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17th > April > 2014 Archive

Samsung claims it still plans to ship Tizen phones in Q2

Even without carrier backing, 'a few countries' will get Linux-based mobes

Lavabit loses contempt of court appeal over protecting Snowden, customers

Judges rule complaints about government power are too little, too late

AT&T threatens to pull out of FCC wireless auctions over purchase limits

Company wants ability to buy more spectrum space in auction

Heartbleed mega-bug clean up shrinks Tor network by an eighth

And that's before they look at all the nodes and what version of OpenSSL they're running

VMware starts invitation-only NSX training

How many of you really need network virtualisation anyway?

Google spends in three months on data centers what used to take a year

Chocolate Factory on track for TEN BEEELLION dollar annual bit barn spend

Oz winemaker/cloud says DEY buy cheaper than vendors' SDS

Door left open to future productisation

Multi-hypervisor workload ... what? Just think of it as a virtual MAGIC CARPET

CommentZerto converts VMs between hypervisor environments

Leaked pics show EMBIGGENED iPhone 6 screen

Fat-fingered fanbois rejoice over Chinternet snaps

MIT boffins moot tsunami-proof floating nuke power plants

What could go wrong with that?

AWS bins elastic compute units, adopts virtual CPUs

Customers tired of wrapping their heads around odd computing power metric

BOFH: Oh DO tell us what you think. *CLICK*

Episode 4$%%&amp Oh dear, we've been cut *CLICK* Well hello *CLICK* You're breaking up...

Whoever you vote for, Google gets in

AnalysisReport uncovers giant octopus squid of lobbying influence

Inside the Hekaton: SQL Server 2014's database engine deconstructed

Nadella's database squares the circle of cheap memory vs speed

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – A jolly little war for lunchtime

Quick reviewFree-to-play WoW turn-based game when you have 20 minutes to kill

Fancy joining Reg hack on quid-a-day challenge?

Recruiting now for charity starvation diet

Virgin Media so, so sorry for turning spam fire-hose on its punters

Hundreds of emails flood inboxes thanks to gaffe

OpenSSL Heartbleed bug sniff tools are 'BUGGY' – what becomes of the broken hearted?

Hayter's gonna hate

Oh no, Joe: WinPhone users already griping over 8.1 mega-update

AnalysisHang on. Which bit of Developer Preview don't you understand?

Apple fanbois eat static as Beeb, Sky web stream vids go titsup on iOS

And how you can fix it, sort of, for now

OK, we get the message, Microsoft: Windows Defender splats 1000s of WinXP, Server 2k3 PCs

Anti-malware update gaffe trashes axed OSes

IRS boss on XP migration: 'Classic fix the airplane while you're flying it attempt'

QuotwPlus: Condoleezza Rice at Dropbox 'maybe she can find ... weapons of mass destruction'

Kids, guess where we're going for Easter? France for a 'software-defined storage experience'

The trip of an inode's lifetime

El Reg drills into IBM: The storage biz's got that sinking feeling

AnalysisHow long before Blue Big HQ pulls the plug on the whole thing?

Battle of the Linux clouds! Linode DOUBLES RAM to take on Digital Ocean

Also adds SSDs, Intel Ivy Bridge for 'largest single investment we've made in the company'

Putin tells Snowden: Russia conducts no US-style mass surveillance

Gov't is too broke for that, Russian prez says

Samsung, GlobalFoundries ink exclusive, multi-year 14nm FinFET deal

Customers can 'save literally hundreds of millions of dollars in design costs,' they claim

New Facebook phone app allows you to stalk your mates

Nearby Friends feature goes live in a few weeks

Red Hat: We don't need no stinking dictator to make money out of OpenStack (in late 2015)

Open source company reckons young technology is 18 months away from major market adoption


Americans optimistic about technology despite being afraid of EVERYTHING

Nokia halts sales of Lumia 2520 Win RT tablet over zap-happy charger

Crummy cables pose risk of electric shock

AMD posts $1.4bn in sales, beats Wall Street moneymen's predictions

UpdatedAh, but it's that pesky GAAP v. non-GAAP spread again: net loss of $20m or gain of $12m?

NASA finds first Earth-sized planet in a habitable zone around star

Red dwarf harbors potential Nu Earth

OpenStack Icehouse: IT'S ALIVE! – live migration, that is

Ninth release of open source cloud manager gains key enterprise features

Google eyes business service in latest Fiber trials

Lucky Kansas City buggers to host yet another pilot program

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