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27th > January > 2014 Archive

IBM dive-bombs into all-flash array pool

AnalysisIt's a belly-flop, snark startup swimmers

MEPs: Specialised services? Oui. 2-speed internet? Nein

Seek to restrict caveats to new EU net neutrality rules

OK, Wyse guy: So how do YOU think 'boosting' legacy tech is a winner?

Analysis'Tesco of storage' Nexenta: Maybe it's crazy like a FOX

Globe grabbin,’ sphere slammin’, orb-tossin’, pill poppin’... Speedball

Antique Code ShowThe Bitmap Brothers’ Amiga and Atari ST classic

DataDirect Networks is in a hole. Can its founders pull it out?

+AnalysisReg sources say revenues down and execs have left

Quivering, spine-tingling wearable tech: Strap it on and don't look back

ReviewLUMOback posture sensor

What can Microsoft learn from 'discontinued operations' at Nokia?

AnalysisBlip in momentum

Ancient video of Steve Jobs launching the first Apple Mac found

Long-lost footage resurfaces after 30 years

A real life Romulan-Klingon alliance: Google, Samsung sign global patent pact

Companies have each other's back in the Great Patent Wars

UK channel firms rabbit-punch recession in Q4: Sales are HUGE

Biggest tech territory in Europe...casts shadow over Germany and France

Is Google building SKYNET? Ad kingpin buys AI firm DeepMind

First robots, then military hardware - now it's BRAINS like Terminator mastermind

Lloyds Group probes server crash behind ATM, cash card outage

Thousands of customers left in limbo

Sync'n'steal: Hackers brew Android-targeting Windows malware

Connect device to infected PC, kiss your bank balance bye-bye

Altcoins will DESTROY the IT industry and spawn an infosec NIGHTMARE

AnalysisAfter Bitcoin cometh the storm. And after the storm...

Mega UK reseller Kelway bags investment banker for matchmaking service

London-based reseller, one owner only, seeks new PE backer

US megalocorp AT&T: We're NOT swallowing Blighty's Vodafone

+AnalysisDoes that make T-Mobile a target?

China's Jade Rabbit moon rover might have DIED in the NIGHT after 'abnormality'

'Goodnight, Earth. Goodnight, humans' says lunar lapin

Logicalis CEO Bullard heads for exit after less than 60 days

Ink still drying on former Logica, BT and IBM bigwig's contract

I am migrating email for 1000 users. How do I make it bullet proof?

Readers' cornerPlease help this commentard with his planning questions

Feds indict four over alleged Android app copyright infringement

Enabled more than a million counterfeit downloads - DoJ

Spot the joints: You say backup, I say archiving

Think of it as spectrum of data availability

Apple declares war on PAYPAL: Pay-by-bonk + iTunes = profit, right?

Internal moves could mean mobile payments system on the way - report

Fancy a little kinky sex? GCHQ+NSA will know - thanks to Angry Birds

Evil spooks slurped everything about your life from app's phone-home data

Murdoch's BSkyB stares down Microsoft: Redmond renames SkyDrive to OneDrive

Sorry about the trademark, Rupert, let's just carry on

Vice squad cuffs vice chairman of Bitcoin Foundation in $1m money-laundering probe

Charlie Shrem swooped on by feds at JFK Airport

Apple blows past (most) Wall Street moneymen's expectations

Quarterly results show it was an 'iPad Christmas', but current-quarter numbers scare investors

Wanna make your own Azure? Now you can: Microsoft joins Open Compute Project

Redmond just gave you the plans

Prince sues 22 music file-sharers for ONE MEEELLION dollars each

Bootleg concert recordings in dispute

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