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14th > February > 2014 Archive

Verizon jumps into wireless discount punch-fest with 'More Everything'

Carrier will raise caps, drop fees

China's smartphone market slows down

The dream is over after first decline in nine quarters

Time Warner merger great for Comcast, but not for anybody else

Regulators face crucial decision over mega-merger – cue the lobbyists!

Google's revamped JavaScript engine cures Chrome's stutters

Doing two things at once? Hey, great idea

Plan 9 moves out from Lucent licence space

UNIX successor arrives on the planet of the GNU

Silk Road reboot claims: Hacker STOLE all our Bitcoin funds

In shocking turn, drug world proves unworthy of trust

Flappy Bird becomes massively multiplayer PHOENIX

Even Ernie and Bert from Sesame Street are on the bandwagon

VMware cuts price of hybrid cloud management tool to $0

Virtzilla merges Core and Advanced versions of vCloud Connector

China shutters Windows ‘rival’ Red Flag Linux

Glorious free operating system of the people is no more

No, pesky lawyers, particle colliders WON'T destroy the Earth

Let's all PANIC like it's 1999 ... or, listen to physicists instead

Your personal data is worth a measly eight bucks a month

Post-broker dangles cash for right to sniff social emissions and spending habits

Facebook adds 50+ gender options: Stalking your 'Friends' just got more LGBT-friendly

Male, female, androgynous, bi-gender - Zuck knows you ALL obsess over high school rivals

Tizen teasing continues as new members join but none pledge devices

What if the Linux Foundation made an operating system and nobody ran it?

NetApp shows off tech specs of FAS array BIZ BEAST

It's the scale-out, stupid

Toshiba opens curtains, reveals air-cushioned 5-terabyte terror

Take THAT, spinning rust flingers. HGST, Seagate - we're looking at you

Micro Men: The story of the syntax era

MonitorThe making of a retro-tech telly classic

Thought mobe banking apps were safe from nasties? THINK AGAIN

Fake SSL certs let cybercrooks hoover up login creds and redirect transactions

HP claims ProLiant server audits to stop 'competitive misuse'

ExclusiveWe want you to 'sell more and better', HP gushes at channel partners

EC officials voice doubts about Almunia's planned Google settlement deal

Concerns could yet derail entire process

I want SDN and I want it now!

Sysadmin BlogLaziness? Or automating the mundane?

Smart getaway drivers would yell at Officer Glasshole: 'SafeSearch off, Horse porn'

QuotwPlus: 'Online petitions. The very least you can do, without doing nothing.'

THOUSANDS of logins and passwords leaked online

Customers locked out of accounts, some discount vouchers AWOL

Spam, a lot of it: Bubble tea is the Seoul of wit

Something for the Weekend, Sir?South Korea’s Hall of Shame

Devs SLAM's JavaScript-astic, 'shoddy' security education website

'This is the kind of code you might write for a bet,' says critic

Apple Mac Pro: It's a death star, not a nappy bin, OK?

ReviewThe quad-core desktop tube

My smelly Valentine: Europe's perfumers wake to V-Day nightmare

Key Chanel No 5 ingredients listed on potential EU ban list

Ingram Micro's layer cake is about to get a bit flatter

World's biggest distie takes cake knife to $100m in biz costs after record 2013

LOHAN cops a faceful of Raspberry Pi

Vulture 2 spaceplane's Picam captures fetching rear-end selfie

Samsung Gear splurge skews smartwatch market Google’s way

Android score on shiny devices flooding the channel

Virgin Media sales flat: Firm bags fewer winter sign-ups than last year

But don't worry, everything's 'strong' - according to CEO

'Please don't make me spend more time with my family...'

OpinionA numbers geek's guide to translating financial statements

FAS flash biz boxen refresher: New boxes fit WHERE exactly?

Harder, better, FASter, stronger...

Google moves to silence critics - whips out EC search settlement deal

Claims 'significant' concessions agreed in 93-page whopper tech titan snaps up 'VoIP-tastic WhatsApp' firm Viber

Rakuten acquires app for $900m in cold hard cash

A Year of Code timeline: History of a HYPEGASM

CommentHow 'Coding for All' became 'Cash for Saul'

Misco set to snap up Phoenix's network ops centre AND its staff

Six bods set to TUPE across as Phoenix IT Group 'cuts costs'

Capita closing in on public WAN player Updata

Outsourcing rich kid Capita tables MASSIVE bid - sources

Sony's PlayStation 4 pwns Xbox in the United States

Never mind, Microsoft, the real money's in GAMES, right?

Fiendish Internet Explorer 10 zero-day targets US soldiers

Malware blizzard timed to coincide with snowstorms

IBM handing pink slips to Israel-based Diligent devs - reports

Deduped out of existence, perhaps?

'No representation without taxation!' urges venerable tech VC

Tom 'Kristallnacht' Perkins: 'Iron Lady' Thatcher's poll tax would cure America's ills

Robo-termites will stack boxes IN SPAAACE

Swarms of worker-bots could build structures in dangerous conditions

US Senate bill would mandate 'kill switch' on all smartphones

Smartphone Theft Prevention Act aims to curb rising crime wave

PSST! New PCs with Windows 7 preinstalled are out there – and will be into 2015, at least

Redmond refuses to set cutoff date for Metro-free biz PC sales

Apple prevails in Siri marketing lawsuit

Judge finds no evidence of deception in advertisements

Google promises 10Gps fiber network to blast 4K into living rooms

A few lucky US cities to become envy of the nation

Imprisoned Norwegian mass murderer says PlayStation 2 is 'KILLING HIM'

Threatens hunger strike if kiddie-game 'hell' doesn't end

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