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24th > February > 2014 Archive

Microsoft may slash price of Windows 8.1 on cheap 'slabs

Report says 70 per cent discount for OEMs willing to make sub-$US250 devices

Saving private spying: IETF Draft reveals crypto-busting proxy proposal

'Explicit Trusted Proxy' would allow carriers to decrypt data to speed transmission

Netflix coughs up to cruise on Comcast

'Interconnection agreement' to provide 'high-quality video experience'

MIT wants quasars to help put free will to rest

Ringing the Bell on inequality

Cloud Foundry laps up attention in EMC, IBM, HP, Rackspace, SAP, VMware love-in

One PaaS to rule them all, one PaaS to bind them

Rise of the Machines: Robot challenges top German player at ping-pong

'Agilus' bot's bold Boll ball biff bid

Juniper, HP join the MWC NFV frenzy

MWC 2014Look who wants to add 'intelligence to the dumb network'

Microsoft tries to re-invent GPS with cloudy offloads

Research project ships location satellite data to Azure for processing

Volvo tries to KILL SHOPPING with to-your-car Roam Delivery

Swede's invention augurs demise of mall trawls

Yes! New company smartphones! ... But I don't WANT one

Sysadmin BlogSince I don't have an iPhone with a worn out battery

Pics: 'Bitcoin ATMs' spring up in the US

Kiosks to fill digital wallets ... no cash withdrawals yet

Nokia launches Android range: X marks the growing low-cost spot

MWC 2014Burning its platform all over again?

WhatsApp founder: Believe us, internet! 'Twas a DODGY network router WOT DONE IT

Says soz for weekend outage

NHS England DIDN'T tell households about GP medical data grab plan

'Junk mail' leaflet not important enough for special attention, apparently

Mobe operators, need to check your network? There’s an app for that

MWC 2014Strap a phone-filled backpack on and go for an urban stroll

Enterprising French chap cranks up €100k 'flying car'

Pegasus unlikely to satisfy the 'where's my bloody voiture volante?' crowd

Battle of Bletchley Park: TNMOC chief calls for review of museums' Mexican standoff

Iraq dossier MI6 chief's 'Disneyland' plans blasted

Future storage tech should KILL all-in-one solutions, says CEO

DataCore boss waxes lyrical on software-defined storage

Sony enlists Michael Jackson's GHOST to flog Xperia Z2

MWC 2014Er, shamone!*

Dixons Retail and Carphone Warehouse mull merger

Will Currys owner smear its badness over CW?

Nokia launches Euro ANDROID invasion, quips: 'Microsoft knew what they were buying'

MWC 2014Finnish mobe maker pees its pants at X-series news

Stuff the delays! PM chuffed to have BT's superfast broadband in his constituency

'It's great', says David Cameron

Cheap'n'cheerful Chinese mobesters ZTE launch Firefox phones

MWC 2014Billion-unit shipment hopes for Open C and Open II

Supercomputer maker Cray: Jobs for HPC kids? There might be some going

HPC blogCluster veep John Lee on SCC

Mobile World Congress: It's not about the SHINY SHINY anymore

CommentYou don't put devices into containers... you put containers into devices

UK citizens to Microsoft: Oi. We WANT ODF as our doc standard

Open source zealots beat down on OOXML as consultation continues

Ghostwriter: Assange™ is NARCISSISTIC and UNTRUTHFUL

'Thin-skinned' WikiLeaker torpedoed own multi-million-dollar book deal

Sina rumoured to be prepping Weibo for $500m US-based IPO

闲谈gasm to reach Middle Kingdom by mid-2014

IBM gobbles CIA-backed NoSQL database upstart Cloudant

Big Blue furnishes cloud wing with NoSQL CouchDB system

Mozilla takes wraps off 25 DOLLAR Firefox OS smartphone

MWC 2014Predicts 'flood' of cheap mobes for emerging markets

NBN Co tells iiNet: Use Broadcom chips in VDSL routers

ISP also planning Zigbee-powered connected home router

Chipzilla just won't quit: Intel touts 64-bit Atoms for Android phones, tabs

MWC 2014No easy ride for Apple, ARM et al – and there's an 300Mbps LTE chip in the works

NetApp to appear in Australian TAFE, Uni courses

Local academic attains NCDA certification

1bn down, 6bn to go: Zuck to grow Facebook by touting 'free internet onramp' for the poor

MWC 2014WhatsApp was a bargain, NSA spying had benefits

Tizen devices are HERE.... Hello, Samsung Gear 2 smartwatches

MWC 2014Tiz phones still a no-show in Barcelona

Prez Obama cyber-guru: Think your data is safe in an EU cloud? The NSA will raid your servers

But US govt shouldn't be 'f**king' with crypto algorithms

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