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SpaceX wins court injunction to block US Air Force buying Russian rockets

Why buy from the Russians when the US has its own rocketeers argues Musk

Early! Do! Not! Track! Adopter! Yahoo! Says! It's! Rubbish, Bins! It!

Claims lack of 'single standard' makes DNT a lost cause

Study: Users don't much care about Heartbleed hacking dangers

Pew finds the public less interested in flaw than previous incidents

Jodee 'One.Tel' Rich spruiks .CEO sites for email LIKE A BOSS

Wolfram beats hoarder with 100+ .CEO domains featuring names of famous leaders

Researcher says Apple fibs about crypto for iOS email attachments

Latest iPad and iPad firmware reveals attachments in clear text

EMC formalises its Federation

There's a logo and everything now

Shocking 'new iPhone' is also - BZZZZT!! - a Taser-like stun gun

Australian Customs intercepts some nasty fakes

Sony on the ropes after revising losses UP to $1.3 BEEELLION

Blu-Ray business erased by interwebs and Bravia on the chopping block

Script fools n00b hackers into hacking themselves

Indian Facebook users targeting their mates shoot selves in foot

VMware loses top community man Troyer

A marketer even Trevor Pott likes is going freelance with his success formula

Creating your golden statue of Nicolas Cage finally possible

3D printing bods to bring family jewels to the masses

French software developers are all beautiful women

So says French dev tools outfit PC Soft ... unless they're being nasty and sexist

Boffins pen 'Guide to better spamming'

Small, widely-dispersed botnets ought to do the trick

Source code for world's first MUD, Essex Uni's MUD1, recovered

Ancestor to countless online worlds to be released as open source

Classified LOHAN payload is four-eyed beast

Prototype panoramic camera hits the stratosphere

Licensed to BILL: How much should you cough for software licences?

StoragebodNobody really knows - so we all get screwed

Aah, that warm sharing feeling. Just don't let the cloud rain on your firm

How to get biz-level file sharing right the first time, every time

Look what's screeching into the Internet of Stuff: Self-driving cars

PicsMicrocontroller lords Freescale rev customisable motors

Please work for nothing, Mr Dabbs. What can you lose?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Free at last! (Thank God I don’t have to work for) free at last!

'25,000 Windows Server 2003 boxes' must be upgraded A DAY to meet OS support death date

So says HP, which has plenty o' gear to shift, incidentally

Now is 'the wrong time to send hundreds of millions of dollars to Kremlin' - SpaceX boss

QuotwPlus: 'Government’s website... is upper-case: GOV.UK'

Systemax goes Dutch, devours SCC Netherlands

'Sub-scale' biz offloaded to tech services wannabe

El Reg Quid-A-Day Nosh Posse crawls towards finish line

'Feel a bit weak', admits 780-Calories-per-day Toby

Hackers ZERO IN on ZOMBIE XP boxes: Get patching, Internet Explorer 8 users

Multi-pronged malfeasance targets gov, energy, finance

Bytes Tech Group in 'early' talks with acquisition target

Future is services, services, services... oh and software (services)

Win XP war, huh! What is it good for? Enormo IT reseller Insight

Clammy hand of Death touches old Microsoft OS, wallets suddenly crack open

Evidence-based Tweets will SAVE the WORLD - and your waistline

The ¡Bong! Interview'They like the sound of the coral reefs exploding. The neoliberal b-'

Apple tips Shiraz down all its techies' throats (that's the rumoured name for OS X 10.10)

iOS staff hauled into Mac development, claim sources

Ouch... right in the Androids! Google hit by another antitrust sueball

This time it's about 'illegal monopoly' of mobile search

Steelie Neelie's 'Airbus of chips' plan taxis for June take-off

Double or bust production plan for Internet of Thingies

Nominet boss quits after rough patch at helm of dot-UK registry

Lesley Cowley in not all that surprising exit

Oh Sony. Have we learned NOTHING from SuperAIT?

Blocks and FilesI don't care how brilliant it is, proprietary tape is OVER

British Gas 'in talks' to outsource tech services desk, whispers insider

Techies 'concerned' as energy giant chat to HCL and Cognizant

ZeniMax lobs sueball at Oculus, says space cowboy Carmack rustled its code

Games maker wants slice of Facebook's fortune as compensation

ARM tests: Intel flops on Android compatibility, Windows power

Cambridge lab rat's verdict: 'We're still beating 'em'

Docker ported into Hadoop as benchmarks show screaming fast performance

Code committers hope unholy union of open source tech will spawn speedy gonzalez virtualization

Twitter tunes out trashy Tweeters with much-needed muting module


Watch out, Yahoo! EFF looses BADGER on sites that ignore Do Not Track

Browser plugin nudges companies toward compliance

Stephen Hawking: The creation of true AI could be the 'greatest event in human history'

Unfortunately, 'it might also be the last'

SpaceX touts latest gear: new module, rocket demo

VidMusk lets slip plans for Dragon Mk 2 capsule

Super-heavy element 117 DOES exist – albeit briefly. Got any berkelium handy?

Includes El Reg guide on how to make it

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