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25th > February > 2014 Archive

Wanna change the world but need cash? Fret not: Billionaire Eric Schmidt has some spare change

A million dollars up for grabs just in time for a book launch

Sandisk breaks 128GB barrier with new $199 MICROSD card

Silly amounts of storage on a fingernail-sized sliver

What's up with that WhatsApp $19bn price tag? Answer: Voice calls

Now you can text and talk on your phone! RIP the mobile network business as we know it

MtGox MELTDOWN: Quits Bitcoin Foundation board, deletes Twitter

Second board member to resign in two months amid murky dealings

Health boffins say wind turbines don't make you sick

National Health and Medical Research Council finds no link, gathers more data anyway

Wilocity uncloaks 4.6Gb/sec Wi-Fi for next year's smartphones

MWC 2014Low-power 'Sparrow' flies into Barcelona, renamed Wil6300

Pony up: Botnet succesfully targets Bitcoin

Password-lifting network converted to cryptocoin-thievery

Kim Dotcom extradition hearings delayed

Megachap blames new conspiracy about Kiwi elections for legal layover

Samsung brandishes quad-core Galaxy S5, hopes nobody wants high specs

MWC 2014Fitness, fashion, cases, that's what matters...

Evil or benign? 'Trusted proxy' draft debate rages on

Crypto is a minefield, but we always knew that

LinkedIn censors self to launch in China

We hate the laws but we'll agree to them. China needs us more than we need freedom

DARPA wants help to counter counterfeits


'G-WIZ like' object doing 40,000 MPH CRASHES on the MOON

VidBlast as bright as a star, from impact as heavy as a (very) reasonably priced car

China's web giants unite to defuse Windows XP bombshell

Tencent, Sogou, Kingsoft and others will provide support for local users

Toshiba new HG6 range REVEALS slimmest SSD module you can buy

Tosh refreshes fifth-generation SSD line-up

Java or .NET bod in the Midlands? Congrats - you've got a DOUBLE DIGIT payrise

Even if you're not, it's looking good for Blighty's techies

SAP commits to mobile marriage with Xamarin: All for one, and one for Android, iOS, Windows

You know what that smartphone needs? BUSINESS APPS!

The SECOND COMING of Virtensys: HPC boffins turn PCIe into in-memory network

Haven't we heard this one before?

Life after Insight for execs swept away by new broom

Veeps Gatehouse and Bitoun land alternative roles in software channel

Final LOHAN test flights codenamed 'Punch' and 'Judy'

That's the way to do it - we sincerely hope

Imagination details mucho macho PowerVR GX6650 mobile GPU

MWC 2014Headed to the next-generation iPhone and iPad?

Samsung and Apple BEWARE: Huawei is coming to eat your lunch

MWC 2014Cheap Chinese Landfill AndroidTM? HAH! You fool

LG offers BRAIN-SAVING CANCER-BL... er 'good luck charms'

MWC 2014Quick, block those evil waves ... before they make your phone work

Say WHAT? Qualcomm, MediaTek scrap over who has best 'marketing gimmick' octacore

MWC 20145-bladed razor's so stupi.. 'Introducing the Mach5Shavo'

Google kills copycat TfL congestion charge payment ads

Fake sites raked in cash from naive citizens

EU delays vote on roaming, open internet after TRANSLATION fail

Liberté, égalité, neutralité, er, du interwebs

Q: Just why are AT&T, banks snubbing kit from Cisco & co? A: Control

AnalysisWe drill into what's causing seismic shifts in the networking world

Microsoft shunts top exec Julie Larson-Green sideways to make way for Stephen Elop

Shift up, Julie. You too, Steve. New CEO will be Satya soon...

Cable thieves hang up on BT, cause MAJOR outage

There's gold in that there copper

BlackBerry brings back call, end keys, touchpad to Q20 keyboard cutie

MWC 2014Oh, all right then

Distie giant Tech Data's profits collapse amid beancounter probe

Wholesaling titan files delayed numbers for part of fiscal '14

iOS 7: Even if you don't jailbreak your iPhone, bugs STILL CREEP IN

Oh, and that SSL bugfix last week? Old news, my boy

Hey 4G bods: We need to make 'phonecalls' with our 'voices', too

MWC 2014And someone has to make it all work, natch

SpaceX set to try HOVER LANDING for re-usable rockets on March ISS mission

Landing legs fitted to Falcon-Dragon first stage

MtGox has VANISHED. So where have all the Bitcoins gone?

Rumours swirl of buyout, 750,000 AWOL BTC...

Nokia to Devs: PLEASE DON'T make Nokiadroid apps look like WinPho

MWC 2014Finns: It's '75 per cent compatible' with actual Android

Make cyberwar a no-no equal to nukes, bio, and chemical attacks, says RSA headman

RSA 2014And while you're at it, Art Coviello suggests, break up the NSA

Piston coats OpenStack in secret Red Hat–killing sauce

Third major OpenStack release follows snubbing by Linux giant

Microsoft joins the cloud-empire club with Japanese bit barns

New Azure locations mean the sun never sets on Redmond's empire

Microsoft: NSA snooping? Code backdoors? Our hands are clean!

RSA 2014Mass spying would be 'nuts', 'economic suicide'

Apple, Symantec, other tech heavies challenge anti-gay legislation

Companies demand veto of controversial bill

Ford to dump Microsoft's 'aggravating' in-car tech for ... BlackBerry?

Out with Windows Embedded, in with QNX, report claims

Update your Mac NOW: Apple fixes OS X 'goto fail' SSL spying vuln

Guys, Patch Tuesday is for Microsoft and Adobe, this should have been Patch Friday

First 'production-ready' EUV scanner laser-fries its guts at TSMC. Intel seeks alternative tech

AnalysisFinicky chip-etching tech of the future looking like it may always be just that

Microsoft's Office 2013 Service Pack 1 slips out with fixes, features

Oh yeah, and it fixes that little 'SkyDrive' problem, too

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