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16th > May > 2014 Archive

Boffins suggest storage be baked into mobile base stations

If carriers cache everywhere, there's less backhaul to be done

PostgreSQL 9.4's secret weapon? YES, IT'S A NEW FILE FORMAT!

Beta version of the tech not JSONing around with new Binary JSON format.

FSF slams Mozilla for 'shocking' Firefox DRM ankle-grab

Stallman org claims users sold out to 'hostile' media firms

In-app redemption codes spotted in iOS App Store

Reviewers spot offers to get in-game goodies without cash

Dogecoin off the leash after Doge Vault admits server attack

So restored. Much bare metal panic. Very insecurity

Curiosity GOUGES AND SCORCHES Mars with drill and laser

More indelible markers of human presence on red planet

Autodesk to release 'open' 3D printer

'Spark' software and printer aim to accelerate 3D design and print caper

AWS brings Workspaces to Australia at a premium price

Small-scale rig keeps prices high down under

Giant pop can FOUND ON MOON

Houston, we have a soft drink

Boffins run iOS apps on Android hardware

Demo shows 'Cider' enabling apps on a Nexus 7

IBM accidentally invents new class of polymers

Self-healing substances are said to be lighter and stronger than current plastics

Urinating teen polluted 57 Olympic-sized swimming pools - cops

Yes, but how many pisticles-per-million is that?

Smash 'n' grab: Fighting GODZILLA in your lounge? Read this first

Antique Code ShowFat and bloated? How dare you!

Who's going to look after the computers that look after our parents?

Welcome to the internet of old things people....

EMC's DSSD rack flashers snub Fibre Channel for ... PCIe

Blocks and FilesWell, OK. That's one way of hooking up servers to data

Adobe blames 'maintenance failure' for 27-hour outage

Unidentified 'root cause' borks the system during work on database

Cloud computing is FAIL and here’s why

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Stick that online service up your SaaS

Locking it down: Steps to Oracle database security

WorkshopA DBA guide to securing your intellectual assets

BuzzGasm: Cloud Internet Of Stuff As-A-Service!

Infographic!The Interconnected Future Paradigms That Will Blow Your Brains Through Your Ears!

Time-rich Brit boffin demos DIY crazytech wolverine talons

VideoYouTube star pulls out air-powered steel claws, skewers Mystique

US space-station crisis: 'We have enough of our own problems' sighs Russian deputy PM

QuotwPlus: 'That’s not who we are at Mozilla'

Internet rejoices over Star Wars, um, clapboard pic

PicExcitement untempered by fact image gives NOTHING away

Crypto-guru slams 'NSA-proof' tech, says today's crypto is strong enough

AusCERTReminder: The maths is good, it's the implementation that sucks

Fujitsu chief disses Amazon’s ‘threatening’ enterprise attack

Lack of cost control is Amazon’s secret weapon

NASA preps flying saucer ballocket flight

Supersonic vehicle, giant balloon, what could possibly go wrong?

World loses mind: Uber valued at TEN BEEELLION DOLLARS, Pinterest pegged at $5bn

Fundraising pushes valuations through the roof

GCHQ grants security clearance to Samsung's Knox mobe security

Galaxies all round for pen-pushers... 007 will have to stick with Q's kit

Builder could lose golden ticket to Google's King Cross chocolate factory

BAM Construct says HQ faces 'at least' three-year delay

Intel shows off tech bubbles, low-power yacht racing and... a DIRECT solar charger

PicsChipzilla showcase mixes ideas with reality

Overland Storage, 'miracle' flirty virty Sphere 3D jump in bed

Strange couple agree to merge – what does it all mean?

Bolshy investor takes another bite of Apple, ups stake to $4.4 BEEELLLION

Why? Because Icahn

So you reckon you're a leet infosec warrior. Now you can prove it, pal

There's a job in it for you, if you're that good

Users folder vanished after OS X 10.9.3 update? Here's a fix

Updated, Take TwoMerely a bug, or an unwelcome step toward an iOS-like hidden filesystem?

Titsup Russian rocket EXPLODES, destroys $275m telly satellite

VideoElon Musk chuckles softly, strokes cat, makes plans

Oracle buys desktop software virtualiser GreenBytes

Gets better-than ZFS dedupe

Google Glass GOES GLAM, grabs Gap guru

Fashion exec Ivy Ross takes over project lead

Baidu poaches Google Brain inventor for Silicon Valley AI project

Andrew Ng is hot property for Chinese search giant

Net neutrality foes outspent backers by over three to one – and that's just so far

Lobbying efforts quite one-sided, say monitors

Real, hovering SPEEDER BIKE can be YOURS for cheaper than a house

Live your Luke Skywalker fantasies in 2017

Google Maps can now tell cyclists how HIGH they will get

Just online, unfortunately – so stash your laptop in your bag when in unfamiliar territory

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