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4th > April > 2014 Archive

Bay of Tweets: US sought to disrupt Cuba with covert social network

Report claims ZunZuneo intended to spark revolution

Microsoft in OPEN-SOURCE .Net love-in with new foundation

Build 2014Compilers, libraries, and tools released with full source code

Google's Nest halts sales of its fire alarm – because waving your hand switches it off

Updates push over the air to fix safety concern

Intel uncloaks next-gen 'Braswell' Atom, 64-bit Android KitKat kernel

Oh, and the demise of Windows XP? That's just delightful!

Microsoft: Hey, small biz devs – Windows Store apps are for you, too

Build 2014Updates make it easier to sideload, cram legacy code into touchy-feely apps

Qualcomm unveils MU-MIMO silicon

A bit of spectrum space-saving

Google to Supremes: End this Street View fight once and for all

Company asks top court to hear appeal, citing danger to common security measures

IEEE signs off on 400 Gb/s Ethernet development

And we shall call it P802.3bs

Mechanical monster macropod LEAPS out of the lab

Don't teach it boxing, okay?

Is Google really mulling building a US cellphone network? Allegedly, yes

Web king seeking to build mobile service around Fiber network, says a report

Tamil Nadu's XP migration plan: Go Linux like a BOSS

Indian state dumps Microsoft for Bharat Operating System Solutions Linux


First picWhat a time to be alive – the wonder cable that will end daily frustration

China's Bitcoin exchanges begin pulling down the shutters

PBOC crackdown taking effect

Where the HELL is my ROBOT BUTLER?

Sysadmin blogForget big-spending globo biz: it's about the consumer... and he's desperate for a nap

Deep desert XP-ocalypse averted as Reg man returns

PLUS: We learn how to cook BUDGIES

Speaker bods Sonos chuck FREE TELLY* in with discount offer

*TV channels, not the display - come on now, be reasonable

French firms: You want us to compile DATABASES... of our SECRET information?

New law increases cyber attack risks, biz fumes to govt

Cisco edges away from VMware, tries Red Hat on for size

Blocks and FilesDrives nails forged with Red Hat iron into VCE's coffin

Win XP usage down but not out as support cutoff deadline looms

Flee! Flee from XP, or from WAN sectors at least! - so say industry advisors

Organic food: Pricey, not particularly healthy, won't save you from cancer

CommentStudy of 'organic' food consumption and cancer risk showed some interesting results

'We’re not sneaky, we're dads from the Midwest'

QuotwPlus: 'DMCA takedown in personal folders?'

Right, Turkey – elections are over. You can use Twitter again

A little censorship goes a long way... for Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan

EMC intros data protection-as-a-service: You shall D-PAAS

Firm faces up to virtual reality

Final Windows XP Patch Tuesday will plug Word RTF vuln

You know, the one that insta-pwns your PC when you open the file

UK tech channel in RUDE health as bankruptcies dip in Q1

Put away the stretchers... fewer dead and dying for 4th quarter in a row

Titanfall pits man against machine, Kiefer Sutherland Snakes into Metal Gear Solid V

Game TheoryA call to arms

The cloud awaits... but is your enterprise ready for the jump?

Five ways to find out

Nothing's as SCARY as an overly aggressive SOFTWARE PIMP

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Ha ha... you’ve been UPGRAYEDDED!

Google hands over $1.4m for unmarked Street View cars in Italy

Oh SNAP! They thought you were just motorists – regulator

Windows Phone 8.1: Like WinPho 8, but BETTER

Hands onBlog blag bug... You said WHAT would be in the OS?

LOHAN's Punch and Judy show is GO for Saturday

Roll up, roll up, for your live test flight details

White House blasts Samsung for tweeting Obama-Ortiz selfie

President's lawyers looking into 'commercial' pic taken by Boston Red Sox player

Siri set to rival Windows beauty Cortana after Apple eats Novauris

Speech recognition firm could help fruity firm take Siri offline

BlackBerry and T-Mobile try $100 bribe to lure BBers to their side

Chiefs trade faux polite barbs as spat spits along

Bell Microsystems circles cawing above corpse of Glasshouse UK

Looks to pick customers and staff from dying integrator


Chocolate Factory balloon circled Earth in just 22 days

Overland Storage in fiendish reverse stock split share value ploy

Avoiding the $1 Nasdaq exit trap

We don't want your crap databases, says Twitter: We've made OUR OWN

ExclusiveSecret weapon whipped out of Manhattan Project – and we've taken a closer look

NASA's LADEE: A Great Gig in the Sky, now on a death dive to the Dark Side of the Moon

End of the 600Mbps space broadband, lunar dust probe

Too late, Blighty! Samsung boffins claim breakthrough graphene manufacturing success

Quick, Sammy, before Apple finds a way to patent it...

Five-year-old discovers Xbox password bug, hacks dad's Live account

Boy, they're starting young these days

Judge strikes down Apple attempt to bar Samsung's 'untrue' patent comments

Koh allows argument that Cupertino wasn't even using those patents

SQL giant Oracle plans NoSQL standards body – top Reg sources

ExclusiveDatabase giant invites scrappy startups into its big tent, we're told

One Win 8 to rule them all: Microsoft talks up 'universal apps' for PCs, slabs and mobes

Build 2014Downloads for every screen size from single store

Google teases more modular smartphone details in run-up to dev meet-up

VidProject Ara/Phonebloks handset preparing for debutant ball later this month

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