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18th > March > 2014 Archive

Pivotal: So who fancies skinny-dipping in our 'Business Data Lake'? PS: It'll cost you

Tries to tempt more into its Hadoop pond with Pivotal HD 2

Dell pivots to Asia with frugal flasher

Compressed Compellent promises all-flash for less cash

Shuttleworth: Firmware is the universal Trojan

Kill proprietary firmware

What kid uses wires? FCC supremo angry that US classrooms are filled with unused RJ45 ports

Even if they get on Wi-Fi, the broadband is crap, we're told

Red Hat plans unified security management for Fedora 21

One crypto policy to bind them

Seattle pops a cap in Uber and Lyft: Rideshare bizs get 150-driver limit

No more flooding the roads with 1,000+ motors, says city council

Good riddance to American internet oversight says Microsoft

Independent DNS regulator a 'significant and welcome development' says policy man

Think drone delivery is hot air? A BREWERY just proved you wrong

All is forgiven, Jeff Bezos

China's annual TV smear segment drags Nikon's name through the mud

Last year's effort saw Apple grovel

Kick us as hard as you like, RIGHT IN THE CYBERS, says Japan

Government unleashes ethical hackers to prep for Tokyo Olympics

French novel falls foul of Apple's breast inspectors

NSFWLes hommes de la Pomme disent 'non' aux seins de La Femme

Satya Nadella's first act may be to launch Office for iPad

Microsoft's new leader to discuss 'intersection of cloud and mobile'

This record-smashing robot solves a Rubik's Cube in 3.253 seconds

VideoTalk about twisting someone's ARM

Surrender your crypto keys or you're off to chokey, says Australia

Ignoring proposed 'intelligibility assistance notices' would be a crime

Samsung wins right to delay UK appeal in Apple dispute

S Korean firm allowed to change some patent claims first

Prepare your data centre to face the future

It’s all in the design

No more squeaky bum moments, please Microsoft - partners beg

Global partner boss Sorgen vows to 'slow incentive changes'

Scottish gov may miss IT budget cut target

Dinnae fret, we only need tae cut baubies 15 times as fast....

Romanian 'ransomware victim' hangs self and 4-year-old son – report

Suicide note mentioned $21,000 demand from cybercriminals – sources

WTF is … the multiverse?

BICEP2's flex, inflation and ... quantum physics

Sorry Dick: 3 reasons why Twitter will NEVER be unblocked in China

CommentEl Reg on why Costolo's Shanghai trip is not about the Great Firewall

Chinese boffins ginger up Hadoop with OpenFlow funnel

Software-defined networking speeds scheduling across clusters

MH370 airliner MYSTERY: The El Reg Pub/Dinner-party Guide

AnalysisSome tech angles for your consideration

WhatsApp founder: Privacy WON'T vanish under Facebook

But nonetheless my firm is definitely worth $19bn to giant advertising platform

MtGox allows users to see a picture of their money, but not have it

If you just believe it's there, heyy ... maybe it is. That's bankin'

PAF! MPs go postal over postal location data sell-off by

Royal Mail coordinates of every address in the land are 'national asset'

Beastie Boys settle with toy maker over Girls copyright dispute

Hippity hoppity heroes in secret deal with girl-boffin blockstack baroness


Check and wipe: The la-la-la-it's-not-happening plan is no good

Scotland Yard defends single supplier IT gig with Insight

'Transparency, savings, value, erm ... market intelligence ... I could go on'

Feds charge three in brain-ache $15m Pentagon payroll pillage plot

Alleged Ukrainian cyber bandits still at large

Pegatron goes on hiring spree as iPhone 6 release date approaches

Apple prepares for latest expensive phone release

Google settles copyright suit with Viacom over YouTube vids

Billion-dollar case closed after Choc Factory agrees terms with media firm

Economic recovery? Ha, that was so 2012, says buoyant Bechtle

Sales and profits up as German reseller chortles all way to die Bank

Acer coughs to insider trading probe on 2 staffers

Taiwanese prosecutors storm HQ, firm says it has always been 'honest, law abiding'

Microsoft's SQL Server 2014 early code: First look

Welcome to the Hekaton

Grav waves: Moment when 'father of Big Bang inflation' learns he was RIGHT ALL ALONG

VidProf cracks open bubbly at news of creation signal

Apple rakes in 60% of profits in still-surging smartphone market

Detractors cavil while Cook & Co. laugh all the way to the bank

Byzantine Generals co-boffin Lamport bags CompSci's 'Nobel prize'

Distributed systems master gets A.M. Turing gong

WOW! Google invents the DIGITAL WATCH: What a time to be alive

Vids + picsChoc fac crams cloud brains into tiny Android Wear watch-puters

Imagination brings real-time hyper-realistic ray tracing to mobile kit

PowerVR GR6500 is a smartphone, tablet game changer – literally

8GB iPhone 5c is real, but no market-maker

Is a $73/£44 discount really going to make a difference?

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