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OkCupid falls out of love with 'anti-gay' Firefox, tells people to see other browsers

Says it wishes 'enemy' firm 'nothing but failure'

Boeing, Cupertino to 'explore weaponisation of Apple technologies'

Tech used in MacBook Air's aluminum chassis slated to become wings for killer drones

FCC doubles 5GHz spectrum in prep for one-gigabit Wi-Fi

Licensed and unlicensed spectrum 'less oil & vinegar and more peanut butter & jelly'

Australia proposes privacy tort

Data deletion rules also floated

Dotcom wants NZ to have fiat-backed crypto-currency

Not an April Fool joke, apparently

Huawei rakes in £2 BEEELLION in profits

Shenzhen stalwart bolsters international rep

Georgia Tech touts polymer heatsink interface

Nanofibres survive 200°C temps

Asia's internet in peril as cable network breaks in TWO places

Philippine telco tries to calm angry customers with backup plan

BlackBerry sucker-punches TV star Ryan Seacrest in patent brawl

American Idol's Typo slapped with sales ban in keyboard spat

BT Tower to be replaced by 3D printed BT Tower

April FoolBritain leads the world as safe lightweight landmark replaces telecoms colossus

Can you tell a man's intelligence simply by looking at him? Yes

So says a Czech study – but the same doesn't hold true for women

Researcher lights fire under Tesla security

Needs two-factor authentication now

Chinese patent app tries to own Wine on ARM

More software patent silliness

SanDisk offers Cloudspeed flash options for pockets deep and shallow

'Extreme' means 'Best', 'Eco' means 'opposite of best'

Snowden leaks made us look twice at cloud suppliers – biz bods

Survey: Corporates putting cloud firms under closer scrutiny

Titanfall, shoot-'em-up gamers, cloudy contracts and cattle

Sysadmin blogEfficiency by numbers: It's wonderful, it's horrible and it is the future

Vodafone brings African tech to Europe

Maybe we will catch up with Kenya

NSA plans to FREE YOUR DATA with range of cloud services, analytics

April Fool'Why pay providers to store or analyse your stuff? We've already done it'

That's it, we're all really OLD: Google's Gmail is 10 ALREADY

They just wanted to beat off Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo!

Google asks April Fools: Want a job? Be our 'Pokemon Master'

VideoMountain View is prankin' like it's 1999...

MPs attack BT's 'monopolistic' grip on gov-subsidised £1.2bn rural broadband rollout

No 'meaningful competition', committee says

Scality slips its Ring around Kinetic drives

An object of Seagate’s exercise

HP settles lawsuit after Mad Leo's WebOS and PC biz shenanigans

Firm to pay $57m to investors

HTC One M8: Reg man takes spin in Alfa Romeo of smartphone world

ReviewNippy, gorgeous featu... Sigh. You're buying BMW, aren't you?

Yahoo! keen! to! slurp! news! video! distie! site!

It has Katie Couric, now Purple Palace reportedly wants NDN

LSI embiggens MegaRAID flash stash

Quadruples port count too

HP workers under shadow of the axe edge towards ballot box

Union PCS testing appetite for 'action short of strike action'

LaCie adds fire to Fuel: Revs Wi-Fi external storage gadget to 2TB

More wireless stash space for your mobile devices

Three daddy Hutch has no interest in O2

HK giant shuns debt-laden dino

Capita splashes £80m on network biz Updata

Greedy integrator snaps up public sector partner - as we predicted

BT befriends Google's lonely TV dongle – and saves YouView

Chromecast gets footie

Angry Birds developers downplay fresh data leak claims

Privacy flap

BT merges iNet and Engage IT divisions under one roof

Grabs Plusnet CEO, dangles redundo carrot to lure staff out

US judge tells Marvell to pay Carnegie Mellon Uni $1.5bn in patent fallout

Chipmaker to cough for 'wilful infringement' of uni's IP

Oracle shoves IBM out of world's No 2 software seller spot – Gartner

Larry Ellison squeaks in behind Microsoft, Salesforce breaks into top 10

Password bug let me see shoppers' credit cards in eBay ProStores, claims infosec bod

Online bazaar fixes store account hijack flaw, we're told

Intel's DIY MinnowBoard goes Max: More oomph for half the price

UpdatedRaspberry Pi's ARM not enough for your hacking needs? How about 64-bit x86?

Soccer's dull? A MIND-CONTROLLED robo-suit will be used to take first World Cup 2014 kick

PicCheckmate, nerds

Hotmail-gate: Windows 8 code leaker pleads guilty to theft of trade secrets

On the bright side, he's won our world's worst software pirate prize

Page through Page's page page-views: Google+ shows how many saw your profile

Proof+ someone+ else+ is+ on+ the+ website+ too+

Psst, you want NoSQL? We got NoSQL, says MariaDB: v10 now out

New CONNECT engine lets MySQL fork reach into non-relational databases

'iPhone 6' with '4.7-inch' display 'coming soon', but '5.5-incher' 'delayed'

Just transplant phone guts into a 27-inch iMac, remove its stand, and be done with it

Money? What money? Lawyer for accused Silk Road boss claims you can't launder Bitcoin

Wants all charges dismissed in New York case

Chinese company counters pollution by importing fresh air

Citizens line up for bags of that sweet, sweet mountain air

Apple poking at idea of bayonet phone fittings

System could bring new lens options for iOS devices

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