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9th > May > 2014 Archive

Amazon granted patent for taking photos against a white background – seriously

US Patent Office credibility approaching zero

US officials vote to allow Bitcoin for political donations

Cryptocurrency cleared for campaign payments

China 'in discussions' about high-speed rail lines to London, Germany – and the US

There's thinking big, and then there's thinking bat-shite crazy

ZTE Open C, the Firefox OS mobe you'll almost want, now on eBay

First mobe to ship with Firefox OS 1.3 still won't wow you

Windows XP market share decline stalls, Mac OS X surges

Not even a month without support and Heartbleed is speeding migration

Bitly shortens life of users' passwords after credential compromise

OAuth tentacles mean it's time to change ANOTHER password

UN to debate killer drone ethics

Can Skynet withstand the slow, grinding fury of a COMMITTEE?

Silly sysadmins ADDING Heartbleed to servers

Updated'Heartbroken' admins add to problem of myriad unpatched boxen

Oh aye, a mobe grumble-flick player? No – it's a 'droid ransomware nasty

Yet another trojan targets pr0n-viewers with false data scrambling threat

Vinyl-fetish hipsters might just have a point

Jack White's 'ULTRA LP' plays at three speeds, hides tracks under label

Licensing changes mean Redmond's IoT plan brings cheap VDI

Hated VDA charge doesn't apply to thin clients running Windows Embedded

Apple pulls iPhone 4 from sale in India after just four months

Report suggests retailers understand the method in the seeming madness

Ericsson puts 5G towel on Japanese deck-chair

Standards? Everyone has some...

'We don't think of antivirus as a money maker in any way'

QuotwPlus: 'Should it be called Star Wars Episode 6 1/2: The Smell of Fear...?'

Suffering from IPO interruptus? Perhaps your Box is full of the same soap as the others

Oh god, my stuff has become a horrible COMMODITY

UK's pirate-nagging VCAP scheme WON'T have penalties – report

Can you please stop. No? OK then, we'll have to send you another letter

Hey, operators... 'member our edge-of-SPAAACE interwebs balloons? Help! - Google

That whole licensing international spectrum thing ... er, not so much

Quick Q: How many FLOPPIES do I need for 16 MILLION image files?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Don’t fret, I might still have a Zip disk knocking about

Netflix FREEZES prices for existing UK users to stop them quitting vid-streaming service

Hikes monthly subscription for newbies, though

US alliance strengthens LOHAN imaging arsenal

VidsEdge Research Lab donates HackHD 1080 camera

Life in the FAS lane: We reveal NetApp's four new flash-disk arrays

ExclusiveSeparate mid-range FAS3000 on way out, FAS8080EX due in June

Weakened Apple slab grab sees Q1 growth slump to RECORD LOW

But guess what? Cook's lot is STILL on top of the market

Cortana, remind me to patch Windows, IE, and Adobe gear next Tues

Well, Microsoft's answer to Siri has got to be good for something

Skype co-founder's VC firm sues ex-staffer and consultant

Lawsuit alleges pair diverted cash for own fund

London cabbies to offer EVEN WORSE service in protest against Uber

This ain't a bubble barf, mate ... Hackneyed taxi drivers want app BANNED OR ELSE

Quantum dedupe sales droop: But you can't say it didn't TRY

DXi revs fell... but dedupe IS on the up, says firm

Spy sat launch wannabe SpaceX fails to stop rival gobbling Russian rockets

Judge scraps sale ban on second thoughts (after US gov wrote a letter)

Goodbye HANA daddy, assorted cloud bods: SAP gets corporate

AnalysisTime to make some money on this thing

Winklevoss twins eye up NASDAQ: Publicly traded Bitcoin fund... what could go wrong?

Filing comes 2 days after SEC warns on virtual currency

Moshtix admin account popped by party-pooper hipster-hating hacker

422 big spenders thought huge $1,000 festival fees were par for the course

WTF is Net Neutrality, anyway? And how can we make everything better?

Special ReportIgnore those beardies - here are the facts

Psst, keep this under your hat, but NetApp's new flash wunderkind will be unveiled on...

Clue: There'll be time for a Vegas blow-out to celebrate

Don't fret over SOHO routers and Heartbleed. But yeah, there's LOADS to fear on home kit

If OpenSSL bug doesn't get you ... SOMETHING ELSE might

Beached whale Symantec watches revenues recede 7%

Cost-cutting alone won't haul it into healthy growth waters

Point DNS blitzed by mystery DDoS assault

UpdatedDNS flood washes over company servers

Nokia Camera guru: I'm finished being Finnish, and off to 'the company you're thinking of'

Expect the next iThingie to be a much sharper snapper

Anti-theft mobe KILL SWITCH edges closer to reality in California

Senate greenlights bill to mandate remote-brick features

SMASH AND GRAB iThieves run car through front of Berkeley's Apple Store

Stolen auto crashed in front of the Genius Bar? There's no app for that.

Earthly astronomers catch best-ever image of MASSIVE solar flare

Pics and videoFive telescopes catch X-class belch in exquisite detail

Oracle vs Google redux: Appeals court says APIs CAN TOO be copyrighted

Back to court to decide fair use issue in Android IP spat

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