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3rd > February > 2014 Archive

Windows 8.1 becomes world's fourth-most-popular desktop OS

Take that Windows Vista!

Is modern life possible without a smartphone?

Mobility ArchaeologyReg man dumps Galaxy S4 for 2.5G feature phone

Microsoft to build 'transparency centres' for source code checks

Governments invited to Brussels for a look up Redmond's skirts

Apple seeks patent for mood-sensing technology

Cupertino trying to satisfy all of the people, all of the time (especially advertisers)

Chaps propose free global WiFi delivered FROM SPAAAACE

'Outernet' plan would use cubesats to beam MOOCs and Wikipedia to the world

Unmanned, autonomous ROBOT TRUCK CONVOY 'drives though town'

US Army droid teamsters 'avoid pedestrians' without trouble

NSA, GCHQ, accused of hacking Belgian smartcard crypto guru

Spear phishing through LinkedIn did for Professor Jean-Jacques Quisquater

Sync'n'share firm Box secretly files for IPO

Dropbox-style offering possibly worth up to $2bn

Why IBM's server sell-off is a lightbulb moment

How would you power a data centre 10 years from now?

Cointerra promises free, specced-up boxen for late shipments of first gen miners

First-ever over-1TH/s Bitcoin miner shipped

Only the Chinese can save us now, trill server vendors

Global sales rise despite 9th quarter of EMEA declines. HP heads the pack

Pr0n-optimised Icepol Trojan's servers seized by Romanian cops

Police impound servers and neutralise threat - for now

Private pain: Dell layoff bloodbath to hit over 15,000 staffers – insiders

UpdatedDownsized depts told to chop ADDITIONAL 15% - source

NHS website hit by MASSIVE malware security COCKUP

Updated'Internal coding error' at fault...

Twitter avoids IP face-off with Big Blue, will buy 900 IBM patents

Joins mega-patent-having tech titan club, will cross-license too

Cisco execs blindside themselves with flash-splash Invicta UCS array

Blocks and FilesPity the poor techie who had to explain it to them

This THREESOME is a HANDFUL: It’s the Asus Transformer Book Trio

ReviewAndroid tablet plus Windows laptop... plus Windows desktop

Cabinet Office admits it was forced to extend tech procurement rig

No alternative to CITHS framework ready to roll, no options, no clue

Hacktivists dish out DNS hijack to PayPal, eBay

Syrian Electronic Army take on tat biz overlords

NetApp to fling out new FAS array business beast – source

ExclusiveFirm won't comment on 'FAS8000'

Boffins tell ALIEN twin-sunned planets: You're adopted

Actually spawned by OTHER parent stars 'far, far away'

Elite Systems pulls ZX Spectrum games after deluge of 'unpaid royalties' complaints

'A personally chastening experience,' says boss Wilcox

Bletchley Park spat 'halts work on rare German cipher machine'

Trust denies claims that priceless working Lorenz device left unmaintained...

Ker-ching...Er, ZZZWIP: Square-alike mobile swipe type scores $96m

British Bluetooth gizmo startup pushes card-slurper for tiny biz

Buyout... what buyout? Violin Memory appoints new CEO

Former angel investor picks up the Violin bow

'Eventful but positive' year for RM as it quits the PC-making world

By the way, there might be a 50% crash in sales later on. Just so you know

Dell disputes 15k layoff figure: Only a few staffers accepted 'voluntary separations'

Spokesman still won't give us a number

Heroku adds Big Gulp 'XL' option to cloud menu

Salesforce-backed cloud boosts capabilities, but keeps prices high

Plaintiffs: 'Hey judge! Soak Apple for $840m in ebook price-fixing suit'

Damages are $280m, they say, but should be tripled because case was 'conclusively proven'

Google waves its Chromecast dongle in front of developers

SDK now open to world+dog – but follow the rules, peasant, or risk being cast into the pit

Google opens up data on secret data collection orders

UpdatedYahoo! and Facebook spill the beans, too

Apple marks '1984' anniversary with iPhone-produced un-commercial

No Super Bowl rehash as company marks Mac milestone

Microsoft claims victory over second-hand software broker

Discount-Licensing ignored copyright regs, says MS legal eagle

Bill Gates to pull a Steve Jobs and SAVE MICROSOFT – report

Will step down as chairman to get hands-on with products

US feds want cars conversing by 2017

A few privacy, security wrinkles to iron out before collision-avoidance tech saves your life

Optus to take control of NBN Co satellites

Wins five-year telemetry, tracking and control contract

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