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19th > March > 2014 Archive

Oracle takes an arrow to the EPS: It's that darned strong dollar... again

Q3 '14 fails to impress Wall St

Haunted Empire calls Apple 'a cult built around a dead man.' Tim Cook calls it 'nonsense'

His opinion is unsurprising; the fact that he offered it publicly is

Apple patent will see Siri remind you to keep taking your meds

Patent suggests plan to put sensors in every room of the house

NASA: Earth JUST dodged comms-killing SOLAR BLAST in 2012

VideoThe Doomsday scenario we should have been worrying about

WebEx gets shiny Chromebook look

Cisco targets growing platform in otherwise-limp laptop market

'Software amplifier' boosts quantum signals

Preserving entanglement for better comms

Facebook security chief: We're not encrypting everything between our data centers just yet

Sullivan on HTTPS, NSA and paranoia

Surf's up near Saturn as boffins spot waves on Titan

Drop in on the the Malibu of Methane

Virtual reality? Two can play THAT GAME, says Sony: New headset revealed for the PS4

PicsProject Morpheus to take on Oculus Rift ... eventually

SPEC puts forward benchmark for accelerated supers

ACCEL covers OpenCL, OpenACC environments

'Zotob' hacker 'Diabl0' arrested in Bangkok after three-year hunt

Farid Essebar suspected of causing $4 BEELLION damage to Swiss banks

Eight hour cleansing to get all the 'faggots' and 'bitches' OUT of Github

No more hateful words, pledges egg-gobbling veggie crusader

USB cuts the cord, again, with WiGig-derived wireless spec

'MA-USB' will allow kit to chat over USB at up to 10 Gbps

A server bonanza is for Christmas, not for life: Xmas boost hides slump

System suppliers slash prices in EMEA to avoid a year-on-year shipment wipeout

Help a hack: What's in your ultimate Windows XP migration toolkit?

El Reg is going walkabout to stave off deep desert XP-ocalypse, needs your help

SolidFire brings out new Carbon, says it'll make data centres more like clouds

In a good way, of course

What have Cherie Blair, Jonathan Porritt and El Reg's mobile desk got in common?

Our Vulture mingles it up with the mildly famous

Our Moderately Sized Data analytics engine pooh-poohs Acer '30 second support' claims

Time slows down in UK call centre: warp anomaly, maybe?

Nokia tries to lure Android porters with free Nokia X mobes

EventIn London? Fancy a free beer?

Blighty goes retro with 12-sided pound coin

New coin recalls golden age of polygonal currency

Xenon: Bitmap Brothers' (mega)blast from the past

Antique Code ShowClassic Amiga and ST scroll-play gaming

Cloudera bags $160m from Google Ventures and Mike Dell

Top investors pile in to big data funding round

LOHAN bloodhound unleashes solar-powered minitracker

Anthony Stirk's sleek black model boasts the power of THOR

MPs urge to use 1950s obscenity law to stifle online stiffies

'Would you wish your wife or servants to view this website?'

So. Farewell then Steelie Neelie: You were WORSE than USELESS

+CommentDigital Agenda Commish - do we really need one?

NSA spies recorded an entire COUNTRY'S phone calls for a MONTH: Report

Targeted surveillance? Pull the other one

So, Mystic Joe Tucci: Is a hyper-converged tool in EMC's future?

CommentRumours of appliance still EMC/VMware unconfirmed

Speaking in Tech: Finally a PROPER use for drones: TOILET PAPERING your house

PodcastPlus: 'I just want ONE remote for TV. Please!'

Ex-Xbox gros fromage joins wireless speaker whizzkids Sonos

Could this herald the creation of a SeXbox?

Plusnet wants resellers' SME customers and is willing to pay

Shhhhhhhhh, just don't mention the outage or security issue

Osbo's booze, bingo, biz and big data Budget

Budget Day 2014Announces Alan Turing Institute in another tech-lite economy statement

Star Wars movie to start shooting in UK this summer

'Familiar faces'? PLEASE... NOT Jar Jar Binks

Kent Police fined £100k for leaving interview vids of informants in old cop shop

Crimewatch Uncut screenings binned after cockup discovered

Gmail data-mining lawsuits fail to get class action status

Claims from schools, biz, individuals can't be borged – judge

Dragon's Den star's cloudy biz still losing MEEELLLLLIONS

Sales and recurring revenues up at Outsourcery - but it still can't break even

Ex-Autonomy boss Mike Lynch goes nuclear: Claims HP 'misleads' its own shareholders

Fires off attack just hours before stockholder meeting

RIP Full Disclosure: Security world reacts to key mailing list's death

'I realised that I'm done' sighs co-admin of vulnerability clearing house

Virtual-reality Dev Kit 2 game goggles by Oculus – now with less vomit!

New 1080p techno-specs for programers sorts out motion-sickness bugs

It's not you, it's EE: UK mobile network goes titsup, blames gremlins

UpdatedEverything Everywhere ... NOT

Australia's 'repeal day' de-regulated SPOOKS

Governments ignored the watchdog anyway, now it seems we don't need one

ROBO-SNOWDEN: Iraq, the internet – two places the US govt invaded that weren't a threat

PicsFugitive leaker hailed by Berners-Lee at McScience gig

CSIRO breaks Australia into 90m x 90m grid to map soil carbon

Baseline data finds 25 gigatonnes of carbon in the loam

Turnbull to add speed test app to MyBroadband web site

Crowdsourcing to improve data offered by government

We're being royalty screwed! Pandora blames price rise on musos wanting money

Tchah, the cheek of them, writing songs, expecting cash

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