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27th > February > 2014 Archive

New FBI boss says cyber crime, not terrorism, is top of Feds' todo list

RSA 2014Malware cousin of fingerprint and DNA database to be shared with infosec world

Turnover at the top in Oz telco-land as AAPT, Huawei, Optus, lose top brass

Move along, nothing to see here but orderly transitions

Cost-slashing Sony axes 1,000 workers and 20 stores in US

Bosses insist layoffs 'absolutely necessary' as billion-dollar loss looms for the year

Woman claims she was assaulted in Google Glass 'HATE CRIME'

VidSpecs snatched, foul words heard in San Francisco watering hole

50,000 women knocked up by big data, wearable tech, crowds and cloud

There's an app for predicting ovulation, but thankfully not yet an app for … ahem … that

A3CUBE HPC boffins: They've uncloaked. Now what?

CommentCEO and chief techie chat to Willem ter Harmsel

Rip up telco red-tape so they can take on Viber, WhatsApp, says Brazil

MWC 2014Incumbents should be allowed to launch own OTT services

US Senator lobbies feds to BAN BITCOIN

West Virginia lawmaker says cryptocurrency mixed up in illegal activity

OpenID Foundation launches XML-free ID handler

OpenID Connect spec touts simpler messaging

Mix-and-match mobiles: Google unveils Project Ara dev conference

Seeks hardware hackers for Motorola's modular phone

Samsung chairman wins £500m legal fight with brother

Brothers decide 'familial and fraternal love' trump commercial dispute

Toshiba floats enterprise cloud storage-as-a-service

Promises single-tenant experience at multi-tenant prices

Github brews text editor for developers

'Atom' builds on Chromium to offer text editor in a browser that won't browse

What the world really needs: A telescopic SELFIE STICK

MWC 2014No, really. It's a pole for short-armed snappers

UK unis, McAfee collude to beat collusion attacks

EPSRC splashes cash at security

Oz feds kick the metadata retention can, again

Please sir, may I have some more?

Google Glass: Reg man tests tech specs

First LookFrom humble hack to Glasshole: Feels like a platform, not a product

Your CIO is now a venture capitalist and you work at their startup

This just happened without you changing job, by the way

Q&A: Schneier on trust, NSA spying and the end of US internet hegemony

RSA 2014Basically, we're screwed for the next decade or so

Apple launch iSpy certification scheme for snooping devs

iBeacon branding rolled out to world+dog

Steve Jobs statue: Ones and ohs and OH NOES – it's POINTING at us

Twitter JEERS at Apple HQ's HIDEOUS 'cocky' memorial

New radio tech could HALVE mobe operators' bandwidth needs

MWC 2014Might contravene today's LTE specs, but Kumu Networks' idea could go far

Dell gambles solid server sales for NetSuite's riches

Shooting SaaS means more dosh, it hopes

Official FACT: Gadgets are giving YOU a wrinkly 'Tech Neck'

Quick, fanbois! Put on a turtleneck! Oh wait, you have

Fujitsu says SAYONARA to smartphone chip JV

Splits with NEC, NTT on attempt to take on Qualcomm

Lenovo banks on $1 BEELLION Moto turnaround in SIX quarters

Moto will be back in black in no time, assures Lenovo boss

NASA could have averted near DROWNING TERROR in SPACE

ISS 'naut Luca Parmitano's spacesuit had the same fault a week earlier

YouTube to take down THAT anti-Muslim vid ... over COPYRIGHT issues

Actor manages to do what angry hacktivists could not

Mega-distie Ingram Micro cops to plans to axe jobs, padlock offices

Plans to save $100m a year by 'delayering' biz

MtGox accepted new customers JUST DAYS before collapse

Was the Bitcoin exchange taken by surprise?

Young, fun and full of comely tech skills? Then BT needs you!

One-time national telco punts 1,000 new apprentice and grad jobs

Blink once to turn right: Samsung asks software dev Teleca to talk Tizen

Because the world really needs another OS

Energy firms' security so POOR, insurers REFUSE to take their cash

They're turning down MULTI-MILLION pound contracts...

Tough times in the server market, even though more iron moved in '13

Sadly it was teeny-to-medium, not lovely Big Iron

Tesla wants $1.6bn to help fund $5bn top secret Gigafactory

What do you mean you want details?

Pork time! £350m in Health Service mail-etcetera cloud deals up for grabs

Twenty suppliers is better than one, says government

Outsourcing giant Capita gets share boost from confident outlook

UK public sector favourite feels good as rival takes battering for criminal tagging scandal

Apple's Windows XP moment: OS X Snow Leopard left to DIE

Apple pulls support for desktop OS after less than five years

Well done on the privacy lawsuit. Now NSA will keep your phone records INDEFINITELY

Unintended consequences

UK spies on MILLIONS of Yahoo! webcams, ogles sex vids - report

Perfectly legal for us to watch your unencrypted steamy cam sessions, sniffs GCHQ

Australian bureaucrats to journalist: 'Give us back our bits'

Data downloaded can be returned, it seems

Europe: Apple. Google. Yes, you. Get in here. It's about these in-app bills

Justice watchdog demands 'concrete answers' after parents stung by charges

IBM's megabrain Watson to make mobe, slab apps smarter? Not so fast

AnalysisWe drill into Big Blue's dream to put data-muncher monster in your palm

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