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2nd > April > 2014 Archive

How Microsoft can keep Win XP alive – and WHY: A real-world example

Sysadmin blogRedmond needs to discover the mathematics of trust

Don't look at Maria's SQL, look at MY SQL, pleads Oracle

MySQL 5.7 'development milestone' release

Systems cock-up plagued new hospital in Melbourne

Cancer patients missed appointments

Single chip photon source brings quantum comms closer

Turning research labs into devices

SmartTV, dumb vuln: Philips hard-codes Miracast passwords

VideoBest not browse smut on this TV

Samsung unveils fourth-generation Galaxy Tabs

Different year, more or less the same slabs

Extended Random: The PHANTOM NSA-RSA backdoor that never was

Profs' paper was all about attacking Dual EC DRBG, not a Snowden-esque spy bombshell

NSW to expand e-voting

Scytl identified as preferred vendor

Crashed NORKS drones discovered by South Korea

Terror fear after UAVs caught snapping major landmarks

Dark SITH LORD 'Darth Vader' joins battle to rule, er, Ukraine

Only I can 'make an empire out of a republic' intones presidential candidate

MtGox boss Karpeles ordered to Dallas to face bankruptcy probe

Failed Bitcoin exchange CEO must say 'sayonara' to Tokyo

Want to see at night? Here comes the infrared CONTACT LENS

Spook tech just got spookier

El Reg's Deep Outback XP upgrade almost foiled by KILLER ARACHNIDS

VidGet a load of our man's desert cannonball run of terror

Aw, SNAP. It's too late, you've already PAID for your storage array

Blocks and FilesDo yourself a favour: Trust but VERIFY

Middle England trembles before roaring LOHAN

Final hypobaric chamber rocket motor tests a fire and ice spectacular

Tell it to me straight, vendors: Are you cheap and easy?

For goodness' sake ... cut to the chase

UK regulators: We will be CHECKING UP on banks' IT systems

'Major outages... completely unacceptable' - FCA

Pivotal goes after Oracle with 'all-you-can-eat' pricing model

Flat per-core subscription fee regardless of software

Get ready for software-defined RADAR: Jam, eavesdrop, talk and target ... simultaneously

HPC blogMulti-GPU wizardry from General Electric

Tintri: We have ZERO interest in adding compute to storage

Comment'Smart storage' firm's doing its own flash-first thing

Dimwit hackers use security camera DVRs as SUPER-SLOW Bitcoin-mining rig

'Seriously, this is just wasting electricity' huffs securo boffin

Apple: You're a copycat! Samsung: This is really about Google, isn't it?

New Apple v Sammy trial kicks off with the same old arguments

Twitter scoops up Brit telly analytics outfit SecondSync

Every second counts

BlackBerry ditches T-Mobile US after iPhone advert spat

Won't renew licence after operator tried to flog Jesus mobes to BlackBerry-strokers

Speaking in Tech: Storage is FLEEING the public cloud in Asia

PodcastWould you trust a private cloud run by your local council in Hong Kong?

HPC boffins: Our HOT MODELS will help you cope with DISASTER

HPC BlogWhat'll happen if the tornado hits? Glad you asked

VMware channel guru steps out of channel for first time in career

Ed Dolman takes reins of enterprise sales team at virty player

MySQL daddy Monty talks up Fusion-io's data-stuffed flash

Compressed tech's 'astounding' (on MariaDB, natch)

'Dads from the Midwest' pull down their email-spaffing LinkedIn plugin

After social network for suits threatens suit

Hey, Michael Lewis: Stop DEMONISING Wall Street’s SUPERHUMAN high-speed trading

HFT's NOT the free-market crusher new book says it is

UK storage integrator Glasshouse Tech goes titsup

Calls in KPMG Restructuring to keep lights on

Chin up, tech world. Gartner says it'll be OK

Worldwide spend to reach $3.6 TREEELLION in 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini tech specs REVEALED

And then there were four – report

Who's up for yet another software-defined net protocol? Cisco wants to see some hands

Openly flexes OpFlex at IETF, Juniper et al not even looking

What took you so long Apple? 26 remote exec bugs die in OS X Safari

Cupertino browser update catches up with Google Chrome WebCore patches

Puking! protester! forces! Yahoo! 'techie! scum!' to! ride! vile! bile! barf! bus! to! work!

PicAnti-gentrification campaign can't stomach swanky shuttles

Back off, Siri! Microsoft debuts Halo beauty Cortana

Build 2014Major Microsoft mobile OS update to arrive in coming months

Amazon sets FIRE to your living room in bid to shake up TV streaming

Promises $99 Apple-crushing gaming and media console

Ubuntu N-ONE: 'Storage war' with Dropbox et al annihilates cloud service

Canonical pulls plug on online file locker, can't compete with rivals' free 50GB space

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