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18th > February > 2014 Archive

Elders tell cluster tool Apache Spark it's time to quit chillin' in the crib

Hadoop Swiss Army knife software graduates from Incubator to full-blown project

SPACE VID: Watch JUMBO ASTEROID 2000 EM26 buzzing Earth

VidSlooh web 'scope tracking space rock from 18:00 PST, 02:00 UTC

FireEye enters crowded IPS market

More signal, less noise

WordPress two-factor login plugin bug, er, bypasses 2-factor login

Cross-site vulnerability exposes bloggers

Quantum comms can be made even more secure

Digital signatures using quantum states

Zoom out for a view of malware, say boffins

Forest, trees – you know the drill

Dropbox unblocked in China ... for now

Four years later it faces a crowded market

Brit boffins brew up blight-resistant FRANKENSPUD

Fish and transgenic chips next on Norwich brainboxes' list

Flappy Bird crosses over into cryptocurrency, big data

Flappymmo also seems to offer interesting data mining possibilities

Tired of arguing with suits? Get ready to argue with engineers!

And you can thank the internet of things for your new collaborators

Tata says USA rejecting HALF of Indians' work visa requests

Outsourcer forced into stateside campus recruitment blitz to fill junior roles

Diablo boss on IP lawsuit: We are NOT 'engaging in a public pissing match'

BlogGives Reg the skinny on DDR4 flash DIMMs and IBM, Sandisk

SMELT YOU LATER: Apple announces conflict-free status

CommentOnly does biz with decent metal suppliers ... expensive NGO plans not needed

First Data hoiks out custom Android point-of-sale fondleslab

US transactions giant muscles into mobe payments market

Google's paid link settlement plan will lead to fresh wave of abuses, claims Euro rival

AnalysisIt's all a 'confidence trick', storms Foundem

Vertical take-off and laughing: Space Harrier

Antique Code ShowIt's 1985’s oddest arcade release

Ignore the pie-in-the-sky storage roadmaps. This is what's REALLY afoot

StoragebodWho wants linear pricing for storage? We do!

Ericsson and Kodiak in Europe WALKIE-TALKIE-style push-to-talk push

Euro teens dissed it... hope construction, hotel crews don't

Robots demanding equal API rights? It's just a matter of time

BlogThe Internet-O-Things gets API

Would you put a Virtual SAN in a brownfield? Or a minefield?

Sysadmin BlogCoexistence is the hardest part

Rigby dynasty to retain control at SCC - 'no IPO for us'

One day son, all this will be yours. And that managed print firm there, too

HP 'KNEW' about Autonomy's hardware sales BEFORE the whistle blew: report

Leaked documents suggest HP execs knew about disputed transactions for some time

Top Brit docs wade into GP data grab row, demand 'urgent' NHS England talks

Ill-informed patients deserve to know more about, says BMA

Oracle scores mixed bag in Rimini Street software IP 'theft' ruling

Judge's decision paves way for full jury trial

Tech Data: We need ethics, and we've found the right man

Exec officer Jean-Paul Durand is dripping in justice.... degrees

Swollen-bellied Riverbed spears trout of doubt: Opnet buyout blues over

Offers up fresh Steelhead DX8000

Computer expert and broadcaster Ian McNaught-Davis dies at 84

ObitFace of the Beeb's Micro unplugs

BBC: Hey, Atos, old buddy. Here's a cheque for £285m, fill your boots

Auntie extends Tech Framework Contract after 'tower' successor bungled

HDS inks deal with Symantec: Plans to borg archive tech for DO-IT-ALL product set

Archive software will feed into HDS arrays

El Reg gives it a wrist at MWC: From not-so-smartwatch to the selfie-taker

MWC 2014But why's it all in HARDWARE?

Better late than never: Monster 15-core Xeon chips let loose by Intel

New mission-critical CPUs are mission-critical to Chipzilla's critical money-making mission

App-maker King hopes to CANDY-CRUSH $500m from IPO

You know what else is addictive? COLD HARD CASH

Clueless over your heaps of unstructured data? You could soon whip out 'DIY tool'

AnalysisEl Reg looks into Data Gravity's new work

Apple patents touch-sensitive controls for MacBook

Boffins break out bezel button blueprints

NASA's orbiting space-broadband probe LADEE beams back Moon snaps

And boffins can't wait to solve mystery of levitating lunar dust

Google warns Glass wearers: Quit being 'CREEPY GLASSHOLES'

Ad king offers helpful dos and don'ts of geek-goggle etiquette

Upstart Postmates surfs $16m valley funding on backs of 'slave' couriers

Miffed app-powered delivery contractors complain of 'garbage' pay

Fine, you can mock us: NSA spies back down in T-shirt ridicule brouhaha

Uncle Sam ends three-year First Amendment fight against lampooning libertarian

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