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4th > February > 2014 Archive

HPCaaS experiment becomes commercial service

UberCloud Marketplace goes live

HP: Autonomy overstated 2010 profits, cuts them by 81 PER CENT

Former Autonomists deny claim, say HP's audit cooks the books

Gameover ZeuS adds nasty trick

Crypto to slip through firewalls

HP UK: meeting unions over staff redundancy plans

But hey people, we are also offering, er, reskilling, redeployment...

Dejected NFL fans seek smut after Super Bowl blowout

With game in hand, viewers sought alternative entertainment

Nvidia slips love letter to open source driver devs

Even Linus Torvalds is happy

Cupertino copied processor pipelining claims Wisconsin U

Patent complaint against A7 chip

FCC doubles school broadband fund with $2bn boost

Campaign will aim to link up 15,000 schools

Democrats introduce net neutrality legislation in Senate and House

Open Internet Preservation Act would halt website pricing

Dead Kim Jong-il's OS makeover takes a page from Dead Steve Jobs

New glorious people's UI brings fruity flavor to NORKS PCs

Boffins say D-Wave machine could be a classic*

*Classical computer, that is

Thundering gas destroys disks during data centre incident

Keep eating the curries, sysadmins, but consider a new nozzle for gaseous emissions

Super Bowl's SUPER BALLSUP: CBS broadcasts Wi-Fi password

Not so top secret, huh?

Google bit barge ordered to set sail for safe waters

Paperwork SNAFU means Chocolate Factory needs a new dock

Duracell powers into cloud storage market

Promises service '250-1000 times faster' than rivals, unlimited cloud capacity

Canadian spookhaus says airport Wi-Fi slurp didn't invade privacy

'Nothing to see here, or it didn't happen, or if it did it was ok'

UK libraries trial free access to scientific research

Scheme aims to give public access to journal articles they help fund

Anonymous means NO identifying element left behind – EU handbook

Different test from UK's ICO, which doesn't require 'risk-free' anonymisation

London's King of Clamps shuts down numberplate camera site

Complaints made to Advertising Standards Authority

Spiceworks scoops $57m in 'last funding round before IPO'

An audience of millions of IT guys IS worth money! Yippee

EMC's ViPR coils itself ever tighter around firm's storage arrays

Forms one über-array to rule them all, according to Advanced Software div's prez

The revival of survival – the gaming genre that refuses to die

Game TheoryGot wood?

Brocade-funded study says Fibre Channel faster than FCoE

It still costs an arm and a leg, but that's the all-flash array world for you

Bangable poster firm Novalia makes printed 'leccy keyboard

Electronics via standard printing technology

Dell's fellow from Big Blue heads up blue sky division

CommentFormer IBM man Menon leads R&D unit

'Maybe we haven't been clear enough about med records opt-out', admits NHS data boss

ICO says health service failed to be upfront about its plans

Ceph puts on its Red Hat and dances in the open source sun

Storage software firm cosies up to Linux king

Intel to top execs: Company doing better? OK, have a carrot

Chipzilla reorgs exec pay to make them 'more accountable'

Facebook turns 10: Big Brother isn't Mark Zuckerberg. It's YOU

CommentHow the social network turned us all into secret policemen

Turkish president mulls $4.5bn Apple fondleslab school deal

Tim Cook set to touch down in Turkey tomorrow

BT scratches its head over MYSTERY Home Hub disconnections

We've tried turning it off and on again, before you say it

It's Satya! Microsoft VP Nadella named CEO as Bill Gates steps down

Server boss steps up to the plate, ends months of fevered speculation

Yet another Brit mobe tower borg: Three and EE ink network-sharing deal

Just two network footprints left to choose from

Tech Data to close lid on accounting nightmare TOMORROW

Distie giant spared NASDAQ de-listing, to get house in order before D-Day

IBM nearly HALVES its effective tax rate in 2013 - report

Big Blue reportedly benefits from shuffling profits through Dutch subsidiary

Dimension Data hoovers up NextiraOne's Euro operations

Plans to double biz into a $12bn channel monster within just five years

Just as we said it would: HP clamps down on server fixers

ExclusiveWell, IBM, Cisco and Sun are doing it too...

ARM posts sterling revenue growth, but moneymen spank it anyway

10 billion ARM chips ship in 2013, but smartphone slump worries The City

Sons of Sun roar 'Freedom!', uncloak server-switch

Pluribus Networks nixes NIC processing, animates Frankenswitch approach

Asus unveils dirt-cheap Chromebox desktops with Haswell chips

Tiny Googlified boxes wield 4K video playback clout

Samsung reveals prices, availability dates of 'Pro' tablets

Let's just say that a 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro ain't no impulse buy

Google and Cisco sheath swords in patent-war deal

Peace in our time?

California high school hackers expelled for grade tampering, test thievery

Where's Matthew Broderick when you need him?

Alleged Silk Road kingpin slapped with indictment in NY

Suspected proprietor of Bitcoin drugmart smacked with four charges

Apple's nonexistent iWatch to bag $17.5 BEEELION in first year alone – analyst

iPhone? Dud. iPad? Meh. Wristable shiny-shiny? Now we're talking real money

Oi, Android devs! Facebook wants your apps to be more secure

Open source crypto library helps lock down private data

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