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21st > February > 2014 Archive

Handcuffed Obama administration pokes patent trolls, pleads for Senate legislation

New executive actions but bipartisan compromise needed

Violin Memory axes 100 staff, mulls fate of PCIe flash card biz

Vainglorious product halted for 'strategic' review

Nokia may consider merging with Juniper: report

Spurned by Alca-Lu, Finns go shopping stateside

Apple to beef up its North Carolina megadatacenter – again

Will add a cozy li'l 'tactical data center' – no word yet on second planned 500,000ft2 bit barn

How many mobile apps collect data on users? Oh ... nearly all of them

Free or paid, Android or iOS, your apps are spying on YOU – report

Just like Elvis, dead Steve Jobs to appear all over America in 2015

Your chance to lick Apple baron's backside

Google picks five teams to share $6 MEEELLION funding in Lunar X Prize

Still on schedule for 2015 Moon landing

Alliance for Wireless Power to pursue new 50W standard

Dell's clambers aboard standards group's magnetic resonance bandwagon

Missing matter found by squinting through gravitational lens

Fancy new particles not needed as Planck team weighs galaxies anew

Robot army to police football World Cup

They inspected Fukushima, now it's Brazil's turn ...

French youth faces court for illegal drone flight

'Nancy from the air' vid lands lad in hot water

South Korea green lights Stuxnet-like code weapons to nark Norks

Nuke it from cyberspace, it's the only way to be sure

Magnets to stick stuff to tablets: Yup, there's an Apple patent application for that

Surely there's no 'prior art' for this brilliant innovation, eh?

SUSE's new OpenStack is Havana good time with VMware and EMC

Multi-stack private clouds are go in SUSE Cloud 3

VMware hyper-converge means we don't need no STEENKIN' OS... our virtual machines, says Reg man Chris Mellor

NHS leaflet shovage: Like a 'notice for Earth's demolition' posted to Alpha Centauri

QuotwPlus: It's good to know that PARODY Is still legal

Toshiba Encore: The Windows 8.1 tablet that might catch on

ReviewDon't be fooled by the fondleslab's feel...

Bosses to be banned from forcing new hires to pull personal records

ICO warns employers on subject access requests

Hot racks and cool customers: Colocating in the capital

FeatureWhere diesel, data and dark fibre meet

Years of AWOL Windows Phone features finally show up in video leaks

Long overdue 'quiet hours' function so WinPho fans can catch some shuteye

Reg HPC man relives 0-day rootkit GROUNDHOG DAY

HPC blogOkay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties...

Big 20 cash hoovers: Slurp. Floop. Darn. Sluurrrp. Where's our public sector IT dosh?

Mad Frankie Maude's Cabinet Office axemen prise open firms' grip on taxpayer cash

BOFH: He... made... you... HE made YOU a DOMAIN ADMIN?

Episode 2Simon, are you breathing? Simon!

'Sons of Solaris' Joyent welcome Ubuntu into their cloud

My enemy's enemy is my friend, explains engineering chief

TONGUES OUT if you want to LICK Steve Jobs' BACKSIDE

US Postal Service to put dead Apple chief's fizzog on stamps

Microsoft taps up Level 3, Equinix, AT&T for direct Azure Cloud lines

Psst, don't tell the NSA. Oh, darn it

We nearly MISSED OUT on iOS7 redesign: But someone snatched Jony Ive from the jaws of quit

Day-glo culprit unmasked

Amazon fuses LoveFilm, subs service, calls it Prime Instant Video

Sticking it to Netflix in the UK

Sanity now: Gnome 3.12 looking sensible - at least in beta

ReviewEven baring your privates to world+dog isn't compulsory any more

Groupon plans MORE losses next quarter: Will lob wads of cash down marketing's maw

Voucher bazaar's expensive bet

Daddy EMC pushes past VMware, muscles into Microsoft Hyper-V shops

You heard it right: Windows cloud is EMC's next big thing

Bolshy investor pushes Juniper Networks into restructuring plan

Hedge fund also gets two directors on the board

You’re a LIAR and a CHEAT... la-la-la, I can't hear your lawyers

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Reputation app Reput: You cut me deep, man

Terrifying photo special: 'Electric Cannon' anal orgasmo-probe in use ... on a BULL

NSFWOur snapper suffers lifelong mental scars, now you can too

Entanet calls on equity firm Mobeus to back £14m MBO

No longer 'restrained by group policy' chimes MD Chen

Red Hat kicks Piston out of Red Hat Summit, then performs $13,000 U-turn

ExclusiveFallout blamed on tussle over huge cloud contract win

Just how much bang does a FAS8040 box give you for 500,000 bucks

Blocks and FilesNew NetApp array test-driven in SPC-1 benchmark

I'd rather hire lesser but 'agreeable' bod than arrogant rocket scientist

Nimble Storage CEO on corp culture, post-IPO plans

Update your iThings NOW: Apple splats scary SSL snooping bug in iOS

Updated2OS X Mavericks still VULNERABLE, millions at risk of web hijacking

Uni of Maryland hacked: 300,000 SSNs of staff, students, alumni swiped

Secret Service called in after NSA's favorite campus ravaged

Intel, Sun vet births fast, inexpensive 3D chip-stacking breakthrough

Cranky, costly through-silicon vias replaced by inductive coils

Jolla announces Sailfish OS 1.0, says Android love-fest soon to come

Just the latest of Finnish firm's monthly updates

Self-forming liquid metal just like a TERMINATOR emerges from China lab

The future's not set. There's no fate but what we make for ourselves – oh

Google's 1Gbps fiber 'not driving' Time Warner Cable's sudden Austin speed increase

Telco was planning to do it ALL ALONG, honest

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