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6th > May > 2014 Archive

Inktank's founder blabs to El Reg about Ceph's ERASURE TIERS

Firefly creeps into frame of Red Hat's $175m Ceph-ie

Symantec: Antivirus is 'DEAD' – no longer 'a moneymaker'

Oh, and it's still 40 per cent of our business

NASA space shuttle landing site to turn commercial

Florida facility to be repurposed for private spaceplane use

THREE BILLIONTH person to come online in early 2015

Just 40 per cent of humanity is online, mostly in rich nations where broadband is fast

SCOTUS asked to overturn patent-troll's charter

Akamai vs Limelight 'induced infringement' decision challenged

VMware seasons its cloud with a sprinkling of ye olde spinning rust

Tiered storage and a data protection refresh come to vCHS

Microsoft hints at smaller Surface

Because the full-sized Surface is going so well

Casino chain Affinity's credit card system popped AGAIN

The house doesn't always win

The amazing .uk domain: Less .co and loads more whalesong

LogoWatchNominet fires up the joss-sticks

Scariest NSA revelation yet: Spooks are RUBBISH at CIPHERS

'Encrypted' Tweet takes world+dog a moment or two to solve

Reg man says '拜拜' to Honkers, ponders Asia's future role in tech world

Asia dominates mobile agendas: can it do the same for enterprise tech?

Did cosmic radiation nuke $25 satellite swarm? 100 snoozing Sprites face fiery death

Crowd-funded birds stuck in mothership 'KickSat'

Streaming brilliant: Netflix signs access agreement with Verizon

CommentCEOs remain shockingly oblivious to how the internet works, says Faultline

Danger, Will Robinson! Beware the hidden perils of BYOD

And we're so nice, we're telling you how to dodge them

Emulex racks up fifth loss-making quarter as FIVE-YEAR Broadcom broadside ends

AnalysisReally needs to get Ethernet gear back on track

El Reg Quid-A-Day Nosh Posse back on the bacon

PicsGood wedge of cash raised for charity, beers all round – and you can still chip in

CTERA gets bitten by EMC's snake, develops ViPR compatibility

Third-party data services get a dose of venom

50+ crowd are wolfing down tablets: Silver foxes are even migrating to the Twitters

@gramps We'll see you at #sundaylunch

Hacktivists hijack BNP Twitter account, crayon over leader Griffin's too

I'm the leader of the Gay Orgy Party and we just LOVE immigration, guys. Mwah!

Oi, EMC users! HALVE your weight with this WEIRD OLD TIP

Storage vendor tries to lure VNX users to HP30I

Don't let hackers know Mandiant founder checks his email on an iPad. Oh.

Infosec 2014Mandia prefers face-to-face natter to avoid piles of spyware booby-traps

Review: GFI Cloud eliminates need to nursemaid Windows

Help for the hard-pressed sysadmin

PEAK APPLE: Mystery upstart to hurl iLord from its throne 'by 2020'

Silicon Valley sugar daddy says the $AAPL cart will be well and truly upset

ARM targets enterprise with 32-core, 1.6TB/sec bandwidth beastie

UpdatedThink the UK boys are just mobe-chip makers? Been out of town lately?

Tesco to tout its own smartphone – now THAT'S an unexpected item in the bagging area

Kit-Kat (Android) in the technology aisle?

Paragon Group consumes tits-up print house Service Point

More than 400 jobs saved as London-based biz bought from receivers

Experienced HPC compo kids welcome eager Brazilians to cluster-wrestling match

HPC blogForeign interlopers aim for China Cluster Crown

SAP cloaks HANA in terabyte dress for VMware's dance hall

UpdatedUpgrade gives HANA greater performance on vSphere 5.5

EMC aims Elastic Cloud Storage band at Amazon, Google

EMC WorldTwang-ang-ang-ang... OUCH! You software-defined @£$%

How to tune your Oracle database's performance

WorkshopHandy 101 explainer for DBAs

Gods of tech distribution smile on Blighty in Q1

Double digit sales bounce recorded by beanie Context

Watch a bank-raiding ZeuS bot command post get owned in 60 seconds

VidRC4? Shoddy PHP coding? You VXers should try a little harder

Atom, GitHub's code editor based on web tech, goes open source

Still OS X–exclusive so far ... but now you can fix that

RBS Group hopes £750m IT shakeup splurge will prevent next bank mainframe meltdown

Bad luck if your branch 'brand' goes down, though

Cold War spy aircraft CRASHED Los Angeles' air traffic control

Try filing an accurate flight plan next time, spooks

Nokia: What to do with our euro BEELLIONS... Eh, let's spaff some on connected cars

Finns change their minds - to the tune of $100m

Twitter jitters: Investors turn into quitters as shares hit the sh...

Price down by 11 per cent as shareholder lock-in period ends

Iran brands Facebook boss Zuckerberg an 'American Zionist', bans WhatsApp

Censorship at work and play - unless you've a VPN

Samsung will ... sigh ... appeal $119m Apple patent verdict

Legal squabbling not over yet, despite pleas of world+dog

US broadband providers holding last-mile traffic ransom, ISP alleges

Consumers see 'permanent' network congestion unless peering partners pay 'tolls'

VMware brings Cloud Foundry up on vCHS as EMC spins-up CF-based software

By end of year, world's megaclouds will all be serving up CF, says Pivotal CEO Maritz

Report: Climate change has already hit USA - and time is RUNNING OUT

Libertarian think-tank counters that boffins ignore 'the positives from climate change'

Apple files patent for typo-sensing buttons

Future iThings could know that you didn't mean to push that

Epson takes on Google Glass with wired 'augmented reality' glasses

Head-mounted computer for half the price of Glass

Google buddies up with Intel for this year's big Chromebook push

Partners rally around 4th-gen Core i3, Bay Trail-M for next wave of Chrome OS kit 'Good news, we've made money; bad news, we're all fired'

Subscription renewals will sustain site, but not employees

Norwegians trial Oculus Rift in tanks: The ultimate battlefield simulator

High tech comes cheap when compared to military prices

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