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31st > March > 2014 Archive

Mt Gox staff tried to warn CEO of Bitcoin loss risks – reports

Fears over 'customer funds covering operating costs' says Reuters

Hardwired crypto certificate FAIL bricks Juniper router kit

Is this the final nail in the dusty gear's coffin, wonder sysadmins

Range Networks unleashes rewritten OpenBTS

Time for open source mobile network software outfit to act like 'a real company' says CEO

New IPCC report: 8 ways climate change will throw world into peril

Try not to panic, eh?

Amazon is decompiling our apps in security gaffe hunt, says dev

Putting secret AWS keys in software is a big no-no

Assange not running in new Australian election

Senatorial escape route scuttled by eligibility requirements

Google confirms Turkish ISPs 'intercepted' its DNS service

Government Twitter ban hit Google's public servers

Mozilla DENIES reported claims of board rift over new chief Eich

UpdatedBoard members planned to leave, not rebelling over controversial choice

Artists install Monty Python silly walk signs in Norwegian town

Cross-border Swedes launch art installation attack

Tokyo to TXT warning of incoming Norks nukes


Selfies are over: Welcome to the age of 'Sleeveface'

Take one vinyl record and add perspective

China's CERT blames US for a THIRD of all attacks on Middle Kingdom PCs

Government sites declared a 'disaster area'

US to strengthen privacy rights for Euro bods' personal data transfers

Makes commitment under 'Safe Harbour' framework

Don't tase me Pro: WD brings out Thunderbolt external drive

Twice as fast as USB 3.0

How much data must you have before you need Cleversafe? If you have to ask ...

We could tell you who has enough, but then we'd have to kill you

Dish and DirecTV deal: Damned if they merge, damned if they don't

AnalysisComcast Time Warner Cable deal has investors salivating

LOHAN team gears up for Punch and Judy show

Test flights are go for 5 April

C'mon, Commvault: You have the tech to build VM mutants...

Blocks and FilesWhy not give rivals a fright?

Facebook, you fools! Forget Oculus, you could have bought TRON-type headsets

ReviewDurovis Dive gives you the same experience for €60

Partner firms: Microsoft kept Surface from you for YOUR OWN GOOD

Didn't want our supply chain clogged up, says channel boss. What $9bn write-down?

UK cops: Keep yer golden doubloons, ad folk. Yon websites belong to pirates

Launch database of 'verified' infringing websites

3CX Phone System takes on the corporate mobiles

A bold move

NetApp and IBM's high fibre treat: First SPC benchmark using FCoE

V7000 sees FCoE flying but NetApp flies faster

Dell tells customers: 'Opt out' if you don't want a channel service

Customers' order history and more finds way to third parties

Newsnight goes sour on Tech City miracle

+SketchNotes on a VC? I'd be delighted, says Andrew Orlowski

Crack CERT warriors arrive to save UK from grid-crippling hack attacks

National CERT goes live today

Spin that disk drive forecast, Gartner: Watch those desktop units dive

Biz drive shipments pull average up to 'slow'

Boss at 'Microsoft' scam support biz told to cough £000s in comp

Narrowly swerves time in the clink after staff preyed on oldies

New Sammy patent trial: Apple seeks $40 PER 'infringing' handset

Korean firm expected to call in Google engineers

CCL Computers probing source of fake virus-riddled dispatch mail

Small e-plague outbreak in Bradford, not many infected

US Supreme Court Justices hear arguments in game-changing software IP case

Which computer-implemented inventions are patent eligible?

Snowden files latest: NSA and GCHQ targeted German satcomms

Rifled through diplomatic comms, A380 blueprints and more

Don't touch my trunk! Intel is $740m lighter after Cloudera cash shot

Huge funding deal keeps Oracle, IBM away from upstart's yellow elephant

Microsoft CEO Nadella names his Xbox and Cloud OVERLORDS

Studios boss gets a boost, Guthrie officially heads mega-billions big-biz wing

Dropbox nukes bloke's file share in DMCA brouhaha – then admits it made a 'HASH OF IT'

THE TRUTH about that missing personal folder

Bechtolsheim's baby Arista Networks heads toward IPO

Profitable bit-fiddler files S-1 for market debut

CERN team uses GPUs to discover if antimatter falls up, not down

GTCEinstein's General Relativity theory may be in for 'a big surprise'

When big biz is forced to compete: Now Microsoft latest to cut cloud prices

Redmond follows Amazon which followed Google – what will the mid-tier firms do?

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