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15th > May > 2014 Archive

Senate slams ad servers for security failings

Committee plans hearing on malware dangers

ULA says to blame SpaceX for Russian rocket rebuff

Rockets from Russia pulled? Finger pointed at Musk and Co.

Scots team builds SONIC SCREWDRIVER to repair damaged nerves

Audio manipulator creates 'tartan' cell clusters

Battered Cisco weathers another stormy quarter

No turnaround in sight for weak sales in emerging markets

Self-proclaimed LulzSec leader to be tried in July

Trial of alleged 'international mastermind' shrunk to TWO WHOLE DAYS in court

Microsoft bug hunters kicked 0day own goal

AusCERTRedmond no longer tells world about bugs until it checks own exposure

Microsoft diverts research funds to data centre efficiency studies

Bit barn burn rates are on Redmond's mind

Get cracking on STARTTLS says Facebook

E-mail security protocol has 'critical mass'

Livermore lab opens Catalyst super to industry users

7,776 cores available for your number-crunching needs

James Bond producers sign on for Edward Snowden movie

The name's Snowden, Edward Snowden

Flappy Bird's seasonal migration pattern will see it return in August

Creator promises to make game less addictive, add multiplayer mode

Game of Thrones written on brutal medieval word processor and OS

George R R Martin explains his long-standing WordStar fetish

Optus buries nasty for NBN Co in its annual results

Cost-cutting protects profit as management signals no rush to talk HFC handover

Portable toilet mistaken for killer Nork drone

File under 'heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula'

'Play nice and share': OECD to spectrum owners

A shot at solving the capacity crunch

Latest IE flaw being actively exploited

AusCERTCoordinated leet attackers smell like China's infamous APT1

Convergence as a new new thing

FeatureThe only way performance can go is up, says Dave Cartwright

Chap rebuilds BBC Micro in JavaScript

Revisit classic space-trading Elite in vintage form

Japan weather bods rain on using cloud for tsunami warning data-crunching

Don't call us, we'll warn you

WANTED: New head of crashingly expensive, error-prone and frankly cursed one-dole-to-rule-them-all system

UK's DWP needs it next year

Dixons and Carphone Warehouse confirm £3.7bn merger

With their powers combined... they are... Dix-house! No, Car-dix! No, Dixons Carphone

Be the next tech hotshot – by staying the hell away from regulators

ColumnMust-read essay on why we'll be on a private isle well before your cure is on sale

Boffins 3D-print biomimetic shark skin

The energy-saving secrets of Jaws' denticles revealed

TalkTalk broadband growth WANES as it reports surge in pay-TV customers

Sees first annual sales jump since Carphone Warehouse uncoupling

Why faff with a piddly microSD when there's a 2TB vault tempting your selfie-stuffed mobe?

Storage briefsPlus more new gear from storage world

Interstellar Fight Club: Watch neutron star tear Goliath a new hole

VidSuper-heavyweight fighters go head to head, leaving destruction in their wake

Shazam! Record labels shovel $9m into name-that-song app

London-based firm basks in repeated showers of cash

Surprise! Google chairman blasts EU's privacy ruling

Press slavishly reports that take-down requests will engulf ad giant

Fujitsu fills top seat at UK and Ireland biz

Former head of tech products moves up in ongoing management reorg

Honey, the satnav app says you're to leave at 6am... Yup. I'll have that coffee off you

CoPilot's CommuteMe now tells you when as well as where

ARRAY WITH YOU! Storage is growing... but you'll have to make way for new tech

StoragebodYou've released a bigger/faster/cheaper array? Cool story bro

Philips lobs patent sueball at Nintendo in US: Seeks to BAN Wii U

Dutch firm points to patent for remote-sensing pointy wand

Hey, who wants a 40TB all-flash Pure box? I dunno, you got $160k?

Storage upstart emits two new arrays – one going all the way up to 250TB of MLC NAND

Video review: Our sysadmins drink in the latest SIP phones

Trevor Pott and Josh Folland are pleasantly surprised by 3CX softphone

Caringo greases up CAStor-based software, slips out Swarm7

Same code for all nodes

FCC mulls two-speed internet, axing net neutrality ... unless you convince it otherwise

What's wrong with a little paid-for prioritisation of packets?

FCC headman Wheeler calls for an 'open internet' – but what the %$#@! does he mean?

AnalysisOne man's 'open' is another man's goldmine

'My house is on fire m8 lol' ... 911 texting tested in the US

Jumped out of window. Femur shattered. Losing blood. kthxbye!

NASA agonizes over plan for Mars rock sample return mission

Three-part mission could prove expensive

Graphics pros left hanging as Adobe Creative Cloud outage nears 24 hours

UpdatedCloudy services left titsup in login lockout

OpenStack kingpin Rackspace hires bankers to help it mull 'inbound strategic proposals'

UpdatedBrutality of cloud economics means 100,000 servers are no longer enough

Apple updates OS X Mavericks, iTunes, Podcasts for iOS

Not much to get excited about unless you have a 4K display or podcast addiction

EFF blows Snapchat a raspberry in gov't surveillance report

Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, all come out smelling like roses

Xiaomi launches Mi Pad fondleslablette – your (legal) move, Apple

Potentially big win for Nvidia on chip front

You, YES YOU, could be Australia's very own Edward Snowden

ASIO is hiring Sysadmins who understand VMware and Active Directory

FCC eases rules for big telcos ahead of spectrum auction

Commission will loosen 'one-third' restrictions

How exec snatched $6m budget from his infosec team because he couldn't see ROI

AusCERTNot IT Crowd Roy, Return on Investment. True AusCERT story

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