitalOcean, hit by big problems

Atten-hut! Linux Foundation welcomes three new recruits

Two companies from the future and one from the past join open source advocacy group

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