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13th > May > 2014 Archive

WWI historical project will catalog eight million life stories

Museum asks for help in building massive memorial database

NO, Microsoft hasn't given up on .Net, and YES it's all about cloud

TechEd 2014.Net vNext, ASP.Net vNext want to be cloud's 'first framework'

Archos ArcBook: An Android netbook for a measly hundred-and-seventy clams

Productivity software, Wi-Fi, audio and video – what else do you need besides the cloud?

Nvidia upgrades PGI 2014 accelerator compile suite

OpenACC C++ support advances the cause of GPU-based supercomputers

Supposedly secure Dogecoin service Dogevault goes offline

Much worry. So familiar. Such losses

Boffins search for dark matter in abandoned Australian mine

Antipodean observatory would boost our chances of spotting numinous stuff

Canuck cops cuff teen suspect in swatter-for-hire case

No mounties involved

Australia targets software maintenance costs with Drupal plan

What's the bet consultants coin it by customising planned whole-of-government CMS?

Stop bullying SUPER FAT GODZILLA, urge movie stars

'Americanised' monster upsets burger vans applecarts

Greenwald alleges NSA tampers with routers to plant backdoors

Snowden's muse spruiking a book

Finacle manacled as Infosys spins out products and platforms

The marketroids have outdone themselves this time: new outfit is “Edgeverve Systems”

Droid malware cloak outwits Google Bouncer and friends

Researchers show VXers a better way to infect Mountain View's mobile OS

Internet of Stuff: Cleaner washing, more milk ... fewer COW FARTS?

Future World SymposiumARM man: If we want to make it easy, we need standards

Gigabyte Brix Pro: You don't need no steenkin' Xbox... when you have 4K-ing amazing graphics

ReviewRight? Core i7 paperweight with Intel Iris Pro 5200 graphics

Google CAN be told to delete sensitive data from its search results, rules top EU court

Judgment: Ad giant 'controls' and 'processes' our stuff

IBM intros Elastic Storage - as used by HPC brain Watson

10 billion files, 43 mins ... Where've we heard that before?

Virtually yours: Microsoft unveils Windows-as-a-service

Are you Azure about this?

Do you use NAS drives? For work? One just LEAKED secret cash-machine blueprints

So says security biz in 'share everything to the web' flaw alert

Boffins debunk red wine miracle antioxidant myth

Soz winos: no positive effects from resveratrol, scientists soberly conclude

Boeing shows off 7-4-heaven SPACEPLANE-for-tourists concept

No movies, no cabin crew … this bird ain't no jumbo jet

C'mon... lower the drawbridge, NetApp: You could explore Amazon – and Azure

Blocks and FilesFlexArray has potential for change

Botched SAP billing system helps Npower reach No 1 on gripes list

Consumer advocates: 'Unacceptable... serious falings'

Boffins teach robo-arm to catch flying beer bottle

VideoLearns how to calculate trajectories in real time

We'd switch mobile networks, but we can't be bothered – survey

But 34% of users are 'thinking about it' AT ALL TIMES

Where are your rich friends? Facebook's Zuck sued for not being social enough

Property dev's suit claims Mark reneged on introductions deal

Sony bosses will return bonuses as firm preps for BILLIONS in losses

Red-splattered Japanese company battens down hatches

Apple, Beats and fools with money who trust celeb endorsements

FeatureWill Apple's rumoured buyout improve the bass-boosting headphones?

Tick-tock, Jock: Dock schlock for mock-stock in ad-hoc shop squawk

Could an indy Scotland use Bitcoin? This tech trading post tries to find out

Google ECJ case: No commish, it means we don't need right-to-be-forgotten rewrite

CommentReding claims ruling serves as 'strong tailwind' for her draft bill. Really?

Did hackers scoop source code from DayZ zombie game brains?

Alleged unpatched support system fingered by infosec bod after debug dump dumped

Software biz founders cough up $5.8m after insider trading brouhaha

Trio charged with unfairly coining $2m amid merger deal

Russia to suspend US GPS stations in tit-for-tat spat

Get lost, Russian deputy tells GPS

NHS chiefs' claims exposed: GP-data-grab boss claimed fattest expenses of the lot

Another award for Tim Kelsey

Microsoft throws Kinect under a bus, slashes Xbox One to $399

Also unties streaming apps, IE from Live subscriptions

Moto E pops up with £89 price tag – alongside new LTE Moto G cuz

Hands onBang on the money

'Behold my creation: Postgres-XL' bellows TransLattice

New free frankendatabase serves up Postgres with a side of distributed queries

Patch Tuesday: Adobe outdoes Microsoft, swats 18 bugs in latest update

Flash, Illustrator, IE and Windows all receive fixes

The weird and wonderful mind of H.R Giger is no more

ObitSwiss surrealist signs off after accident at home

Survey: Patent litigation skyrocketing, trolls top 10 sueball chuckers

Most sued company? Some fruity firm from Cupertino, California

Red Hat burps out cloudy OpenStack beta distribution

OpenStack SummitBrings in Foreman to calm cloud wrangler concerns over install and administration

BlackBerry opens devices to third-party management – including its new, sub-$200 Z3

First Foxconn-built BlackBerry lands as Indonesian exclusive

Oracle horns in on Red Hat's OpenStack party with own distro

OpenStack SummitEllison's RHEL lookalike, now with cloud software, too

Teardowns confirm $1,500 Google Glass hardware is DIRT CHEAP

But that's not what you're paying for...

HP: OpenStack's networking nightmare Neutron 'was everyone's fault'

OpenStack SummitCloud brains at HP, Red Hat, Piston, spill beans on the weak link in the OpenStack cloud

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