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28th > February > 2014 Archive

Mens sana in fibro sano: Virgin Media network-level smut filters are ON

What will punters use their new fast connections for?

Microsoft chairman John Thompson: Redmond looks 'like IBM in 1990'

Will new CEO Satya Nadella be Microsoft's Lou Gerstner?

Apple slams shut TEN code execution holes in QuickTime on Windows

Plus stability fix for iTunes on Redmond-powered PCs

Passenger jet grounded by two-hour insect attack

If wasps can do this to an A330, how are Internet of Things sensors going to fare?

RSA rebel conference TrustyCon sells out despite 'dirty tricks'

TrustyConRaises $20,000 for EFF, and support for some in security industry

Google coughs up $6.8m for FREE BUSING for San Francisco youth

Not on Google's fancy buses, mind you. On the ordinary kind

Stanford academics unleash Quasar cluster juggler on mega bit barns

ExclusiveQuasar beams jobs onto under-provisioned servers

Government-built malware running out of control, F-Secure claims

TrustyConWhat if antivirus companies are whitelisting state malware...

Fed chairwoman casts doubt on Bitcoin regulation in the US

Yellen dampens hopes of lawmaker seeking cryptocurrency ban

Microsoft Research co-develops cloud data scrambler

'Melbourne Shuffle' will make it harder for cloud operators to mine or sniff your data

Facebook cans Windows and Firefox Messenger apps

No need to ask what's up with all the titsup, what with WhatsApp on the up-and-up

Booze and bacon sarnies: A recipe for immortality?

Now you can live forever, Reg research suggests

Google sticks its servers behind genomics alliance

Chocolate Factory wants to cure YOU

Steelie Neelie eats crow, welcomes mere €1bn Euro broadband fund

From 'regret' to 'a great week for Europe’s Digital Agenda' in a year

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger's DARKEST FEARS revealed

Form 10-K shows Virtzilla knows it has a lot of work to do in the hybrid cloud

Software containers for BYOD/mobile device management: Big Tin Can

This baby will never escape from the bit of string back to corporate

Frenchman eyes ocean domination with floating, mobile Bond villain lair

Sub hangars, abyssal probe, immense tower with 'Eye' at the top

Hey, IT department! Sick of vendor shaftings? Why not DO IT, yourself

Secret CIOLet go of the shopping trolley and skill up, popeye

John Lewis unzips mega Oracle ERP package

ExclusivePlanning for Christmas 2018

Battling with Blizzard's new WoW expansion and Diablo revamp

PreviewEl Reg gaming mistress given sneak peek at the dev's EU HQ

French silver foxes use Fujitsu's Grandroid mobes... to send each other selfies

Soon they'll send them to Japanese pals using Babelfish-like social network feature

Insecure hipsters with BEARD ENVY spur facial hair transplant craze

Sod the London Look, it's all about the Rasputin Look

Two in five Brits cough up for CryptoLocker ransomware's demands

Cowed victims hand over thousands rather than install basic security measures

It's a BLOCKBUSTER: Minecraft heads to the silver screen

Warner Bros to make movie out of addictive block-shifting game

UK man Lauri Love accused of hacking US Federal Reserve

Lawyer: We'll 'vehemently oppose' extradition attempts

CarelessDotData: 'The state is not going to do dastardly things' with your privates

QuotwPlus: 'Thin-skinned... thinks he owns the material he conduits'

PayPal row heats up as eBay chair calls Icahn claims 'false and misleading'

Mud-slinging begins as investor pushes for PayPal spin-off

Microsoft dangles carrot at SMEs, eases Windows 8 Enterprise licensing

Taken out Software Assurance? Help yourself to side-loading apps

Hitachi Data Systems hands out P45s ... to EXECUTIVES

Storage firm cutting costs amid yet another restructure

BT demands end to Ofcom wholesale broadband subsidies for BSkyB, TalkTalk

UpdatedTelco giant claims watchdog has driven competition deep into network

But... you work in IT... Why aren't we RICH?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Buy my fantasy tech... watch my heels... and... POP!

Bitcoin or bust: MtGox files for bankruptcy protection

Exchanges 'fesses up to losing 750,000 Bitcoins

Inquietante testimonio gráfico: Electrosonda orgásmica anal aplicada… ¡a un TORO!

NSFWNuestro fotógrafo sufre pesadillas - Lo mismo puede ocurrirle a usted

Ingram chief on $100m SLASH FEST: 'It doesn't take a genius' to see IT market's changing

Job cuts, closures and 'we'll take advantage of cheap labour'

Anti Gmail data-mining lawsuit hits possible stumbling block

Email content skimming claims may not qualify as class action, says Judge Lucy Koh

Apple fanbois DENIED: Mac Pro deliveries stalled until April

Incredibly expensive 'dustbin' computer's deliveries delayed

Apple beats off troll in German patent fracas

Court saves Cupertino from $2bn raid on its $159bn cash hoard

Who earns '$7k a month' but can't even legally drink? A tech intern!

Glassdoor reveals astonishing salaries of Silicon Valley undergrads

Apple to maintain phone profit lead through years of 'enormous transition' – report

Windows Phone the rising star? Didn't see that one coming

Get Quake III running on Raspberry Pi using Broadcom's open-source GPU drivers, earn $10K

Full code and documentation offered for mobile graphics chip

Tom Kelly: IT depts and channel partners FEAR the cloud

Ex-Logicalis boss talks fluffy stuff as he lands at IaaS firm Ospero

Crap hospital databases next goldmine for cyber-crooks, say Microsoft's botnet slayers

RSA 2014Your medical files are worth big bucks to fraudsters

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